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The Woody Show February 11, 2021 Podcast

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The Woody Show February 11, 2021 Podcast

"In the graphic nature listener discretion is advised. The woody show flation cover these. Woody showed insensitivity training. Acholi class is now in session. Good morning everybody is thursday or as we call around here pre friday. Buying it is february. The eleven twenty twenty one. We are the woody show. Thanks for being here. My name is what he is raving got the great gory. Menaces here is what he sea bass. Fake news dot camera more important for the production. Studio randy is here in fact Somebody wanna to grab randy your or let them know he is. Presence is being requested aging randy lineup. Today including interview roulette. S- cameron is going. Be doing a blind interview. Lucky an expert on changing careers. All right is a form that was you all the questions that were of course created an attempt to make it awkward and uncomfortable as possible. Do we succeed. That cameron Yeah i think so. That's what degree later on today. Also ask us anything good. Let them random questions and You build a call in texting with those plus raves. Go tell us later on this hour. What's happening on the radar and the world of entertainment and sports. Greg trending news headlines we also have a brand new redneck news for today here on the woody show. Phones are open eight seven seven forty four twenty. You could also send us a text over two two two nine eight seven I wanna bring randy and randi is here in the studio with us. Good morning guys. Do rennie's been doing some the questions how are you. He's been doing some hardcore adulting. I need to know about the new apartment. How's that going. you got a roommate. You've never had a roommate before. Then your mom your sister dad yes he got a roommate now he's had to go Set things up. Gregori might be jealous. He might have had an easier time. Setting up things in. greg has routers feed yourself though. Mean it was weird because adam savage like a for the for the gas water and power because the on hold for like an hour then he moved into the apartment and then i heard him talking board he said yeah now. I got to put a budget together. Typically you can afford to rent conversation. I i already have a budget but little by little. I'm learning that maybe i shouldn't by this. I should buy this from their example. So i went to cosco and i spent a little bit more than it should have the next day i went to walmart and realize i could have bought everything about a costco for like a third of the price. Yeah and you don't need. Here's the thing i. I'm not sure that costco makes sense for you. Know raving now as tub. Yeah or just for like a couple of people. Yeah you know the because then you're getting into. Yeah that's that's what. I was told there like you own the family while you're shopping at cost unless it's paper plates but why have and pay for a costco membership right. Yeah right so let's start there. And where are you going to store all this also batting to like i. I told board the other day. I was raised in a fridge. That was made for a family of four. My fridge is now made for two people in an apartment. So i bought you guys have their own rooms in rooms. I was yeah. We sure nobody like with the fridge. I bought some bread some necessities and i realized oh ish. My fridge is pretty much already fall. So it's like a realization of maybe. I don't need to buy a half the stuff that i'm buying your name on it. So you're put bread in the fridge guy. of course what race it lasts longer. Yeah i well. That's what. I was raised under the guise of by putting in the fridge for longevity sake. Also it's unsightly bread out again. We have a breadbox. Keep keep the bread greg. I keep it now on the counter. Like a ball but In the fridge we just keep ours in the pantry pantry. On like my pair do growing up it was always such a pain in the ass because my parents keep all bread even the current loaf. They're using in the freezer. So making a sandwich the prostate use. The microwave. bread is in the microwave. not racist. Defrost setting unnecessary. Time with and i've been dealing with things that i never thought i would have to deal with like okay. We're how should i organize my cupboards. Like wechat putting. What for like for instance. Why are there cupboards on top of the fridge. I can't reach those. That's for the stuff you don't use all the time. Pots go put all your diets diet blunders and whatnot manley cleaning out my room like my entire life being there and in realizing how much useless crap i have wire moving ramal so much She's kind of going through phases you know grief has phases. I was upset then. She was like whatever you're going to got like my girlfriend's parents helped me transport my fridge and my and my couch and my mom and i told my mom my mom was wow. It's nice to they're good people out there. You're gonna need it now. You have a washer and dryer and your place Downstairs but the nice part is it's they have integrated the whole like App thing so feel okay if you just brought your laundry home. Yeah i mean you like ten minutes. But i don't know though maybe do that first. And then you kinda weiner off of it like you can't just have a goal randy turkey you know what i'm saying. Visit cold turkey randy. She's finding suffer. She's like make sure you can pick this iron skillet. You have now. The reason i really brought randy in here. I was interested in that. I know you guys don't know the story even menace doesn't know the story. He's been a lot of time with randy. So randy had a lot of stuff to move and one of those things was this router. I've had this router for while and it's really. It's a really nice. One gives me a lot of coverage. I just i prefer over other ones i have. Yeah and so i. I was taking my mom's freaking out because she's like. Oh how are we gonna internet. So i told her you know what i'm gonna replace it. Don't worry about it. My girlfriend told me she had one though then we could use and so she brought it over. It didn't work. What maybe the the router itself is just a little faulty. We'll go run to the store real quick and i'll get replacement i got the exact same one brought it back home. Didn't work figure realize. I'm going to have to return this back to the store. My dumb ass didn't realize. I put the router she brought into my box. I is the one that i had bought the lord router in the box for the new router and to target because identical because they're identical and so i wrote a target. This is like ten minutes before they closed. I figured you know what it'll be quick easy. Whatever guys working at the return counter like wear bb but went there no not knowing not realizing not realizing i just figured you know. There's no hassle. He's not going to be like. Where's the instruction manual whereas whatever he'll take scheme it and like most places like most places. Because i figured most places if you ask directed somewhere you know they care. Wouldn't care for this either so i roll up. I show it to him. He opens the box. He's like he opens the box and he's like let me just check the serial number to make sure everything is up to code. Okay realize right then and there that the serial number m number box don't match because there's numbers on the router and the box all over his manager and he's like hey can you take a look at this and the manager comes over. And he's like. Oh i see. The numbers are incorrect. And pick up his little wacky thing. You know he's like is radio radio security and then two security guards come over and grow what's come on. You don't know me and this is probably the most exciting part of their evening. This is the night shift guys in the back. End up coming out. And i over hear him turn and talk to guys behind him. He's like you know this is how we make sure we don't get scammed during returns because trying to turn the scheme things so in my mind. I'm like oh my god. I'm not trying to scam you. I just want to turn my router. But to them i could tell i could give a whole long story is not going to matter to them because the numbers don't match and so it's just the embarrassment because there's people behind me and those people probably off of work late. They're trying to return some things scam and like sir. I'm sorry about this but unfortunately these numbers do not match an order for us to accept these returns. These numbers have to match. So yeah. i'm sorry about. This is so condescending again. Sorry about that buddy. This is the point of story. Where i i didn't hear the rest of it. So are you on some kind of like no-fly lay. I can't go to target after seven pm. That's because then you can't come back. He gave me that. look though. because it's like five come back because saw the same guy. But if i come back with the same one then it's going to be this whole thing is like maybe he was trying to do that. Old classic like flip the battle with the good one and then get your money back because people do it all the time. But i felt i pulled the greg. I was just so horrified. I was so embarrassed. I couldn't just told me. Hey man a ransom on his own. For what the league is arrested. He's already lost target boy. It is while randy overall things are going pretty well. Have you had your first fight with your roommate No not yet. He moves it on friday person. Buddy mind from middle school. I've known for a long time now the situations you put an ad out now. Now now randolph. Guys ever seen each other naked night. You will good luck. 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You got the teriyaki which i love the original sweet and spicy got that plus the red chili pepper finding happiness on their website. Top chops dot com. It's top chops. Discover how jerky should taste. No one knows what it means. But it's provocative show. It's a pre friday morning and we are into another new. Our of insensitivity training pray politically correct world. It's february the eleventh twenty twenty one. We are the woody. Show minute that israeli greg. Gory good what is what is our social media director. Ciba's fake news talk kamran porta. Would we got four hand. Nick south of indy production studio is here. Phones are open eight. Seven seven forty. Four woody semester text over the two two nine eight seven interview. Roulette happens this hour so happy So cameron is the one doing the interview blindly. You've heard these before and All the questions are being provided by other people here in the studio which cbs's handing cameron this case As he's doing the interview at his job is to read it word for word. Enemies got to try to make it work as best. He can no matter how uncomfortable or awkward. It is lucky man. And who's he talking to author get an author. This is genius. She wrote the book. I'm holding in my hands curves for teachers and other professionals who strategies for a successful job change title. It's a yeah. I think the title is longer than the book and most of the pages are like inspirational quotes and see the we purchased. Yeah once again like copy. Yeah pity copies supportive yeah reader quote unquote is. You realize it's time for a career move. You're now ready to take action. All right oh groundbreaking. I'm ready to move on. And how how do i do it. Let's go talk into the expert on changing careers interview roulette this hour. Plus a brand new redneck. News and rabi tells us what's happening on the radar in the world of entertainment and sports would show the latest in entertainment sports as far as rabies concern. What's happening there right. So they're still big. Time controversies with two people on the radar actress and former fighter gina carano no longer employed by disney and lucasfilm. She played cards in the mandalorian but just could not keep her thoughts off social media. Greg has been changed. She's one of those people who politicized wearing masks. She would laugh at people on social for wearing masks posted conspiracy theories about election fraud. Stop the steal stuff. And then yesterday she posted the being a conservative in this day and