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"portland bureau transportation" Discussed on NewsRadio KFBK

"News so with that mark which you got on the in the news today. well Tom Southwest Airlines is ramping up the whole Hawaii thing it took a long time to get going you know it was almost a year ago this time we started talking about southwest flying to Hawaii from Sacramento indeed the Honolulu flight start in January flights to Maui every day will start in March so now you'll have a choice of two airlines by the spring you'll have to airlines flying everyday to Honolulu to flying everyday to Maui and one flying three days a week to the Big Island and who knows if southwest might not throw something else and the other thing it's really important to is that southwest with these increased frequencies is going to be able to create a pretty solid interisland schedule where they're running three four five six times a day between most of the islands so that's really putting pressure on pricing over there folks who go to who I know that in their island flight these days can be a hundred Bucks even more than that and so south was going to bring a little bit of sanity to that we are all you know for all of the years back Honolulu road let's see Hawaii year and aloha kinda dominated the shuttle service and then aloha went away yeah they went out of business and so it's only been Hawaii Hawaiian with just a couple of small competitors and who really couldn't impact they can have enough lift to impact the market enough but of course southwest bringing in you know they're gonna run now for five times a day between Honolulu and Kona why there and then see and let's say that Hawaiian runs ten twelve times a day where you gonna competitors running that often they're going to if their prices are lower they're going to impact your patronage so it it will be it's a good thing for consumers when Southwest Airlines picks up a route history tells us that within that six months later the fares are an average of about thirty percent lower on that route than they were before south was came to town so it's always good to have southwest show up we mentioned in the headlines Tom that an American tradition is going away Amtrak is getting rid of their dining. cars are you know and that's gonna be disappointing for a lot of people but then I don't know I've I haven't dying down a dining car was is it it's it's gone the same way as like airplane meals are well it's kind of the thing time is that it it's expensive to prepare meals on the fly and Amtrak for many years was known for having a chef on board who could fix you really great food and could also be a. you know the food was fun I mean it was it was exclusive and it was kind it kinda nice to eat on the trains it was hit and miss but now it's going to be just pre prepared foods on board and so that will cost you a little bit last it's on Amtrak so one night routes on the east coast starts at first in October and by the end of next year it will they will also spread to the west coast routes so and they they are physically going to remove the dining car well know you'll still be able to eat on the train but the type of food that you get in the dining car will be crying IC okay L. table clause in China and all of that kind of stuff got it alright just it two way too expensive the FAA we talked about this a few months ago the F. A. A. is going to test if US airline seats are too small for safe evacuation the way they're going to do this is in the month of November they are going to it will involved seventy two boardings in on boardings of of aircraft with passengers on board they are going to make sure that people can get off the plane safely and in time the previous standard has been ninety seconds to get everybody out of an aircraft so we'll see wow that seems that seems quick to me it does also the other thing is that they've had seen recently in a couple of four air crashes is that the. will tend to wanna get their overhead luggage out here boy so when they do that test you can be sure that the travel guys will let you know exactly what all is is going on here now can I do a you have to assume that when they do tests like this they get like like volunteer passengers that sandy they're not it's not an airplane that's having a real emergency landing they'll use an airplane that's in mothballs in the desert or I have somebody flight aircraft had something it represents a they'll do among all different types you know Airbus's seven thirty sevens all kinds of Embraer's all kinds of different planes cheat is this mean if it goes badly we might get well that's not with spirit airlines as little as twenty seven inches you know people complain on United it's thirty one inches of pitch and all I have to say is that the next time you get on the United plane you think it's tough. think about losing four inches of that language gosh and think about what that would be like and and how where would you like where would you put everything it's just crazy uber and lift this is kind of big story here in Portland Oregon the Portland transportation commission up there has partnered with uber and left well I don't know if partnered is the is the right word but a hundred over a hundred fifty over a lift drivers have been suspended for offenses that should have blocked him from working for the right chair companies in the first place they were confirmed by the organ that by the Portland sorry department of transportation in some cases they to revoke complete revoke permits for the workers in question two of the lift drivers were convicted felons one I had a sexual assault conviction the second had been a convicted of assault with intent to murder is so this is this is a pretty big deal they don't test all of the guys on the Portland bureau transportation said for eighty people a month we do the full bracket background check we do criminal history and if the person is on the sex offender list so this isn't testing all of the drivers they tested some in this because you were left to go back and this really brings up I think an important question we all get into these cars every day we don't know all these people they don't have yellow taxi on the side war you know special taxi license they're not registered with anybody rumor has it now that uber doesn't even inspect the cars anymore the only lift is inspecting cars so I. you know I use the myself well so do I and I in you know and I I don't know why I was so naive to think that every driver add a background check. yeah well for its part live told ABC news that safety is a is a key priority for the company of course they're stable matter also noted that the kind of since the company's earliest operations its products of policies and then build a focus of safety that sounds like a lot of corporate B. S. all those apply to drive with left their screen for criminal offenses and driving incidents left was a first right your company to institute criminal background checks just a summer we announced an expansion of our criminal background check process to include continuous monitoring as well as a new Lee a new enhanced identity verification process. okay how. all I can say is gold I'm sure people are not going to stop using right share but it seems like they're the they're they're perhaps needs to be a little bit more protection for those of us who it's worth thinking about it's food for thought some have some tickets to something on a little brighter note here or you were you a fan of the golden girls tongue I was I loved the golden girls in I even catch him on re runs once in awhile when nobody's looking at this rate TV show and yes it's going to live on forever well there is a golden girls themed crews set to sail in twenty twenty a company called flip phone is hosting a golden girls fan crews that will depart from Miami Florida on Feb you worry the twenty fourth of next year you can participate in golden girls trivia game or dress up as your favorite golden girl in her costume contest there will be a rusty anchor karaoke party a shady pines craft corner these of course are places from the show right key west gold girls themed bar crawl Dorothy's being goal a seat all of dance party in a fancy dinner so I'm if you're interested you go to travel guides radio dot com there is a link there on the golden girls cruise which is going next February yeah and I I would guess there's probably a disclaimer saying that actually none of the cast from the golden girls will actually be on board yet thank I don't know there may be a surprise. there are there are some that are still around well welp well preserved anyway that sounds like a heck of a lot of fun if you were a fan of the golden girls and that is your travel news for today we are the travel guys once again travel guys radio dot com is we wanna check us out you can also go there for our podcasts if you'd like to hear it all again coming up more information to make you a smarter traveler about those real ID's and when you see a third party website saying that there's only one room left is that a truth or is that a lie all that coming up.

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