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"positive schools network" Discussed on Live Happy Now

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"positive schools network" Discussed on Live Happy Now

"You know? You Know I. Don't know off top of my head, but it's got more than thirty. We have panels, we call masterclass breakouts we have keynote speakers, leap list here, lonely radio, some of the names of people that are speaking you know Sir Anthony. Seldon. He's one of the founders of I pen and the Vice Chancellor of the University of Buckingham, and you haven't heard him speak he's both entertaining and incredibly knowledgeable and one of the Most Compassionate people I've ever met in my life. so He's worth it are I pen global chair Simon Murray is on there. He's rally while respected. The industry he used to be the headmaster of a school that is implemented a positive education towel Ben Shahar. We'll be speaking for those who know that name he's one of the fathers of he is for those of you know, Sean Acre Ben Shahar Har was the professor that Sean Acre was the assistant with the top the happiness class at Harvard he'll be speaking at a session Lee waters who we've had on this podcast several times is phenomenal will be speaking Angela Duckworth as I said. Steve Levin all done some tremendous things with girls and we'll be speaking you know who he is. Of course Caroline Miller will be speaking you'll the scarf ob speaking and Johnston the head of Pisa, Positive Schools Network in Australia I can't remember what the initials stand for a Dr Abdulah Cram who is working with Dubai on implementing positive education they'll all be speaking and then there's a breakout from the schools to masterclasses one is led by Peggy Kern so that should be very interesting the other. One is led by Matthew White and some other folks from Geelong David bought and other Louis Timon folks from a Geelong in Australia. Who's got one of the most successful positive education implementations across schools, and you know it's just really it is the WHO's who in positive education positive psychology and you know anytime you can hear Mardi speak it's always an education so I it's just totally something that if you don't know what positive education has, you want to learn more about it it's great. If you know what it is and you WANNA learn more indepth or hear from some of these people about what they're doing their successes, their failures there's just not a better platform for it. I know that as soon as the last I, pen conference ended your team started working on planning this. So obviously, twenty twenty didn't turn out to be what you expect when you started planning in two thousand eighteen. So what kind of challenges did you face and say like we have to move this from physical conference to an online space? Well we made that decision very early on. It's really it's impossible to say you have a conference about wellbeing and asked people to make a decision about are they going to rally pandemic or not? We're going to put you to see how much you believing wellbeing. Yeah. So we were supposed to have this conference. You know with the spring early spring this past year in person in Mexico but the folks at Tech Malania University pivoted quite well and have actually taken the lead on planning this in conjunction with another conference that they typically host, which is their wellbeing three sixty that also could not take place in a physical environment. So really as part of the pivot, though it became really clear that we didn't have to. Charge for this, this is something that we it really became less about content although it's incredibly rich in content. And more about how can we use this opportunity to expose as many people as possible to this and that's where free.

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