age is equal to being jewish during the holocaust and fired. I mean i could see where people would say that. I can also see where it was the start of a conversation about how you know society now. If there's somebody that you disagree with you try to get like a mob mentality them. Yeah to eliminate that whole group of people who agree with figure. You could probably share that with your friends and avenue. I'm not defending her. Adults are no. I don't i don't care about her one way or the other you know i. I'd never heard burn until this man. But i've never heard of her right in her career. Lucasfilm release the stadium immediately. Gina carano is no longer employed by lucasville. Are no plans. Were heard to be in the future. So i have a conspiracy theory. I think it's because she chopped up between season. One two okay and these anti around here naked find to. That's what you think. Face they said nevertheless or social media posts denigrating people based on their cultural and religious identities are a warrant unacceptable. All she had to do shut up in work. No you can't shouldn't be working for remember when they made those announcements about all those shows coming to disney plus in marvel and star wars. She was going to be the lead for ranges of the new republic but because she was posting election fraud and mask posts and all that stuff they left that part out they didn't announce any actors and they just announced that show. She was going to be the lead of a show on disney. Plus one of the things. I read about in the article about all this. Yesterday was how they're listening like her list of offenses on social media and one of them actually sounded pretty funny. It's at meanwhile in california and it was a person wearing a mask. It's all because you know the cdc just came out and they're like oh well take five math fifty. Yeah so that wasn't a big deal. I need to see that game. If everybody's got it. But i think just in general and not about her specifically but again the problem just in general whether it be on social media or just regular conversations that nobody can deal with hearing anything other than what they think an image. She's an idiot for pricing them. For not i'm not talking about her. I'm is not specific gerald. I'm saying in general the way that people react to things that they madness or like. It's not just like oh. I don't like that ask. Yeah yeah it's a completely you have the right to post whatever you want but right to fire her. yeah sure. the great. Tom mcdonald once. Said there is a difference between hate speech in speech that you hate tom. Mcdonald's amazing song that song yes number one of you're supposed to be in touch with all this stuff. He's curling one on billboard isn't that isn't that crazy. Yeah look farewell. You're an idiot genus. That's my take on it again. You're the misogynist talking about the cheese and when you say whatever it is say yes you have a first amendment right to do so. It doesn't mean that your employer is gonna stand behind if you get to that level. You need a social media manager off. Why do you even need to be on it promote your projects. It's part of the business you don't have to promote the mandalorian. Everybody knows well. If you want to get paid you do well if you look at the. Hey look at the contracts in radio for christ sake now. There is a social media expectation. So you gotta be this greg. Who wouldn't even be on social media job so the other controversy not good times for joss weeden. I was one of his biggest. You're still are wearing a job. Sweden churton rafi angel adventures doctor. Horrible sing-along blog. I love all of it but the news regarding him in these last few years has not been good. Especially ray fisher. Who plays cyborg. In justice league. He was super loud about it. Saying weeden was abusive and unprofessional unprofessional. On professional to every one on the sad special of sleet and fisher was so adamant about it. That warner brothers launched this investigation which recently wrapped up and warner said. They were taking remedial action. What the hell does that even mean. But my my question with these accusations against joss h is what she's here like the buzzwords toxic unprofessional here. The actual stuff that happened and maybe he yelled some people chairman. What exactly was going. This is the thing that happened to ellen is. She was maybe not nice to some people behind the scenes. Yeah yeah we created the show for hbo and hbo. Max called the never which is going to debut soon. But he left that joe and fisher popped off again saying there's no way and exited the show. That warner allowed him to say that thought because they were investigating him. That's the reason he had to step away from the now. Of course that's coming from ray fisher. Sudras called millennials in the workplace. Yesterday fisher got a big boost to his claims because charisma carpenter who played cordelia on both buffy and angel said that we've created talks sic and hostile environments and abused his power on a number of occasions. She said she got fired from angel because she dared to get pregnant. She had a lot of damning stuff to say. I'm sure that's what it was. She dare to get shed a lot of luck and look. I'm not saying. I believe that either. Take that led to accom- are state from buffy herself. Sarah michelle yup. She said she's proud to be associated with buffy. She cash the checks no longer wants to be associated with johnson projects coming up. She said she stands with gartner and fisher jostles. Once the guy everybody wanted to work. That's why she spoke out earlier away. Oh wait yeah yeah. I don't know what's going on hundred years ago. I'm just thinking about like I worked for some crazy program. Directors would lose their mind and yet rose stuff and colonel atmosphere. Remember the one guy that we work for rabi pittsburgh like he was intense for a guy who was like five times as crazy as that were the times for me to go now and go public and go well back in one thousand nine hundred all the time that he could not get away with managing that way. Now tom brady was talking about power. The justice league because justice league is way more current data was he toned up getting might be in there somewhere. These these agree when he comes down to it. Yeah well i mean. Look at warner brothers. Punishment or so rubio remedial on like. What is that mean. nobody no time machine. They're gonna fix this. Yeah all right. This is pretty cool. Isn't enough stuff to worry about now. Nope producers of jeopardy have donated a large portion of alex trebek's onset wardrobe to a nonprofit that helps people bouncing back from homelessness or incarceration especially men. There's a lot of these guys are looking for work. They're trying to turn it around. They need suits for job interviews and they have donated a bunch of stuff. That was alex trebek's they've done donated. Fourteen full suits fifty eight dress shirts. Three hundred neckties also polo sweaters. Blazers belts all that so Travek son matthew with the jeopardy costumer stephen and they made the selections impacted all of to say he's thinking that sounds kind of fourteen full suits. Maybe a bunch of pieces. yeah. I'm raving. That's on the radar all right. Thanks very much. Rachel's yeah duck. We're gonna take a break. We'll come back interview roulette. Yeah karen talking to the author skirt changing careers. How uncomfortable are the questions julia. How did the author react We're gonna find out next. It's the worst show hang show. We'll be back in a sack thing by the way when you're at a restaurant and someone's like why are you kinda bummed out when somebody orders what you going to order. I totally going to be a copy. Who's gonna what does that matter. Who cares like their house or it's getting the same thing there so why restaurant. It's like a bad thing it's a con. You get order envy. I get that all the time. Like i wish i got. What all the definitely. No you know why all the time. That's the benefit of staying within your comfort zone. Ordering if i go to a restaurant before pretty much even get there. 'cause i always get the same thing like kwami. I know what my order is in studio city. Yeah i know what my order is. When i go to the state i know my orders when i go to. Pf changs. i wish had in the first time that what he was at these places to see. How long is thing. If it's a new place. What i'll do is i'll find something And but then the next time i go there. Guess what. I'm getting same thing. Same guy damping already go. That's what i try getting it again. If i liked it. I'll get it again but like it most likely i'm not going back but i make decisions so quick on ordering drives me nuts when nachos like the waiter comes via. Oh i'm still looking at the menu. Yeah are you serious. Hurry up we got to do minutes. Hates it because he just wants it to be as fast as possible and get back agree with me right now. The people who've had all the fifteen minutes look at the menu and they're like oh what's going on here like i'm i'm kinda halfway between where you guys are in greg. I like going out to eat. I don't necessarily need to be like a fast food situation talking with my friend who. I'm like the social aspect of its greg. Get there with the reservation and unhappy to wait even. Pass my reservation time. thank you air. Yeah give me my food rushing to all the time where he wants to go. See the new best. Buy random part tally as long as a new dollar store. Thirty miles from here. I gotta go see that ad to go over to the corporate office. Cubicle doctors lawyers is crack clown show. Welcome back it is thursday morning and we have a round of interview roulette waiting so good interview. My favorite segments let started because we get this fight book every month or any emails which we bombed bardo with requests authors. I should say for interviews and stuff. People talk to mostly pretty boring folks and as you know we know. We're not a big like interview show. We'll have you bought. This is dave grohl or somebody that we really like a comedian. Joe koy right joel. Mchale or third. Somebody's a friend of the show. Yeah i share fluffy but we don't We'll take random interviews to fill time these people they i mean they're relentless they'll hound you big time schedule a time between nine and nine thirty to talk to an aviation expert. Take anything that's in the news. Try to tweak it towards guests so we figured let's just take somebody's interviews because sometimes i wonder if anybody's talking to feel a little bad. I'm like it's like what i go by the the burger king by my house. And there's nobody in the parking lot nobody in the drive through and i have this weird. Compassion are the. What's the word. I'm looking for like a burger king and their somebody brings a dish to a dinner. And like nobody's right. They spent all that time going to store and getting stuff and making love it. So stupid these author yet things. I should have empathy for. I don't know. But i'm worried about a burger king saul talking these interviews and we do it our own way. One of the people on the show has to do the interview all the questions. Though provided by other people here in the studio and we try to make them as Awkward inappropriate infringe worthy interesting thought. Provoking person. Who's doing the interview doesn't get to see the questions until their hands on the question. Ask there on the line with the person and so this time. The interviewer is cameron. Yes and He is interviewing this expert on changing careers. Yeah this is geraldine hogan and she was a teacher. You'd think ought to stick in that for the rest of my life but at some point something in our head collect. She left teaching became a she became a judge. Actually oh runs all this stuff. Author of about one hundred and four page book called a career moves for teachers etcetera etcetera. And that's where cameron picks up all right interview roulette we are here with geraldine hogan author of career moves for teachers and other professionals strategies for a successful job change. Can you tell us a little bit about the book. The book is about steps that people can take in order