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Wednesday 10 June

Monocle 24: Midori House

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Wednesday 10 June

"Remember brexit negotiations are still going though should be going nowhere. We'll hear why the talks remain stock at a standstill. The Belgian government has idea to get its domestic tourism sector back on track and London's commercial art galleries. Get set to open their doors. MARKLE's editors tackle those topics today on the Late Edition here on monocle twenty four. Hello and welcome to the late. Edition I'm Tom. Edwards delighted. Sam joined today by Markle's fans at its at Christiana Mac and Markle's Kelch at it's gotTa. Good evening t both good to have you with US Chris. How do we find you? You've avoided may on the late edition I failed for for a couple of days, but I'm sure you've you're raring to go in this Wednesday edition. While to be honest. I have my reasons Tom Because I've been moving. I've moved a whole one single floor up from the basement apartment in my building the ground floor apartment, which I'm sure many listeners can understand is in this time, especially a huge improvement because I have big windows now that I can look out outside while I'm working from home as many of us still are to some degree so I am kind of over the moon about that. Even if the weather is turned it here in London, and it's a little grayer, but it's still so much brighter than my basement so I really can't complain I like it Chris. You're literally moving on up. which is a good story. You have moved house. Have you lost twenty four s? Sadly not no actually. I'm pretty comfortable in my herbs setup and I feel like anything that I say now will inevitably look like sound a lot less optimistic. What Chris just giving us and having just discovered that he spent three months in a basement I feel I feel bond and. They go. Let's let's let's say if we want to get signed. The is fairly doom and gloom. We only need to mention the word brexit. T be forgiven for having forgotten about it in recent weeks with corona virus civil unrest of course then. The knee psycho, but negotiations between the UK and the EU block are still ongoing, although the pace is well, blake sealed to say the least both sides remain very entrenched over few key issues with a deadline to extend negotiations foster approaching. It's that same specter again? A no deal exit for the UK looking increasingly likely early at Nemi O'Leary your correspondent for the Irish Times explained the primary sticking point between London and Brussels the major one I think is what's called the level playing field, which means that the EU doesn't want to give fridge companies easy access to EU markets if they have an unfair advantage over e, you companies so for example if If, they're able to slash labor standards, environmental standards. Get help from the government in this kind of thing. It wants Britain to guarantee. That won't be the case or else. There will be some kind of barrier to e-markets situation on obviously to London horrifying prospect, because it's getting away from rules that have been set by Brussels was the whole point of breakfast, but that's the choice that they are. Courtney faced with. Leary talking to earlier. Kiara strikes me as sort of grimly predictable. Seen this level playing field, being sticking point an answer that question is everybody would in. Everybody said he was gonNA. Be You know an impossible? Circle, to two square and yet we still have Boris Johnson bullish about known extending sticking to this narrative getting brexit don he's just bearing head in the sand, isn't it? I think so I've been then wasn't not basically the principal with which he did. Win The election anyway I think. The the sense of concluding this narrative that we all have become so extraordinarily. Retiree about is because Because that that sentiment dot statement of getting brexit done which I had. Forgotten for the last three months has always been refrain and. I don't think that ultimately the sticking points right now are any different to what they would have been three months ago or even when the negotiation talks were happening on the threes May's stewardship, I think the only way for Boris Johnson to get out of this impasse is to somehow qualify at the idea of putting an end to this woman's disaster as just a positive in itself, so taking a lot more compromising just for the sake of. Moving, on which. Is a terrible state of affairs, but it might be the only way out of an impasse. That's clearly being very much unsolvable for years. We'll to that point Kushtia. It isn't it feels insoluble and I wonder. Has Anything really changed? Since this was the daily narrative that everyone came back to has the pandemic will have an impact. It's clearly delayed. The negotiations taken taking people's off the bull, but you know the economy's were already contracting at the end of twenty nine hundred ninety. Now it's GONNA be a lot deeper with looking at a recession. Does, that change the fundamentals does it make the UK more or less willing to consider no deal exit? While Tom this there's sort of different schools on this I would say from what I've been reading and hearing. I mean the obvious impact as he mentioned is time. The timetable was already ambitious. It's far more difficult now for both the EU and Britain to reach a deal by the end of this year. But the political dynamics and the economic ones that you mentioned I think are far harder to predict exactly where this is going to go. Sadly in some ways I think the reality is that it's. Hard. The resolve on both sides of the equation also within the UK I mean what I mean by. That is if you look