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"portuguese league school" Discussed on The Real Madrid Podcast

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"portuguese league school" Discussed on The Real Madrid Podcast

"<music> welcome back everybody to the madrid podcast after a busy few days. We've had the champions league drawer. Of course the transfer window is drawing to a close news via our upcoming on sunday. We'll look ahead to that in a few minutes with firstly an update on some transfer news. It's expected to be confirmed. Firm shortly will leave the club for p._s. G ending. What's been a hugely successful period for him. At madrid left his home country of costa rica back in in twenty ten. He spent a season with thackeray before moving onto event in his third season. He became the number one there and it was that seasons performance led to him signing for wral madrid he made just six appearances in that debut season before taking over the number one jersey which he kept for three seasons until the arrival of tiba coo trois lost some older and only met one hundred sixty two appearances for the club in which time he simply what everything that wants to win three champions league's fort world club cups three super cups won the league and one spanish supercup of course the irony of ironies is the fact that he could end up lining up for p._s. G against real madrid in champions league on september the eighteenth now. Dan has let it be known goodies less unhappy. He was questioned when the rumor first surfaced earlier in the week and he went on to say. I cannot imagine this squat without keillor. Novas in it is is a very important player for us. He always has been and he has not told me that he wants to go. I want him to stay with us. As we just days remaining in this transfer window no end in sight to the name our saga pol pot but ninety nine percent certain not to be coming doesn't mean that that will be significant ignificant business still to conclude as doing the ranch late today rumors suggesting that brunette fernandez will make the move from sporting club deported portugal to madrid the fee in the region of seventy million euros now remember despite the headline ceramic jeff felix's season law season fernandez was the best display in the portuguese league school a whopping thirty two goals in fifty three appearances. Seven of those were penalty kicks. The dad refuses to give up all hope that he can't send paul gra manchester united to do a deal. The reality is that fernandez move looks far more likely as for the latest on neymar a mock well the latest offer from barcelona was turned dad flat in its nap beginning to looking greasing. Li likely that neymar will remain in france for the coming season outta that he and his entourage of actually. Let's club no that if a deal does not happen to take him away from p._s. G then he will put in all of his efforts into the upcoming season with p._s. G. is going to be interesting to see how the fans react if he does stay under d._v._d.'s teammates and i and told us to call the coach. Let's look ahead to vittorio lots of speculation that has odd would return this weekend but that simply is not going to happen. Martinez has asked for the national team pretty did add that we will not risk movie is not one hundred percent fit belgium meet san marino away and then travelled to scotland and staying with as he won the european league's player of the year award on friday lunchtime recent seasons meetings with vittorio. They all have proved problematic for row madrid. The last two meetings here ended to to achieve lead in both but we're pegged back to two two lost austin. I'm at two thousand seventeen. They went to kneel down on fifty six minutes before staging that thrilling comeback with bail renova murata remember him scoring as they recorded a memorable victory in two thousand fourteen moderate scoring his fifth madrid at the time and ronaldo again with the goals that won the game and it's the only any time in the last seven seasons madrid of actually denied villarroel go at home forty four goals being scored in the last fourteen meetings and there there have been no nil nil school. We always expect goals when these two meet at madrid remember as well if kept just one clean sheet in the last twelve away games in the league at fort madrid two games played then so far four goals scored they are creating a lot of john is averaging nineteen and a half shots.

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