to make a career move and then some ideas on overcoming obstacles that may pop up or get in the way question for you. Most of my co workers would love for me to change my career. But i'm like nah girlfriend. I'm here in this place into the ground. I'm okay nag girlfriend girlfriend now. Phantom menace menacing girlfriends great. I bought that from greg. Greg started i remember. I actually started my bad. Sorry started partners started girl. Yeah yeah. that's pretty funny. She grow into the ground. She'll sound like a slow adult. No older sleepy talker a female judge. That's for sure. I waltz. Interview roulette cameras trying to drive this place into the ground. What did she say on that. Most of my co would love for me to change my career. But i'm like nah girlfriend. I'm here in this place into the ground. It's something that you have to do within then yourself. it's not something that others should or really could influence you to do all right. Listen to your heart. Add other people's are okay. Got it makes sense repaired for the answer. Normal answer geraldine hogan again. Author of career moves for teachers and other professionals strategies for a successful job change. Is it just me or do you hate it when people say they're career is being a housewife. It's like this. Your career is being on permanent vacation. All you got to do is the occasional laundry and store your legs up. Thank you for a long walk bitch in there is trying to hide my laughter over there. She can barely speak. I'm not sure i'd be able to get through that. One sucks is the beginning of the internet setup. Right is it just me or do you hate it when people say their career as being a housewife. It's like bis. Your career is being on permanent vacation. All you to do is the occasional load of laundry. Install your legs up every once who has worked as a housewife and work. I think it's more than doing laundry and throwing your legs up other people say about what it is doing. A lot of time with questions weird. They'll go over it all. She's like pam and they'll try to time knowledge great. She's been a housewife as a person who who has worked as a housewife and worked. I think it's more than doing mondrian throwing your legs. I ready shocking. I know interviewer let cameras talking to an expert on careers next question. We're talking to geraldine talking about career. Changes how to transition from one job to another successfully question for you. Should someone consider a career that they enjoy but not make a lotta money at for example. I like to wax old men's nether regions mason jar candles labor. You know it is that you know. Yeah oh god lamborghini all right. We're talking to geraldine hogan talking about career changes how to transition from one job to another successfully question for you. Should someone consider a career that they enjoy but not make a lot of money at for example like to wax old men's nether regions mason jar candles. But that's not going to give me a lamborghini you know. Actually you have to decide on how bad you want that lamborghini. 'cause you can make money doing almost anything if you really love doing it. Okay wasn't questions. And with yano and saying dot com. Yeah she saying is if you are really passionate about something. I mean i guess you could and i'm looking all these dumb ideas for somebody who's so smart to come up with. I would have thought that was way too dumb. You could start the can mason jar candle candles in every mall right now. Eighty by cameron like it. We're gonna have to crap that What's her face. talks about. Goup of the giant camel sold out right. Lambeau money over the summer. I defied all corona virus guidelines and had my wedding anyway. With what if you guests because my happiness is all that matters right now. Do you think wedding planning would be you know it i. I've talked with people who transition who have. Actually i have a niece. Who does wedding planning as a site as a hobby and she makes money a little extra money on the side doing it. I've heard yeah. It's up to you to decide if that's what you want to do was ready for any questions is good. There are some people who are really good at it and other people who are just like deer in the headlights Points jellies great. This interview roulette cameron interviewing. It's question number five. Geraldine hogan is our guests. Another career idea had was voice torture. Like i would just talk and people would pay me to stop asking me about the career because my coworkers tell me my voice is terrible and so i'm kind of thinking. There might be some money in that torture people with your voice. I don't know maybe during halloween time would be into it. I always think. I want to put myself in a position where i'm making someone's life better. Just ask yourself. is that something. That's going to make the world better or if it's something that's going to make the world worst question camera. Does that make the world. Better cameron served. Yeah yeah. I couldn't have guessed viewpoint next question. Where can they find the book. Geraldine the book. It's available on amazon. And it's us available on my website at geraldine hogan dot com now. No one respects me at my current job because a wispy little boy want to change jobs. But i'm afraid that the same thing will keep on happening boy. Oh oh my god. Oh he sounds a little bit sad. I had to make it sound right up. Character called skills wispy koi koi right now on came out of nowhere. Arabi gotta be ravaged ask. No one respects me at my current job. Because i'm a wispy little boy. I want to change jobs. But i'm afraid that the same thing will keep on happening. That's that's interesting. I don't think fear should keep us from doing anything that we made up our minds to do so just because you're afraid to do it. That should not stop you from doing. It makes a lot of sense just my you. That is this week's interview relaxed cameron. You did a good job. Thank you wrong. I really enjoy doing it. I'm saying like with questions like that. I don't know if i would have been able to get through it. I definitely blown scarborough. God thank you. Yeah what's the name of the woman in the book again please. Career moves for teachers and other professionals strategies for successful job. Change bhai geraldine hogan available on amazon. Or at geraldine hogan. I'd check it out. Is the shell will be right back as who has worked as a housewife and work gets more than doing laundry and throwing your leg will be right back. Well there is a new bill in the california state senate. That's up for consideration. It's called bill. Three fifty eight introduced by republican. Brian jones he wants cereal porch pirates face. Prison time. good they should f. You're busted stealing packages from somebody else's porch more than twice in a three year timeframe you'd be charged with a felony instead of misdemeanor okay. So here's what's going to happen. I think everybody can agree. Porch pirate suck but because it was introduced spy. In this case a republican. If you're a democrat you're going to hate him introduced by a democrat would hate it but this is a perfect example of something that should go through no problem. We'll see how it goes. It will go through new. Think rob really hope so. I love it. Experts say it'll probably die on the senate floor because there was a similar. Bill introduced last year in the democrat controlled. Senate killed it and the aclu opposes it. Why because they say it's already misdemeanor to steal a package. A repeat is talking about right at one time. It's a repeat felon and they're saying we needed especially now because people are staying at home or working from home more and they rely on deliveries of goods so brazen because there's no the age now. They're like federal because it's the male exact bright anyway. we'll see if that advances. I hope it does now. This is something i learned yesterday. I did not know that rabi had a second home. In pomona oldest. That right officers with the pomona police department special investigation unit. They served a search warrant on a house that was said to have quote a variety of illegal activities going on inside so when they got inside they found the house was being used as a marijuana dispensary and a casino because rabi adjusts installed that drive through window found five pounds of actual pot thirty two pounds of what they describe as marijuana product and big had some bonds and illegal gun some ammo variety of casino games. No word on what kind of arrest or how many were made rave had a big wheel. Pomona sounds like a fun place and this is cool. If you're looking for a cool place to get married how about the space shuttle only right here on earth. It looks really cool. I saw some photos on the news at the california science center. Home of the space shuttle endeavour. They announced that they're making the space shuttle pavilion available for weddings as so cool say. A lot of couples had to postpone their wedding. He has the pandemic and when it's safe to have them again. There's going to be a lot of pent up. Demand and venues might be hard to find so right now. They're just taking inquiries at the moment and they're also holding tentative dates so if the shuttle sounds like a cool place for a wedding for you you can get the info at california science center dot org. I saw a picture of what the setup set look like. Yeah it actually looks all these tables around and like just a spacious space shuttle so cool pretty cool. That'd be a fun partly. Let's see what event there are. We gonna my wedding saum had mine. So let's do that back promised. Which is a bummer. We were kind of hoping they were lying about the woody show welcome back. It is what he show anybody ever hear about how The gorilla glue chick did with the Yeah she got to the plastic surgeon hills off show and it's right after the procedure and they're able to put their hands through her hair. Really got more. It's takes three days right. Yeah but it looks like multiple procedure can actually move it okay. So it's ben. I'm glad she's are worried. I'm afraid nurse could have done that. I prayed on it. She went and apparently they can do it. Better nurse yeah they while the spice insertion said they had some developed the technique ciba's this has been such a problem with people using gorilla glue in their hair rampant. Develop it. that's that's crazy stuff man again. She's okay thank eight seven. Seven forty four. Woody if you want to call in santa tax over two two two nine eight seven checking with a style who you are and then a way around town. You're listening to the woody show this morning. Hit us up with anything else. You'd like to have mentioned in your check in on that text to two nine eight seven. Got today's redneck news for you if you got three cars with a total zero wheels brand nick. Today's redneck news. This year's from montana where the employees in an office supply store called the cops after they found this fella named hunter. William nells singing car gone town on a large amount of air dust. You just bought that. They have to report that sort of thing. We meet steal it and sure enough. The officers got their hunter was in the driver's seat holding a can mid huff they They pulled him out. He was so messed up. Couldn't even perform a sobriety test so he was arrested. Then the next day hunters out on bond goes back to the office. Supply store buys more duster man so again. The store had to reported sure enough. They caught up to them. Most of what he bought was empty and he was hallam. Messed up so again. He was arrested on the same charges. Good news though no dust in his lungs getting very clean directly surprising that you can buy off the shelf like it's not locked up at this point i'm surprised you'd buy large quantities of it. What are you doing asked by an office manager. I've had the same can of air duster in the cabinet above my desk in our office. For what four years. Yeah is the same camp. Yeah yeah by year. Yes i use it for two things. One is to clean the keyboard out every once in a while and then number two is when greg is sitting at his desk behind mine with his back to me i will very quietly