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"po rico" Discussed on Tracing The Path

"He went on to become the first latin american player to play in the major leagues but despite the ban cubans continued to play and form the first cuban league in eighteen. Seventy eight bringing esteban back to cuba playing for club havana. The cuban league played from november to may making it a great winter league for us players so esteban could play in both cuba's plea independence got some unsolicited help. When the us began the spanish american war in eighteen ninety eight at the defeat of spain. Po rico cuba the philippines and guam. Were ceded to the. Us for twenty million dollars and cuba was free from spanish rule that brought new opportunities for them to play. Us teams just a year later. Cuban teams started to allow black players to play in their league thus began the integration of baseball by the eighteen eighty s black amateurs and professional leagues had formed. The east coast scene had grown the most with philadelphia being the center of the baseball universe. Well the philly area. It wasn't always easy to get permits to play so camden new jersey across the river. So a good number of games as well. The cuban giants had of newark. Were the first professional black team. Sadly choosing that name because white spectators were more inclined to watch cubans than blacks and their success led to the first negro league. The national colored baseball league in eighteen eighty seven. Eighteen ninety cubans were playing american teams in american teams. Were playing cuban teams thus both teams were allowing players from the other league to play on their team for several years. They played without incident other than seeing the rise and demise of many teams over the years but in nineteen fourteen world war. One put a crimp in the rise of baseball in the us. The need for workers in the northern states to replace soldiers sent abroad created a migration of blacks from the us south to the north and in cuba. It caused forests to be chopped. Down to make way for sugarcane and core production and for this. They needed workers at the end of the war. It was the former pitcher of the cuban giants rube foster who pushed to get baseball going again. In one thousand nine hundred twenty therefore a new negro national league was started with rube foster as the president it was only a couple of years before in eastern and southern league started and the first colored world series was played in nineteen twenty four. The negro league games were very successful often seeing attendance higher than major league games even when played on the same day.

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