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"pollack smith" Discussed on KNBR The Sports Leader

"Pitches, Solano swings and lines one into left field. That is a base it here comes rough around third tailor up with the ball. He's not even going to make a throw. Darren Rough will score and his legs help get the Giants on extra run. It's 3 to 1 Giants here in the top of the seventh about that amazing Just 13 grip on the ball from Will Smith rough? He might not steal another base The rest of the year Now Solano cashes in on it with a two out, doc. That is a huge run. Indeed, that is the swing by the way that we've sought from Solano so many times last year, and that that is what he did over and over again. So Darren Rough with the walk and the steel To get himself into scoring position, and he had a little help that bobble from Will Smith, But you gotta give him credit for doing it. And that helps the Giants add to their lead. 3 to 1 hears Heinemann. Batting left handed. He takes a changeup that floats outside Ball one. Even you know Heineman's takes in these first few games. He looks like a guy you see in the ball well and is comfortable at the plate. I may have found something in Tyler Heinemann. Here's the pitch. It is low another changeup to know. Wei have talked about his catching, really hit that he's standing behind the plane. Great targeted. Throw two comes quite Blocker. I mean, he's got a lot of assets. To help the club. Switch hitting catcher. There aren't that many of those You know the pitches swung on and popped up behind home plate. That one, though, is going to go back foul. High fastball from Pedro Baez. I just could not quite square it up. That run feels big Coon Rod has stopped throwing in the Giantsbullpen. Dodgers in the bottom of the seventh. Have Pollack Smith and bets. Three right handers Rico Garcia finished that inning. Chance could stick with him. They could go to coun Rod. Go to first. Solano back standing. Two and one to the catcher Heinemann. And he takes outside. He's reading that changeup. Well, Ball three. He stole a base in the second. It's.

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