grabbed the can get it right next to his ear. And then pull the trigger on and greg like jumps scan. It's funny every time which is why have neck problems. Thank you tax rate on surprising. Me is one hundred percent. It's still. I mean you can't buy your meth making drugs at the. Cbs right off the shelf. You gotta scan your office manager. You gotta give it to fifty employees. Everybody gets a can true. The thing i've never heard anybody dealing in duster no-one ever gets a bunch and then you need some. I guess i'm just saying stupider stuff is locked up at other stores. True that is from montana. Were employees there. That office supply company busted. Mr hunter william nells twice in two days gone hammer on cans of air duster and that is today is red neck to rabies. Point the liquor store down the street all liquors open fifty dollars bottles of this and that except for the sarah was all behind the counter associate. It was surrounded. I wonder why is racist is very shoplifted rock. Saugus tonight show. We'll be right back out from the street. Much daugherty show creating awkward moments between uber drivers in their customers fourteen. Now wait for any right back to what she'll be right back. Oh this morning. My alarm goes off at one o'clock and i don't snooze. I usually sit up right away. Yeah and this is why this is why went off. Turn alarm off with the intent to get up right away. Whatever reason never made it off the canvas woke up. It's two oh five. Wow almost an hour later. An hour later terrible feeling. Yeah i saw michelle back up on. Oh yeah so. I'm all off tonight. You know one little thing throws me completely off. That's way off. Great our off an hour. I do appreciate he called me and said i'm not dead right cameron iconic get here at the same time a pretty closely thoughtful of you. Yeah if you don't get here on what's going on. Yeah there was one day. That menace wasn't here yet. Do we call. He's got no right to check in so we didn't know it was figured he was dead. Yeah yeah funeral. Yeah but if i'm not here there's something wrong right and then if that's true. Yeah exactly one day. I got a speeding ticket on the way to work so d. I figured you did. That's why you were late at ticket. Speaking of dead we were talking. About how the whole cremation thing now creeps me out because of teeth and bone fragments ob very much in favor of creation as opposed to burial But i am not in favor of like the people that set up like a scene where their dead loved ones playing cards only motorcycle. So this guy. He paid homage to his dead uncle by turning his uncle skeleton into a guitar. That's pretty for now. His uncle's bones. He's had them for two decades. His family refused to cremate them so finally he used his uncle spine ribcage and pelvis as the foundation for this electric guitar. It looks so weird quotes a place. Perfect sounds awesome now. Uncle philip can shred for all eternity the video at what show dot com of this guy playing the guitar so that legal even brought. So you have. How'd you get the bones. He had a gut everything. How you get the ball so bad. I don't know that it was like a regular qatar. And then they had pieces of bone put in the qatar sign. I gross do doing this show and we have made into another new. Our of insensitivity training for eight politically correct world. You what he shall. It's thursday morning. It's february the eleventh twenty twenty one. Thank you for being here. Giving us some of your valuable time this morning. Have you call her first impression. Hotline eight three three. Join fun because now that you've been listening for a while we're interested to get your opinion what you like about the show what you don't like about the show what you wanna hear more or less of and most importantly you think going forward you are going to. It's all about how you identify. Are you going to identify someone who is all in or all out with the show and we expect that to be an everybody's profile so you can do whatever you're gonna do about how you like to be identified in the niece also include whether you're all having i don't want to mix that up forty brady greg fantasy bass fake news dot cameras and we've got the phones open for eight seven seven four tenths of text over two two two nine eight seven to sour. Ask us anything which is something we haven't done for a while here on the show Thought about because. I got an email from somebody. Needs our advice on something but you can call and ask about anything you want. It doesn't have to be you know something's going on with you could be a question about the show or question for someone specifically on the show or just a general question You got questions. We've got answers always interesting to see like the different stuff that people ask. Yeah because it's all over the place some people call and say you know i'm debating between two places for lunch trying to figure out which way i'm going to go. This is an area. We could definitely help out in. Yeah we will look at the menus and we'll help you decide carefully equality choice anything else in between so that's coming up ask us anything will open up the phones for that eight. Seven seven forty four. Woody said a taxed with your question over the two nine eight seven. We start the hour of news headlines. Gregori what's happening this morning. Will larry flint. The famous publisher of hustler magazine which turned into an adult. Entertainment empire has died at the age of seventy eight at his home in the hollywood hills. Larry flint started out as the owner of a strip club in ohio before creating hustler and he was always a target of feminist groups and the religious right and he was shot by a sniper in one thousand nine hundred seventy eight that left him paralyzed from the waist down for the rest of his life. He famously won a supreme court. Victory against reverend jerry falwell after an ad that he had published in hustler that suggested that jerry lost his virginity to his own mother and how he also battled drug and alcohol addiction had a storied life like fame fortune but lots of controversy amid movie. Personal problems made that into a movement. Woody harrelson played Larry flynn exactly larry flint dead at seventy had him to thank for a lot of our free speech. Like that is true very true. I met him one time in my life and he was very friendly. It was nice. I got a funny story about him so he came on my show. At this point it was just me and tony. The whipping boy doing the show The the very beginnings of what would eventually the woody show and he came in and he was opening up a new club in town. The hustler club and so he came in. He had a great time. He's like is there any chance you guys can leave right now. We had started the show an hour earlier and I'm like you know what it's not everyday that larry flint wants to take on a field trip like. Where are we going psycho. We're going to go have a good time all right so we left and we did the rest of the show from cell phones. So we got into larry's limo. We went over to the hotel where we're staying so that his His wife or whatever it was could change and then we started drinking then we ended up over at the the new club where he was that and so on the news that night is like larry flint opening new hustler club and so there it is larry being pushed gold wheelchair. And then. there's tony whipping boy. I walked right next to him and it was it was it was it was pretty funny dot gold wheelchair and the bodyguard of them at all times and then we went into club. And you know it was. Larry flint's there so the party. The party was happening right. But on the first amendment thing one of my favorite quotes from from him he said if the first amendment will protect a scumbag like me. Then it'll protect all of you. Because i'm the worst thing i know. He was married at least four times his fourth wife died of a heroin overdose shocking jennifer. Emmy she's a well known animal rights attorney in colorado. She's been arrested in a murder for hire plot against her own estranged husband. She allegedly tried to hire some ranch hands to kill the husband and his new girlfriend who is a younger woman who just happens to be their nanny. But one of the ranch hands tipped off the police and then recorded conversations with jennifer over the next six months when she was talking about quote getting rid of the girlfriend and even providing her name and contact info she also wanted her estranged husband dead and the ranch hand turned informant. Played along saying that the hits would cost jennifer between fifty and one hundred grand so she's been charged with solicitation of first degree murder. Kill somebody can't you. just leave down with it. Let let's just say all right if it goes well and you never get caught okay. The chance of that happening. Come on yeah get caught. You're going to prison happy for the rest of your life. So is that worth it or can you just break up and go about your life prior to let go man. People are nuts. Have one of those parties where you poor. Put everything into a bonfire all the love letters. We were talking about that Viral video the lawyer who is doing an online hearing with the district judge in texas. He accidentally had that kitten face filter. Ought to figure out how to turn it off. Well he's speaking out about it. His name is rod. Ponte says his phone has been blown up with calls from all over the world and he says he got his big a laugh out of it as everybody else he says he was using. His assistance. computer wasn't sure how the filter was initially applied and he also says assistant is now mortified by the mistake and then the judge in the case he put out an important zoom tip for everybody said if a child user computer before you join a virtual hearing make sure the filters are turned off so apparently Rob poten this reporter. After the cavity oh went viral from business insider. This guy's name is anthony fisher. He shared a story. He did on this dude back in two thousand fourteen. He's got a notorious past back then. I guess he was a small town. Da in texas somewhere He ordered a massive swat raid on this tiny head shop for selling synthetic marijuana so the honor was thrown in the police van local cops and the federal agents repeatedly went after her after. That is that you know. They're trying to. They never found any synthetic synthetic marijuana or other drugs but the whole thing basically ruined her life and it turns out the reason that he went after her so hard is that he had a brief sexual relationship with her when she was eighteen just moved to town for college and held a vendetta against her since their relationship ended. So that was the backstory right. The cat boyer's never get famous right. Menace up anything you just get rich exact. Don't under the radar. And lastly you know. I love news big fan. We have some detroit zoo's last january. They got a new female polar bear named tina and then a few months later reduced to a male polar bear newco who had lived at the detroit zoo since two thousand eleven. Everything klein's got along great few months ago. They were put in separate areas but they were just reunited and that's when new ca- tried meeting with and then in the process of mating he killed her. No that's not how you do it. Experts now that when bears mate. It's a very aggressive with a male taken physical control the female like older by the back of the neck. Yeah real real rough so bears and my wife have in common. Okay so nuke. I just went way too hard zoo. Staff says they're completely unexpected. This was all unexpected because they were fine together up until this moment so r i p a nana the polar bears why halen chicks choke him death through accidentally hillary. I thank you very much. Greg gory. We got to ask us anything coming up for you next. If you've got a question set it on the taxed whilst be Taking phone calls. You don't got to call in as yet. I don't want you to be on hold for the break or whatever. We are respectful of your time. But we will get to your questions. Your calls tax and i got this email. We'll start with that next. Ask us anything after the break. Hang on day i lay. Show ask us. Anything