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"point point creek" Discussed on WTOP

"73 65 working together and working for you 6 28 traffic and weather on the eights back today building in the GOP traffic center. Traffics, moving well on Route 50 between the Beltway Annapolis and the Eastern shore in southern Maryland, running down some of the largest road closures from the flooding yesterday, five point Lookout Road in Mechanicsville closed near ST Clement's creaking Chaptico Road. Route six Newmarket Turner Road Block both ways north of 2 35 because of a washout. Brandywine Road is still closed north of 2 31 Prince Frederick Road because of damage, Plum Point Road should be opened near four. I think it's still closed it pump Plum Point Point Creek, closer to the shore. Lower Marlboro Road is still closed near Mill Branch Road in Calvert County, and so is Main Street, just east of Fort near Calvert Town Road in Virginia. 95 South bound, is still heavy through Woodbridge, 66 he works own delays would be brief, mainly East bounties to 1 23 Westbound should be moving well through the long term work zones between Falls Church and Gainesville. No delays in the Beltway in Virginia. No delays in the Beltway in Maryland to 70 quiet between Rockville and Frederick, 95 is good through Laurel, Columbia and Elk Ridge and much improved North bound toward Baltimore. The crash after 1 95 is completely clear. Baltimore Washington Parkway. Brief delays North bound North Greenville and South bound south of Fort Need. Dave Tilden. W T Obey traffic Let's get the latest storm tea for four day forecast. Amelia Drink Clouds will increase overnight tonight with some scattered showers out there late most if not all of your evening will be dry will have.

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