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"pope pino" Discussed on Newsradio 950 WWJ

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"pope pino" Discussed on Newsradio 950 WWJ

"NewsRadio nine seventy dollars WJ. It's been a wild week on Wall Street's and what's been going on causing such the wild week. Well for a closer, look, we're joined live now Elena. Pope Pino stocks reporter for Bloomberg business first off good afternoon. Thanks for doing this with us, salena. Thanks for having me, a historic happenings on Wall Street all week long. We'll start with the MS eavesdrop that was historic there. But then that giant jump on the twenty sixth can you paint a wide bigger picture? But what's going on the volatility on Wall Street if he could? A lot of our and the reason why of uncertainty the I'm talking to try to see some positive. Investor sentiment has that that could be nothing. Pension funds rebalancing and by any losers, these talks a tabby perform and selling best-performing equities or. What remains to be seen easy continues? If we see more rallies like what we had earlier these tweets, we would say the beaches say around the basic fundamental as opposed to the short term find you crawl. All the institutions and the benches pods now leading up to that rally. Just the other day. It seemed like every time you read the headlines. It was speculators are saying we haven't hit bottom. We haven't hit bottom. And then this giant rally bits and everybody says, oh, we're on our way up. Now. What's twenty one thousand nine hundred shaping up to be if you could shake your crystal ball? If you could I we had that crystal ball, but we are going to have the earning season in the middle of January two more weeks. I would be able to tell you about. With more precision because we are. Now, it appears we don't have any dumpers anything. A specific. A lot of rumors. We had a lot of headlines driving up and down. Doc earning season, the numbers on the income statement balance sheet, that's where we could. Real fundamental for the market. And that's where we would see the direction the box. Now, I'm thinking your question. The markets are in an oversold territory. Means that they cannot go down even her further before they start to rebound, Atlanta Papina. She's with Bloomberg. We thank you this afternoon as markets did closed mixed. The Dow was off seventy six we'll be checking back in with Bloomberg news at five.

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