is coming up for you here on the woods. Shall we taking your questions on the tax over the two two nine eight seven or you can call in eight seven seven. Forty four woody. We've got A livia in los angeles to ask us anything. What is your question. I'm trying to decide what to make valentine's day. I'm thinking of gregory's a lobster dinner. But i have no idea how to make it so i'm kind of well greg a couple different things. It's always this is where he goes to costco. And he gets like crab legs. Auditors get a live lobster which i recommend the pre made ones are never as good as you make him a home. It couldn't be easier to make a lobster. Just throw it in the boiling water. Maybe throw some dylan there about twelve to fifteen minutes as far as state goes. That's a woody question. I've never made a good steak in my life. Yeah i think states so hard to me. It's difficult i mean. What is that. What you're thinking like steak and lobster. Or just lobsters. I'm more of a stake. I think he's more of a chicken person. But i don't wanna make picking a stake. So seeking something different and lobster so if cable. Here's the thing. If you are a steak person you probably know how to make a decent steak right. Oh yeah all right so you got. You're all covered on the steak. It sounds pretty easy. I've never made a lobster either. So easy yes say just to betting on pickup. You can get the steak he can get the chicken and you'll know be delicious. Yeah maybe roasted potatoes on numerous details. Yeah greg is there a dessert for valentine's day. I mean you gotta do the cliche chocolate. Maybe lob cake. Ooh that'd be romance and costco. I know i've seen these there. They sell these. little lava. cakes are sold. In these little ceramic bowls rally just put into the oven beezer. Yeah and those are apparently legit. I've not try them personally. I've seen them. And i've asked somebody about them and they say they're awesome so i get one of those area. Good olivia for the call. What exactly what is this. Show a lot of people already texting their questions for ask us anything you over the two nine eight seven Got a couple e mails someone to bring up one and say follow up. Remember the guy We were doing emails from the people the other day and he said that There was a situation where his family was asking for money but they've already screwed him over a couple times right and we say for his nephew who in his cell phones. And dude. don't be a sucker you've got to cut them off man. They the reason. Keep coming to you mark right. You gotta stop it. They know they'll get it out of. Yeah and you've been generous already so they can't say oh well you don't care no i've cared plenty you guys. Just don't care about me because you don't pay me back anyway We mentioned that and then he hit us up again here and it says Does it change the situation. If one of the people asking for the money's by brother. I said no not at all sucker not at all taking advantage of yet. It's one thing and it's always awkward when family member asks for money walker And if you can help. Matt it's a situation where it's like really. It's a tough spot. Yeah of course yeah will and to help people out but never is there are terms. I don't expect to necessarily get it back but there are terms number one. I always used to usually tell the family member. This is a one time thing so this better be good enough that you know that going forward. Don't come to me again. I'm gonna help you out with this. But this is not an ongoing situation credit union godfather hike. You can ask me this thing. You can put yourself in a situation and if they help you out you typically. Somebody is really in a rough spot. I'm just gifting them something you know. Y'all a little bit of money to help out with whatever's going on they use it for your needs. Don't go crap. yeah exactly. It has to be any time. This guy was in a situation where he had loan money or he had cosigner whatever for cell phone plants and they're still not paying the cell plan the up and then they're asking him to pay for their honeymoon. It's crazy yeah crazy. So i said i said no. You guys agree on that wa right. Ask us anything. Here's an email is from drew. Hoy would only advice. I have a first date with a girl. I matched with online and we've been messaging and talking on the phone. We click really well. My problem is the date is on february thirteenth day before valentine's day. Do i buy her something. Bring her a single rose. Hide it in the trunk and only pull out. If the date goes well the day goes out. you've probably pull out anyway You wanna make a good in-person impression. But i don't wanna come on too strong love you guys that is from drew. And then he's got a power ranking but i want to get your answers i i say single rose right when you get there. Is that a hacky no off. Say hey. I noticed the day before. Valentine's day so come empty-handed bull bouquet way too much if you're just funny about it and just got like a single hershey bar volumes valentine's day. I want to get you some chocolate. Not a think single russell would love that. Yeah this is not a big deal to say. Hey day before. Valentine's day just totally agreed. Think about rose. But then i'd probably talk myself out of it like oh my god that's gonna come off so dumb and cliche shea. It's cheesy but it works still acknowledged that is sometimes day sea bass. What's your take i. I think that's probably a safe bet. But they also make these ever seen these roses where they take a condom and like shape it into the bring a condom research being serious. Of course that'll be. Tell them well. That's the thing. I dated because something like that. Yeah then you're jokey guy right now. That's a safe bet. You maybe even say. Cut the stem short. So it's just a little thing you know spor inch whatever she called. She's not a big property. So it's half serious on the size. You put her purse. Also if you bring the rose most likely you'll probably get laid nice. Y'all yeah definitely for a single room waiting to the anything anything. That's definitely you're getting laid because you brought a row man back in my dating days. Working women can deny all day long in the. Yeah never oh yeah. The rose basically works as vaginal lubricant words. But what i wouldn't work is all this lead up to opening the trunk of your car. I got something for you and it's all rose. Don't don't just give it to her when you get it or don't do don't put it in the trunk. Open the trunk chevron leading states in their rozov her don't do that his power rankings. Rayvey number one number two greg number three fall by cameron menace and then ciba's number six especially when he plays games. Oh a great so hopefully we answered that maybe help somebody else out that we're also on the text there their questions. We have opened up the phones. So if you've got a question for ask us anything you can give us a call now could be about anything. Doesn't have to be about relationships or something. You got going on something about the show or something for someone on the show individually and title anything right eight seven seven forty four what. He is the phone number. That's eight seven seven four four or texture question over two two nine hundred seven. We will get to those next. Don't go anywhere. The woody show will be right back. Who wants even more money. The bullet train project. Oh god you're we've been talking about. They're looking for an additional four point one million in funding to finish construction in the california central valley. Now the money would come from a bond measure that voters passed back in two thousand eight. And they're gonna have a hearing about the additional money in the next few weeks. Central valley bullet trains to cover hundred and seventy one miles. Go from her said to bakersfield with an original completion. Date of twenty eight. But that's been pushed back to the year. Twenty thirty train services in the united states in getting around is awful right but they have a thing called the hyperloop which is way better than what was out in two thousand eight kill. This product is the hyperloop even a thing. Yeah is it. They are Data testing or like a stretch of it in kansas city. Or something like that. It's a thousand times better. We'll not that's not going to happen anytime either. Right this bull train thing. I'm convinced is just the politicians put money into companies. That have been you know campaigning with them. Or whatever you know. Donations whatever certain number of jobs and so this is just a waste of money for the latest estimate for the entire project which is supposed to take between elliott san francisco and under three hours. Is that a hundred billion dollars. Experts say that estimate is quote out of date. So it's way by. I saw something where it's like. The international space station cost one hundred billion dollars kidding expensive. It's the most expensive thing that has ever been built. I feel like we've been talking about the bullet. Trains since carter ridiculous so ad others a new bill under consideration in the california state senate it's called. Ab four fifty three. It would make stealth thing illegal style. Thing is when you secretly take off a condom in the middle of sex or default signature. Move to define it the way. The lawmakers do i call it surprise. This is how they define it causing contact from a penis with from which a condom has been removed and the intimate part of another who did not verbally consent. The conduct being removed quite specific. Here check mark. You're here they here. Delta has been a problem for a long time but it's gotten visibility thanks to certain. Tv shows lawmakers. Say it is a threat to health and dig. We doubt to bear. Backer all need to call signatures here at. I'm not going to tell you about partly cloudy today. Getting upper sixties and a handful of some low seventies locale. I never heard that term before. I guess they're not watching. Grow niche. what vallecano condom break serve. It is but i think on perfect. Yeah cool did it on purpose. Well yeah that's true. Yeah thank god again. Thank god no more dating a nightmare. This is the show shout. Ask us anything. Phones are open. Eight seven seven forty four. That's eight seven. Seven forty four senator question over on the text over the two nine eight seven Just go right into it guys long. Not let's go to alexa. Hey good morning alexa. Good morning morning. Man i've probably woke up a lot of. Yeah all right. So what's your question. ask us thing. And i'm looking to build I m torn between an eighteen hundred square foot home and family shared or two thousand square foot home. Like that's ten minutes away from the auction Both are the same price but agrees on the two dogs. Go home will be cheaper. But i really love the location of the other one okay. We're talking about the difference between two hundred square feet No one of them is two hundred fifty and only eighteen hundred. No no i'm saying but like eighteen hundred square feet to two thousand different at two hundred square feet does basically. You're not really to know. Is that i would always go obviously with the better location real states always about also if you move to the other place you'll always think about the location. Yeah that's really all that matters also be thinking ahead and what's going to be coming up for your life if you're going to have more kids you're gonna think about how the situation is the yard the right thing. There's a lot of different aspects. they're same price. You're not looking at anything different there now. The one thing. I will tell you said the the upgrades are cheaper and the other house. New construction. never let the builder put in the countertops. That one never let the builder do the deck that you want. They don't wanna do that stuff. They don't wanna finish basement. They the when you're building these houses. They just want to build the house and move on. You'll get a much better deal going to a counterplay or getting a another contractor to come finish the basement you'll send you'll spend way less money doing it that way because of the markup y'all yeah because they they intentionally