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"ponce nelson" Discussed on 10 10 WINS

"Karen Travers tells us the location could be controversial president trump heads to Baltimore tonight to speak at a dinner with house Republicans this is the first time the president has visited the city that in July he called a quote disgusting ran in road in infested maps where quote no human being would want to live the president spent days attacking democratic congressman Elijah Cummings whose district includes part of Baltimore Mister John claiming that politicians have been stealing or wasting billions of dollars there something he blames on Cummings. the visit will be limited to a speech at the hotel hosting the event he is not scheduled to tour any neighborhoods president trump has decided to delay threatened tariffs by a couple of weeks suggesting he didn't want to up the trade war with China on its birthday correspondent Bob Constantini explain president trump ahead of revive talks next month tweeting last night at the request of the vice premier and due to the fact that the people's Republic of China we'll be celebrating their seventieth anniversary on October first we've agreed as a gesture of good will to move the increased tariffs on two hundred fifty billion dollars worth of goods from October first to October fifteenth this comes as China has agreed to not impose higher tariffs on some American products also seen as a gesture of good will still a series of terror fights are in the offing including the president's December fifteenth levies on big ticket items that he doesn't want to be more expensive for holiday shopping but Costantini the White House when news time at twelve thirty four and Daniel Nelson is in serious trouble. the former lead singer of anthrax was arrested for allegedly beating two men at a hotel in queens after one of them commented that he had had a rough night it was strong during a set it happened August thirtieth in an elevator at the aloft hotel near LaGuardia airport road seventy four year old James Paulino in seventy three year old Phillip tell Ponce Nelson kicked and punched in and it did not stop until another man intervenes Nelson was arraigned last night he pleaded not guilty and is due back in court October eleventh. a celebration of the twenty fifth anniversary of friends will highlight this weekend's tribeca TV best of all the little sibling of the tribeca Film Festival will also feature a number of series premiere is the season premiere of ABC's bless this mess plus tribeca talks with.

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