at remainders for example. Of the pro EU camp and Britain well. The Corona virus puts things into perspective, doesn't it highlights the importance of global cooperation you cooperation, it makes issues like brexit seem like small potatoes Rian the compared to what we've gone through over the last few months. But then at the same time if you look at the Brexit camp, the brexit tears the fractured nature of the response that we've seen to the corona virus perhaps underlines just how separate Britain is from the rest of the EU it gives you this greater feeling of. Let's just get brexit done as Carrie said and Boris Johnson says this idea. Let's just get on with it. And in the same way economically you can make these two so to strange different arguments. You can argue that. We've gone through such a massive economic shock that what is a no deal in comparison to that some of the Greg's tears, and some even on Downing Street are sort of thinking by. Some of their thinking that's that's actually where they're going. Saying well I know deal will not be if the economy's already tanking by ten to fifteen percent and we just need to get on with this. And we can't worry and that. Since about the economic consequences, they'll sort of be folded into. The impact of the pandemic, but at the same time you can slip that you can flip that around, and you can have many businesses saying they don't want this. Me Right of Corona virus. And just when they're recovering from coronavirus to then having no deal, brexit that again puts them in an even tougher position than they were before so. I really don't know where to go with all of that. That's what I'm saying. It's it's very. There's all these different schools, and I think at the end of the day two things one. It comes down to businesses, and it'll be interesting to see just how vocal they are. As the deadline nears kind of as they were the last time we were near to a no deal, Brexit, will they be loud again? Will they be saying? We cannot have a no deal at this point in time. Time? I think that's going to be quite crucial. Because at the end of the day, the interesting thing to me as well as Boris Johnson would have an easy out right now to delay right practically speaking, it's easy for him to say. The pandemic has forced the timeline for everybody to be shifted. He seems determined not to use that as an excuse and that to me at least says that for the moment. Nothing has really shifted in this debate that we've been having for so many years. Well brexit talks, maybe frustrating Brussels and everyone else, if correspondence up to be listened to, but at least there is a bit of good news coming out of Belgium. Government has recently announced will be offering up a free ten trip rail pause to every resident of the country. The government hypes initiative. We'll get Belgians travelling around a land giving its domestic tourism industry, a much-needed shot in the arm to rebel is the producer multiple twenty. Fours the Urbanism Program and she brought us up to speed on Belgium's plan and bid to get people moving, and you know kind of boost the domestic economy for sure and. And as the summer season is so kind of on hold exactly what that will mean for tourism around Europe, it's the way to make people travel within the country. Now I feel quite jealous about this I wouldn't mind ten journey rail pastor, even within the UK so now this will be the residents all residents in Belgium. You'll be able to use that between the first of July and the first of December, so there's ample time for them to be able to travel around, and it can also take their bikes on the train for free, which also is a good incentive. This is kind of A. Good initiative as the country eases out of lockdown, trying to get people moving around and keeping safe social distancing at the same time, this comes as well as European Union has unveiled their own action plan to reopen internal borders. So maybe we'll see if this well pass will also allow travel outside of the national borders in Belgium or not nautical twenty four. Talking Chris Rock you're the affairs editor at Monaco You keep your eye on all sorts of. Clever governmental civic initiatives and across the wider block. This is by no means, presumably a unique move by Belgium. Lots of governments are trying to find ways to get people moving. Get domestic tourism moving. We know the Shang- zone instead sort of reopening. Cautiously, but in in the days ahead, there are plans afoot. Are you convinced by by what you what you see and here? Well, it's interesting. How many different types of plans are afoot as you say when you have your eye on these things, everyone has a slightly different approach to how they can get their domestic tourism or their international tourism sector moving again. Belgium's plan for a ten ticket rail pass is unique for what it is, but there are a ton of other measures. And all of them, really around all of them really amount to giving money to people in some different type of form. Right to get them out of the House to get them. Out and about and traveling somewhere in there's things from small things like in Vienna offering vouchers to go to a restaurant to eat. There's there's simple things like Canada. For example repurposing a fund for international tourism to its provinces, so that provinces can do more take that money and do what they want with it in order to attract people to travel within the country. There's vouchers from Japan and Switzerland. Both of them are looking at offerings daily vouchers around two hundred euros. Switzerland wants to give about two hundred years to people in order to travel within Japan is also looking at something like that for domestic. Tourism