price at higher. Oh yeah. because they don't they're not builders their households. There's not interested in doing that stuff interesting but yeah go with location location for short. Gaza grabs agree. Absolutely you can't duplicate location. You can change a house anyway. Yeah the location and if it was a significant difference in square footage and like the layout and everything else better. I would say okay. Fine then you know big deal not that far. But i mean two hundred square feet. Yeah you're not gonna notice that. At all i think the call eight seven seven forty four. Woody let's go to Brian hey good morning brian good. Hey ask us anything when he got okay so just like recently my boss. I let him know that. I'm going to vote on voting day. I think that's one of my rights. And he gave me a whole bunch of stuff and he was basically like who in their right. Mind goes to vote on voting day. And why would you pick today. And i want my boss right right. My other boss no And it resulted in me. Stepping outside of the lines air quotes. While i'm air guitar and basically i'm in a pick which is a performance improvement plan now. They wrote that they wrote me up for making waves by letting my other boss no president of the company. But because i didn't go to the right shoulder of command. I was boisterous announced dealing with therefore middle-management what What what kind of work do you do. I am a. I'm a monitor of the marketer. Will keep it yeah. I'm naming the name of your company. I'm i'm asking because like how hard is it for you to find a different job doing the same thing for about the same for equal or better money. I mean we in kobe right now. I got a three year old. I'm sure and day care. I mean i needed actual steady check. Everybody does any other. Yeah i'm saying for for what you do. Marketing could be a lot of different things for what you do. How hard is it to find another job. You keep the job you got. But in the meantime how hard would it be to find something in your area doing that. i'm looking linked him looking. Yeah it honestly it's it's great My question for you guys what would you do. Would you get back at that person. No would you would you pull at the end. When you find a new job would you do a a half-baked kind of you know calling people out and get the heck out of there. These guys these guys are dick heads and i. I'm not sure. What the law is like when it comes to go and vote on election day adderley. You don't have to be given time off to vote but it varies state by state. So i'm not states will force you to let them go. Vote but dude it's a. It's an elections national the presidential election. it is your right to vote now. Of course they can make the argument oil well. You could've voted By mail or by during break okay. Whatever the case like the deal is these guys. Aren't you know it's one day. It's one of the opportunity for you. Go vote on election day. They should be a little bit more accommodating and it just sounds like they're dicks especially this middle management guy. He's he's an eight whole. You don't wanna work for people like that anyway man. It's it's it's too it's too. It's just unnecessary. But if you get a new job let it go. Yeah or no. Yeah you'll need again or whatever. Exactly all right bryan bryan and good luck with all that legal. All right guys. Put it in the air. It's legal. I a feeling okay. Brian go to chuck. Who has a question for rayvey chuck. He dropped out. We did all right man. Sorry sorry about that. Chuck by chuck chuck. We've got some questions here on the taxed. Have your significant others ever been upset about something you said on the show. of course. yes yeah all the time. But here's the thing. I can't worry about that stuff. I learned that many years ago. This is my job. And this is what i do and this is what provides the life that we have and so i can't be thinking of my wife's gonna like this not because those are two separate things and unfortunately this is a job and she knew when she met me in fact she was doing radio as well right. She knows what this job. Is you know that you talked about your personal life. For whatever i share i think more than some people do But at the same time. This is what i do and so i had to stop worrying about that stuff. I'm not sure how it works with. Gregg mario just i can't think of a concrete example but oh did you really feel that way about fill in the come up being so we do accused. Greg allow time. Maybe fudging his answers on the air because of whatever you want a question off the texas reagan a sack up eventually into interview. It's a hot topic in what he show. Yeah sure it is hot. Let's i don't like it's uncomfortable by least favorite thing that we do the whole i know it is what if we arrange it for to be somebody. Rabi would hate as an interview subject like somebody do hate that. You don't have to hate them. But i'm saying someone you wouldn't care about interest of the baltimore ravens out w awesome another question. What are you keeping your sleep number bed i am. I like it a lot. The sleep number was getting in. Your head did had to tracking. Yeah i know and so but the the bed is great. And i do find that i am sleeping better. Get you know like i'm falling asleep faster. I feel like. I'm getting a deeper sleep than you know. I was before i wife and i can have things the way that we want them. Yeah i do like it a lot. i'd slept on one years ago and i hated it but that was improved ten plus years ago right and so they've They've come a long way. I here's another one Who would rayvey f mary. Kill bass cameron gregg Apple three of kill them. Okay about black widow. I am going to mary. Greg all cameron. So i'm going to ask you kiss me. Not being nice pass. Hold on so wait so who got killed. I'm glad cameron hammered. I thought you changed your mind. You were marrying. Cameron and ethin- greg soon. That's how bad wants to fc. Being greg shows how much more responsible greg's than cameron legally. We have to do all those things. Now we'll do that during the break. Don't blink stare silence. we'll be back soon. What he's show we'll be back other questions. That came over on the text for. Ask us anything. Do you guys ever have anxiety about saying the wrong thing not be impossible if angsty about and you know what there's so many landmines out there and people are going to get pissed no matter what you say or what you do. That's the new thing is be professionally offended or whatever then everybody's going to enjoy qatar. He tried to get you cancel. You can't you can't worry about it. I if your intentions. I think ours clear as they can be about. Hey this is something that we're doing. This is very tongue in cheek gore. You know you can't really get in trouble for discussing a story like we're talking about the chick for mandalorian or whatever you can have open conversation. You should be at least but people will try to get on you. Oh we're you know we're having a conversation about. It's if anything devil's advocate type. That's that's what we that's our job. That's what we're supposed to and you can't. We can't worry about that stuff. I've always wanted if what he wants to eventually work in new york. I already did Early two thousand two thousand and two thousand three and i was just like a a dj playing music. Like hudson or booker. whatever and i decided that That was all fun. I've been doing that for a while. And then i wanted to start doing like a show with people. And that's really. The beginning of the woody show moved to saint louis started working with tony the whipping boy and now Now here we are. I know if. I want to end up anywhere whereas it maybe Where pittsburgh co. She knows the answer. That paul is the woody show. We are into another new. Our insensitivity training fray politically correct. World we are the woody show. My name is willie that israeli. Gory menaces here. What is that. what he social media director. You can find us to follow at the woody show on instagram twitter or on facebook. Facebook dot com slash. The woody show. We've got Sebok fake news. Dot cameron born in woody born nick sound wave and the production room. Doing their thing. Good wanted fell. Randy's here phones are open. Eight seven seven forty four. What he says a tax to over two two two nine hundred seven this weekend audio is coming up. This hour plus get caught up on there and then greg's immature replies to text messages. That's right something. It's been a four a while. Yeah i mean. We're getting hit up all the time about stuff. Sometimes we forget about we just did a round of Immature replies what a couple of weeks ago. I think it's not like that. And people love it because greg so witty vo total on fire but then there's other things for example ask us anything I totally forgot out right. And it's been one of those things where it's like outta sight outta mind but i'm glad somebody brought it up right. You know because those are those are always good too. So if there's something that you've heard on the show before but you haven't heard doing while hit us up. There's a good chance we are thinking about relief for god We're always trying different. Things will work or you know giving things arrests that we've been doing for a while. I know one thing we get asked about a lot is the whatever happened to the first world problems forever. What we know what we stopped doing that was in march march of last year. So it's been almost a year because you know we're taking your silly little first world problems about like starbucks is out of the flavor pump. Whatever it is and get your coffee. Meanwhile millions or out of work yeah exactly. It just didn't seem like an appropriate thing that we would always compare it to that sucks story but i mean that's definitely something that will come back. It just didn't seem appropriate even for us appropriate. Yeah his up. Email show dot com text over two two nine eight seven but it is time for greg's matori flies to text messages you to we get so many tax the station during the show and some people. It's weird what they take issue with some of this weird. Stop random stuff. Yeah like at your legally. We're like yeah. You took the time to send that over. And so one of greg's biggest. Things is to reply to the text messages as they come in his other responsibilities side jobs on the show besides being awesome right and so he's are real text messages and then greg's real replies to those text messages and one of them is brutal one of them is just a petty grievance that i have so we get we get to help them decide which reply he's going to send back in the first one is the brutal k. And it's from the six two six says menace needs to shut the f ing up. Oh i edited this by the way medicine needs to shut the up. He's an idiot beyond idiots stupid. A whole is forty one doesn't even care or realize that everyone laughs at him. He's repulsive agreed. That's what we've been saying and see. I'm prepared to come to your defense. it's not necessary. Where thank you well. I'm going to do it anyway. Because i wrote it up okay. Took me awhile over a few glasses of wine. These gonna read up. How about look rag not as repulsive bringing that back look rag not as repulsive as the day. You came crowning out of your mom's cuiv crowning one. Or how about everyone also laughs when you sneeze an anal beads to hear the whole thing that it should probably start from the beginning everyone also laughs when you sneeze and aol beat shoot out of your tattered fudge. Closet clock shoot right. That's the first picturing anal beads coming out of. Somebody's knows how shane gun. You break second one start. Everyone also laughs when you sneeze. Can you touch a look. Back of the radio remax adding cracking like from the top here. This is a living breathing. Look rag look rag everyone also last when you sneeze and anal beads shoot out of your tattered fudge. I i like that one every way. Good good one. all right. Cool crafting to do it. So i did not sneezing impeach talk so and then the next one from the ainhoa eight who. It's not even a mean taxed. It just makes me upset because we were talking about gorilla glue. And then i did an anti