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Why UFC’s Paul Felder Realized It Was Time to Retire

Five Rounds with Brett Okamoto

02:02 min | 2 years ago

Why UFC’s Paul Felder Realized It Was Time to Retire

"About paulie fell there. What about our guy polly felder. Who says you know what i'm done with this. I'm walking out on my terms. You know i've seen all these other people that he didn't actually say this but it has been a theme as of late seeing all these sort of depressing integrate mma careers and he says. You know what. I feel in my heart. I've done what i had to do. You know the ceilings there. I'm gonna go out there and do other things You know he had hinted at this in the past but he came out on saturday and officially announced the retirement. What did you think of this as we as as we've seen over the last like i said a lot of the pressing depressing results polly felder. Says you know what i'm done. I'm good you paulie. red stash. Texted me after the show where i said. They've offered him the fight against islam. And all these other dudes and paulie right away told me he goes. You know i've been kind of thinking about walking away. that's why. I haven't taken the fight against islam or anybody else. Listen paul felder was never afraid of any. Paul felder will fight anybody who seated on a number of occasions. I mean he fought. Rda on five days notice in loss thirty pounds to make the weight right. So we know who. Paul felder is but when you lose that fire compete especially when you're a guy like paul write a guy who kind of is a blood and guts warrior when you lose that that that desire at fire to be in there in going through the type of fights at. He's been through with mike period than hooker. And all those guys how do you. How do you wrap your mind around the damage that you take if you'll love doing it. No more when his. It's easy to do when you love it. You go home with the bruise you go. You know what. I'm going to recover them to go to this guy because i love it when that's going going in the guy in paul felder who has a fantastic broadcast career. That's waiting for him. He has acting of acting opportunities so many opportunities.

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