Mexico is offering Free Hotel Nights Sicily's offering to pay half of your flake costs. If you come there, and then, there's also health ones which are interesting. Iceland in Portugals, Madeira Island are offering free corona virus tests to anyone who comes Cyprus is offering to pay for your healthcare if you were to get sick from corona virus. So yes, there's a tons of different measures out there. That are happening and also to one of the things. Carl mentioned aside from showing and opening up. It's interesting. It's been interesting to see how different neighbors and key countries are sort of working together in this weather that's Austria and Germany that were sort of quickest to open up because Australia's so dependent on. On German tourists whether it's the Baltic nations sort of teaming up to have little three way travel corridor there before the rest of the EU opened up or whether it's organizing trains between the Czech, Republic and Croatia to get checks all the way down to the Croatian coast, which they consider in some ways, almost the second summer home or summer home I should. Should say so. Yes, there's a whole ton of initiatives out there. I think at the end of day. It really just comes down to providing whatever incentives you can to ease that that feeling that pressure a little bit on people to make them happier to travel again. Well I guess that's the RUB is name Kiara into come to you? Ask Her setting and. And, people throwing a lot of solutions around the throwing a lot of money at the problem clearly, but it's one from perspective. Do you feel the block? The wider European bloc is actually ready to reopen its internal borders and I don't really mean that from an administrative point of view, but you know socially in terms of the health and wellbeing of People A. genucel culturally ready for. That contracting up the stage. It's interesting actually. because. We will have to see how the hospital industry response to this. Really borders can open and of carriers can stop flying Flanagan's but. But. Then what other hotels on the ground doing do feel like they're actually receiving sufficient amount of bookings to guarantee something that makes financial sense for them. I was reading this morning. Stotts about the Italian situation, which I think is relevant, because obviously it is quite ahead of the UK at the moment. and Italy has reopened its restaurants balls on the eighteenth of May, and by now I think around over ninety percent of the country's restaurants and bars, a backup and running. However. That's not the same with with hotels I think the figure hovers around sixty percents still shocked. The most, interestingly, despite most of the restaurants, being opened again the revenues, the intake is actually fifty percent. Less than what they normally would have done. So there is proof you know. You can reopen the restaurants, but if people don't feel really quite ready to come or the the spacing measures, mean that the intakes quite low is actually going to be sustainable in the in the long run. I think as more. Lockdown limitations are lifted an Osmo borders open up over the course of June I think by the end of June. We might be having a very different conversation when flying into. Greece be much of a problem, but also we have to consider that so long as countries like the UK maintain quarantine measures on the way back into the UK the travel sectors, going to be really hindered by by something like thought say as long as they're all different approaches for different countries i. think there's also going to be some degree of. Suspicion and a little bit of skepticism still. I say I. DO think that conversation could be very different in amongst time but looking ahead to for example August, which is the height of summer. Holidays in Italy for example in a period when much of the income for hospitality players has made. Only I say only because it is relevant. Only eight percent of hotels expect to be reopening then, and that's really peak season, so even though those twenty percent the aren't taking the punt. must really be feeling a sense of deep deep deep uncertainty. Well not deep uncertainty in those restrictions on travel have affected almost every sector ought by no means. When coronavirus temporarily shut the doors global galleries, the whole art word wasn't something scrambled to move on blind. In recent months, galleries from New York London unveiled plenty of Clever online initiatives from digital viewing rooms to zoom facilitated studio visits to try and attract viewers, but starting next week. London's commercial spaces can finally begin to reopen net doors to actual in person visitors albeit with restrictions in place. A good friend of twenty four is Austin, Ward. He's the head of content. Listen Gallery. And he told the globalist earlier today about the reopening, and about whether these new digital innovations in the arts sector could be here. Here to stay here. He is by worth a moment about twenty years ago when everyone discussed the exciting innovations of net art and the first works online that we're actually digital only, but I think we're just learning the ways now to catch up with the fact that people do live the majority of their laws online, and we have to reflect as well. We can't pretend that people may not want to travel for the foreseeable future may not want to go to office, so we have to be able to open up to the world in different ways and using that portal as primary exhibition space for now. Seen won't talking to US Elliott Kelsey talking there about people's read since round traveling a reluctance to I guess. Maybe that's counterintuitive to degree. Want one does a lot of people think this could