shoutout for gorilla tape with thoughts. Because it doesn't work. I've used it on a garbage can and i've used it on a console table to try to obscure some chords. It lasted about four days before it started peeling off its frag. It's too sticky side down. Who the eight hundred eighty degrees of the says. Greg clearly doesn't know how to use tape. Guerrilla is one of the best. You can buy you. Oh so. I'm gonna right back either. Let me guess you work for gorilla and let me guess. Your mom's shaggy box resembles a guerrilla moms privates rela speaking of which menace. I was watching a My six hundred pound life. Yeah and they had this one chick who lived alone so there's nobody there to help so they'd have like this. You know nurse or whatever come in every once in a while like yeah every every couple of days to bathe her see do so they They had her on the bed. Is they're trying to get a dried offer. Whatever and when they picked the shirt or the tent or whatever you wanna say up off this woman says she was great The minute pixel looting thing the pixel started fiqh. Heavy biggest bush stood out to look for it because it just it went right to the i ask. People needed my wife my wife. Oh my god. Holy bush could ask you right through the pixels. It was so crazy. So i'm imagining. I'm imagining in greg's reply. Happy that chick that i saw on six hundred pound line with a shaggy guerrilla box. Oh my god hold on. Watch a full half a month plans later. Yeah i know right now that shows the gift giving watch eh option number two. Greg clearly doesn't know how to use tape about. I wish your dad had known how to put a spunk bag over tapioca to talk a lot to be here. And that's pretty hard disk. Spunk talia the first one directly refer guerrillas though the second was funny but you can also say the second references him not being able to use something and people not using things properly. They both make reference. Yeah i don't know. What do you what i was at one point. All right all right. I changed it to number one number two number two. It's up to you voted for trump bag. I'm going spunky all right. We got three for two at greg. What type rotate using the black. The silver the clear lack the nonexistent cheaper one the iran tank tatt because it was like fifty cents. Cheaper us. this right monkey tape right. I've come this far in life. But i don't know how to use to hate guys nailed it black and i know we gotta talk cut and pasted it. Just too busy from the lyric glue down. I got legitimate question about because greg was using the gorilla glue to try to fix a crack in his garbage. Can't the gorilla tape tape. There are a lot of people that were texting over. Did you clean the surface before he put the tape down because if it was about dirt and grime. Obviously it's not going to stick to that. I definitely did okay definitely. They didn't tape over a pizza pizza or something. It's all wet. Muddy rags immature text messages. You looked rag allegedly break this weekend. Audio is next. Hang major bag alert ring necked gray. I sit slick side bags. Take he just finds a way. Get the bag. In the whole. This is the what show. I welcome back. It is the woody. Show and tom for this week in audio. We've had some pretty good audio all ready and then see basket introduce. I do stop or good. One of our favorite clips of the week is from the wrestler. Nyah jack's young. Who i guess there's a you know what prescriptive move didn't go exactly as planned it right on her landed on her but and it hurt pretty bad and so she screamed my butts and then my whole and The w did not like that. So they pretty much scrubbed a lot of the The clips that you could find online but there's still some out there with that one We also love the lawyer. Yes accidentally using the cat filter during his zoom. Call with the judge. I believe you have a filter turned on and video settings you might want to. Oh did you hear me judge. I can hear you think it's a filter. Don't know how to remove it assistant. Here she's trying to but apparently go forward with it. Okay judge says. i think it's a filter. I really face a cat face audio again. It sounds like maybe he was hiding something. Joing people dodgy. Yeah we're going forward with it. I'm here live. i'm not a cat over. Just let the record show at the record show. I'm not a cat. Also the streaker at the super bowl the play by play second down twenty five through the goal. Someone who's run on the field some guy with a bra and now he's not being chased. He's running down the middle forty arms in the air and the victory salute his porn down his pants. Put up the pants. My man who oppose he's being chased to the thirty six from a security guard. The twenty two on the little turn the one in the converge on the goal line. Pull up your pants. Take off the prawn. Be your man the man about it. I hate that streaker because the same thing in a strip club and he got kicked out. I've been sucks. I don't like streaker. I don't like the guys who are on the field anyway. Great call though right call eight skull because the the game was so boring. He was just psyched to have anything to talk about. All right so this week in audio here other stuff that that see bassus found for the super bowl afterwards. The victory parade. The big story was the atomic radius tossing the lombardi trophy to the bottom of the harbour. It wasn't almost a could have been could have he. He made a decent. It wasn't that far. He knows how to throw things. Tom brady allegedly being drunk as hell. All that stuff was fun but the audio was actually from the speeches that were giving. This was carried. Live on abc tampa. This is coach. Bruce arians doing his victory speech. We have the best coaching staff. Nfl and we got the best players in the nfl. Anybody says running back can't sit his boss. We go over to. You beat kovin and you beat every damn team we lined up again. I gotta thank. Mary jane she put this on twenty four hours. Holy hell. i've been to a lot of parties unpromising. Compared to this one yeah thank you okay so you were just listening to jason. Light is about to speak now. Oh terrific yeah so then. Okay so they let the coke. They let the coach go dropping. F bombs on abc when the gm gets up give him a little less leeway. They've given all the resources to keep all you guys together and to keep you next year and we're gonna win this thing. Okay so right. Now you're listening to this year is terrific coachella coachella so far this audio audio caught from a ring doorbell camera the cops as far as i can tell got a call to go check on one fellow because his girlfriend said he blocked on social media She felt that he may be endangered to himself so they show up to his house. The guy's not there but his roommate is there. The roommate is acting super suspicious. As you're about to hear when cops say his pants down hips. Almost he's got something on his hands and this is what he tells the cops. Okay who okay. We're still here at the moment. Okay why are you like that was literally in the middle was masturbating. Hey my god. I haven't seen the visual so was like why are you not down. Data shirts his hands. Yeah holding his hands out for away from his body to the boehner couldn't tell the boehner chicago was pretty hot that money and then yeah he continues passer rating okay supposedly in the house. You drive years. My roommate told me for some free time if he was home. do you think i'd be masturbating. The minute your allies masturbating right now is all right so we got some more audio. That's coming up next here. In the woody show. Hey how dumb the would show back is episode of the woody. Show podcast of course brought to you by the fine fine fine fine folks at blue and of course that's spelled b. l. u. e. c. h. e. w. dot com. Use promo code. What do you get your first month of blue shoe for absolutely free. You're just paying for the five bucks for shipping. Go have little skin in the game before you get your skin in the game. If you know what i mean and if you are new to the game let me tell you. That blue shoe brings you. The first chewable tablet there with the same. Fda approved active ingredients as and see us. That is very key. Fda approved this actual legal prescription medicine but baluchi makes a super easy because they do. The whole doctor's visit the whole pharmacy visit online. Virtually super simple super easy. You're not hauling your s into that awkward conversation with the doctors and the nurses and the pharmacist it all happens on your computer and then magically appears at your door all legit all online all done in the usa. america and you're ready to get in. The bone never was getting hard so easy. Pluto dot com promo code. Woody gregori your well. You know what they're back pretty much. It's the woody show and we are continuing on with this week in audio clips fourth. You're soliciting to a bunch of those before the break man. I was watching. We had the the one clip from the speeches at the super bowl. Vote prayed and watching. The video of tom brady. I mean the guy was hammered like we saw when they were like you know taking them from the boat to wherever he was going next year and then there was another video okay. I've always hated. Tom brady his because he's good. I've always said it's nothing against me winning. Yeah it's i saw a picture yesterday from when he had the lombardi trophy and a couple of fans and so he's holding the trophy and he's looking at the know somebody he's like shrugging. Like hey look at. It looks at the other guy. Hey what are you know and holds up seven fingers. Any kind of shrugs. I'm like he's he's just great and i find myself hating him less. He's about yeah. He's drinking definitely want greater on my hatred for. I don't know what it is. I don't know if you think maybe because he's away from ballot. Check that whole thing. Yeah i definitely hate him less than i ever have. And now it's like i kinda get it i get. I'm not a fan. you know. I respect what he's done. He's definitely the greatest of all time. Oh my god you want to have sex with tom. Brady definitely stick at all but an a lot more fun now because he has absolutely nothing to prove he's any proof for quite a while but now he's he did it with another team drive before they could. Just i'm saying that's what the separation from bella check has done so now he can have fun. That was my question though like alone now from being somebody who absolutely hated this guy couldn't stand face so you're not alone and now it's like you know i think it's kind of cool holy crap. He just won another super bowl and somebody made a good point the other day like once the next time. You're gonna witness anything like this so it's like if you would have known that jordan was going to hang it up. Wouldn't you have enjoyed the last couple seasons with jordan. The wizard stuff. I'm saying like on the balls is and that whole run like wouldn't have enjoyed that a little bit more than you did in the moment and we have that time because he says he's coming back so i think the boat parade in itself made me hate them less because you watch the video like oh he's right there. That's tom brady right there like he's not being some develop. I wonder how many drunk probably a drink i know. I ain't joking about it to tweet. A video of him being kind of stumbled avocado tequila. Choking of course about the twelve stuff right so this week in audio dust we have here. I hate to do this you guys but we're gonna have some fun with accents. Start with forty show court thing. This is an australian tech talker. So don't hold that against him but his thing is he goes up. Two random people in the mall usually menace old ladies and he hands them a bouquet of flowers while videotaping them without their permission. Of course hey look and then. He pretends like he's doing acts of kindness. Here's one lady. He gave a bouquet to all right along with you. Happy wednesday just a random method columnists a minor repeat as long as they're happy. Tease eight because i think one small from thousands of miles and it's contagious husband died. Used to go off. Sardinia that this team. He's that's beautiful that's beautiful. I'm so sorry to