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Bombing at mosque in Afghanistan kills at least 14

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Bombing at mosque in Afghanistan kills at least 14

"Of the year have shaken a jamaica playing community the shootings on friday night kill two men one of the victims christopher joyce who was just twenty three was set to walk in salem states graduation in twelve days vladimir putin has officially taking the oath of office for his fourth term as russian president and president trump's nominee to be director of the cia gina hospital faces confirmation hearings this week before the senate intelligence committee in other news a bomb blast over the weekend at a mosque in eastern afghanistan kills at least fourteen people we have more from abc's tom rivers the injured removed to a nearby hospital in cost the powerful blast happened while worshippers were busy with prayers and in other parts of the moss people had gathered to get their voter registration cards for the upcoming election afghanistan plans to hold elections in october the first since two thousand fourteen the taliban denied involvement in the blasts and so far no group has claimed responsibility main sheriff's deputy eugene cole is honored at a memorial service today cole was the first main law enforcement officer killed in the line of duty in nearly three decades the suspect john williams was caught after a four day manhunt thousands from across the country are expected at the funeral today an m y pd motorcycle unit will lead the procession from the funeral home scou higgin beginning at nine thirty this morning tucson's of dorchester are remembered with a memorial at pope john paul park near the deposit river wbz's karyn regal with that state trooper macho man was shot and killed along route three in kingston as you approach to stop van in nineteen ninetyfour he was thirty one suffolk county sheriff ricky denver was down in two thousand five hundred thirty five now they are remembered together sergeant deborah mother kathleen rickie saves a lot when they put a stop to these career criminals how many more have ultimate sacrifice needs to be in state the death penalty now endorsed chester karyn regal wbz newsradio ten thirty wbz news time now eight fifty one pilots and staff at air france continue a two week long strike today that strike prompted the cancellation of about fifteen percent of air france flights worldwide shares plunged this morning after the company ceo announced his resignation friday after workers rejected the company's latest wage proposal the.

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