be desperate to get out back into the world, but. Looking at the art world specifically Aussies right because they've been wrestling with the increasing influence of online without an auction spaces, commercial spaces public It's not going to change everything. You don't have a crystal ball, but if you did what would it be telling you? Well I! Do think that the fact that. Online digital art has existed for quite a few years and hasn't managed to completely on is thrown physical arts. The way we know it is in itself a bit of a sign I don't think that the entirety of the commercial art world's model will be upended because for two months, people couldn't go physically to galleries. I think it will have an effect, and it will probably tempt those people who approached buying off commercially in a way that is more investment like. into so in a way, that's probably more practical for them. But for those who collect for different reasons. And offer mixed reasons. Seeing, an artwork in Passan is still I think. Just a replaceable as an experience to. To find out whether you do like it when you do one for it to a company going forward whether your I I'm buyer or collected, that is amassing a collection that they wanNA show in their own foundation. I do think that. This situation has. Forced galleries to rethink is how they need to use their digital space because. There are lots of galleries have taken to their online presence as basically you know shopping carts, and so the experience of watching of going to an exhibition online is basically like scrolling through. A page where you can just put something in your shopping trolley and then go head to check out and I think the galleries that. Have used digital works appropriately online will be able perhaps even to feed that conversation from a content point of view, and how the work can evolve in lockstep with what the gallery can show because digital are ultimately depends on the media in which is shown in so the more the galleries websites evolve more digital art, itself can evolve. I think that's an exciting development. Saying that and I think that the physical fair has a place. In Our habits. Obviously, there were lots of conversations already about whether the mega outfit still had relevance in our current. The there were too many offers and the clerk proliferation about fares on the calendar and I think the ultimate response in the term will be that though smaller art fairs that we did keep seeing proliferating will actually come in quite handy right now, because maybe yes, people don't feel like they can travel. All the way to Miami own. Across. At the moment. Maybe they will feel like bail. Go to their own deals offense. They had snubbed because they had bigger fast. Goto or maybe. Not ferron just the country nearby it could lead to a new crop, or at least a leading crop of smaller galleries are accessible, mulkey rated, and I can prove a turning point for those organizations definitely. Christina, we've been hearing about your new son flooded wolves of your above ground domicile now the London slightly easing up, really be beating to a gallery up some extensive works to feature on those aforementioned walls, or is this something else you're? You're dreaming of doing as we. As we, as we head offline back into the real world while. Yes I could talk reams and reams about my apartment but I. Don't think too. Many people want to hear about that from the listeners side. I will say yes I've thought a lot about so the couple of the things that I did before the lockdown started here was go to a couple of museums, and that's sort of what. Is imprinted in my memory if you will going to the. Tutankhamun Exhibition at the Saatchi Gallery the Andy Warhol Exhibition at the tape. Modern those are the kind of things do have a big impact on your life when you're able to go out to some of these local exhibitions museums. It's the kind of things that I think for me at least there. That simply cannot be replicated by watching them online or digital galleries. I think what Karen talks. About is very interesting particularly when it comes to the purchasing of art, I can imagine that a little bit more perhaps if you have a really good website, if you have good innovative ways to show, the art works that you're going to purchase, that can make a difference for me, though in terms of actually the experience of art, the experience of exhibitions and art effects. Nothing can replace just just going out there and seeing them in person, so I am looking forward to doing that again. At some point soon. The only other thing I would add to that, perhaps on a more general note is sports. Of course I'm a big tennis fan for example and I was sad to see things like Wimbledon. Get delayed until next year, but that too I think it's good to watch on TV like watching TV, but nothing can quite replace the atmosphere of being in a crowd. Watching a sports event whether it's football or tennis or baseball or else so I'm very much looking forward to that, that will take a bit longer. Sadly I'm sure Tom. You feel that as well but It will take a little bit longer before we can get back to something like that, but. I'm looking forward to that day. I. Share Your Anticipation it'll be. Worth waiting for we have to hope Chris. Christie Mac and Kiara Amela. A pair I think you'd agree old masters, both and priceless, of course thanks to them for being with us on the late edition today. Thanks to you to ask. Judy manages steph genuine and San impact money so much here in London. We'll be back with another edition of the lights edition tomorrow at the right time until that goodbye. Thanks for being with us.

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