hear you lost. Yeah yeah yeah yeah. What's the goal here to try to get a good heart. What's the purpose of doing good a good deed unless you get credit for it. Exactly exactly. don't do something anonymous. Their hands credit being an expletive youtuber. Slash one hundred percent. Like i said if i'm putting in your fund me my name is going to be on that. Of course all day. I saw this week in audio more fun with accents. This is a singapore math teacher. And i had to look this up to double check it. His name is don wang our player in the audio. So he's doing his math lecturer. It's like a two hour course. Fi or via zoom. Or whatever in these trying times Although like eight minutes into the course. He accidentally hits mute on his mic. And he doesn't have his phone with. There's no way his his. There's no getting than texans right. So he goes through the whole two hours. But he clicks off what was going on and this is what his students told him and his reaction. Gotta finish across to have clinton's Good to our world so we cannot hear anything of us in six weeks all from what six from six hours. Your screen rose every year from episodes. Okay so maybe this class. What was he doing. Hyperventilating calm zero. So we don't care anything from us in six elite from what six pm oscar. It's always screen every day from you episodes. Oh my god. Oh yeah make a. I wanna go see him poor so bad so clean. There's like supposed to last year. He lands and more for. The teacher has to do the class again to the students who have to take it again. That's a good question. He's knows material ostentatious sat there and talk about the questions. Singapore number one in language is english. That's true yeah. They had four different languages. Which is why you get a lot of interesting accents and we just heard all right This week in audio speaking of interesting access. Let's go to alabama where a man has got his his dog in the truck of his bed. I get it. Hey go and so the leashes tied up to a rear view mirror but at some point the dog jumped out of the truck bed. Another guy saw this and he chased the guy down him down. Hey your dog's running alongside your truck. Oh and he why again. Why do a good deed unless you can rip your phone out and try to shame the old man so the video take our gets a broom for his troubles fifty miles an hour down the highway. How would you almost killed him. Sir that's cruel hate. You know you don't do that me. I'm late look. I'm just saying that. I'm laid out this. Don't kill it. I'm report are i'm leaving. Don't hurt me sir. Okay right room. You're not teaching the guy a lesson. He didn't mean it shop. That's american mouth. Did out of the car. i don't think i was. Speeding was weaving something. Shut your mouth. So you know if i wouldn't uniform i'd split your skull. The butt of this revolver faster than you could say police brutality. Well officer whatever it is. I've done. I'm sure i can explain. Explain this you son of a bitch. My god you know what. The penalty for animal cruelty is in this state. No sir i don't well it's probably pretty stiff. Look i tied to the rear bumper. When i was packing. The car was very confusing. I must've forgot. i feel terrible. I think that little dog feels poor. Little guy probably kept for meyler so tough little afraid you get pulled over clark. He was speeding rusty. Russ listen to your mother. I was speeding driving like a maniac. We can all be grateful to this man for stopping crews laser. I'm going back to get the rest of the carcass off. The road would show the latest in entertainment and sports as far as rabies concerned. What's happening there. You know that. Sandra bullock hasn't been a movie since birth box really. That's less time. We saw her acting and she's ready to get back to it. She's still hot. Yes sure and she has signed on to do her first. Ever movie with brad kit. How there. I was talking about her career. Oh working they keep on playing on tv over and over again. Is that mood that she did with ryan reynolds where they pretend to be married in. Yeah it's not bad for a rom com you know. It's not romcom not normally my jam. It's always on tv. Well because ryan reynolds. Anyway back to sandra bullock signed on to do her first ever movie with brad pitt and it is bullet train. Its being adapted from this popular japanese book maria beetle and it centers on this group of hitmen and assassins with conflicting motives. And they're all on a train in tokyo. It's got a pretty big cast including aaron taylor. Johnson brian tyree henry zazie beetz michael shannon being directed by david leach. Who directed deadpool. Two and hobson. Shaw walk nice. He's getting ready to get back in those bullet. Trains pre quick yeah. I've never been on a bullet train floating bullet trains so good name for it. Dan armon creator of community. Co creator of rick. And morty has his next animated project lineup. It's an animated show for fox and it set in mythical greece it centers on this flawed family of humans gods and monsters that try to run one of the world's first ever cities without killing each other it's targeted for twenty twenty two voice casting currently underway arman. Has this overall deal with fox and fox has this new model. Where for their animated shows. They're going to fully finance it and then fully own the show and then their own animation division will animate it so they want to do everything in house and this is the first show. That's going to be under that new direct model at fox. We actually have a lot of animation news. Which i'm totally down with. Because find myself watching more and more adult aimed animation and hbo max's announced a couple of things including double season order for the reboot of clone high. Does anybody know clone high. It was an mtv show. They only did thirteen episodes mentally because clone highs very high concept and it rolls basically clones of famous people. Go to high school together. So like joan of arc. A lincoln jfk gandhi was cologne. High india was so angry. That condie was part of clone high. That hundreds of people went on hunger. Strike over it. And they only aired thirteen episodes show him. No so clone high. The reboot ready to go this summer. Trust me it sounds on high that out. Now there's some other. Hbo max announcements to animated shows one featuring mindy kaylene featuring davidson. How down my for this mindy kaeling is going to voice velma. Dingley in velma velma the criminally underappreciated member of the scooby doo mystery inc gay and lesbians in three minutes. She gets her own show and she's going to be voiced by mindy kaeling boeing's hot girl. I hope so you better. She's going to be talking about just how she's such a freaking. Lesbian can't and davidson going to executive produce and voice a character in fired on mars which is described as an existential workplace comedy at a martian campus of the modern tech company. All shows are coming. Hbo max. they've ordered two seasons of clone high and one season so far for the other two shows meanwhile. Hbo out of business with mike judge. They signed him to a two year. Deal as silicon valley was wrapping up and they'd given the green light to two shows quality land in a five. But that's as far as everything went there not moving forward with these shows. They're not moving forward with mike judge because they said judge is too focused. On other stuff. Namely the reboot of beavis and butthead for comedy central. He has a deal there. For two new seasons of beavis to create to develop spinoffs from that. So he's writing and producing all the episodes of beavis and butthead. Of course he does the voices though he became too busy for. Hbo hbo is like he had a two year deal. Worth eight. Figures earned eight figures for doing nothing to beavis and butthead way more of a sure thing yeah i know oh for sure but still steal good for him. When i saw the people involved. I thought this was a new show but this is actually a movie that ray romano has written and will direct. It and laurie. Metcalf is starring with him. It's about this boisterous long island. Italian american family go figure but their son sticks becomes really successful at high school basketball and all of a sudden his parents are thinking they could ride that wave right out of long. We're going to start in april. Three ray romano's directorial debut. I'm arabian and that's what's on the radar very much. Raval birthdays important issues of shiver. Pay and you don't pay starts celebrities from one of greg's favorite shows of all time friends. Oh yes jennifer. Aniston is fifty two years old today. Oh wow now dormer. From game of thrones who's thirty nine damian lewis from homeland is fifty. Taylor lautner is twenty nine. Matthew lawrence is forty one you got brandy. Who is forty two. Sheryl crow is fifty nine and mike shinoda from lincoln. Park is forty four. A lot of good birthdays. Your porno varta. Today is rachel laroque. And today's birthday girl. She has waived more dudes in the home than the third base coach. Baseball reference cameron. I'm getting sport one hundred thirty three films including screwing my dad's friends. Oh that's us. She was in flexible. Kitties volume. One right now wanna rabies favorites. Let me meet your feet. that's meat. She was in ass in an apartment hallway. Tastic ins my husband is screwing the nanny. Oh and who could forget. Her unforgettable role in kinky young fox get screwed gently without even imbalance. Toget- spoiler rachel laroque. Who is thirty two years old today. Not as your birthday. Your celebrity birthdays and that is it thursday morning. Look at what's on the radar. Brigham a quick break. There are some more we show for you next hang in sensitivity training for political world. So what show all right. That's going to do for thursday guys. It is the what show time. Tell you why you could find on taste. Podcasts go ahead and open up the iheartradio app click search and type in the woody. Show today interview roulette. My new favorite cameron was the one. Doing the interview blindly fed questions that were provided by the rest of us here in the studio as you talk to an expert about changing career. Yeah the find that on today's podcast. Along with the brand new red neck news also opened up the phones and the tax for ask us anything hadn't done for a while. I'm always like interested in the randomness of what you guys are wondering about. You know if you're gonna ask us something. What will it be but Thank you for calling in on that. headline scrape tolsey trending news headlines for the morning rayvey with on the radar the latest in the world of entertainment sports on today's podcast. Just open up the iheartradio app. Quick search and type in the woody show. Hey i've been waiting all week to be able to say this. Tomorrow is friday Tomorrow friday fail is going to have the redneck news story of the week. Your votes will determine who wins. The week moves on into the playoff round round of the d. y. q. And it's going to be your chance to you brag like seabound real some good news. There's stuff going on that you've been wanting to share but sometimes it just doesn't feel appropriate. Rub anybody's face but you can rub it in our faces. That'll be tomorrow. Friday here on the woody. Show raise new nerd now podcast. That's right and i finished my office rewatch so what we do. Is the office exit interview. Oh talk a lot about the show. And what i loved what. I didn't love as much all right. That's on the new nerd. Now podcast which you can find on the iheartradio app menacing. That's it gregori parting. Words of wisdom please. Yeah i just saw this quote. And i wanted to share it because i love it so much. Muddy water is best cleared by leaving it alone. That is deep. I didn't think about that for a second because he let it settle exactly. I love that. That's a good one greg. Thanks would to you much obliged. We appreciate you listening to the show given us over your valuable time this morning. Love it appreciate you for that. The rest guys could suck and we'll catch back here tomorrow. Management willing of course have a great day. Smd wm quit is h.

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