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"po emma" Discussed on The Horse Racing Radio Network Podcast

"Bringing you live action from around the country will have racing from both aqueduct and Gulfstream park. In fact, let's get out to Gulfstream park now. They're going into the gate right now for the 8th race on the card optional claiming allowance event for Florida bread Philly's the mayor's poem is the big favorite and Pete I yellow has the call. And they're off. A quick and clean beginning for Po Emma from down toward the inside and she's going to establish control early from the center let's be honest is the gray and on her outside it's our fantasy. White on the chorus and rain, not wider than cake or who's taken in hand moving up on her inside and beyond magic. The trailer is the late running more glory as now there are three in line as they exit the shoot. Let's be honest from between poem a dad at the rail and out wide on the course in our fantasy. These three carved a quarter in a very reasonable 24 and two. They've opened two and a half on rain who sits in fourth, followed 5th by beyond magic next at the rail and Keiko and far back to more glory. They make their way four and a half furlongs from the finish and now Perez lets out a notch on poi Emma. She stretches to a length and a half lead. Let's be honest is there second. They put on some speed mid race as let's be honest, finds herself third, but about 5 lengths behind. Down at the rail goes rain, too better than beyond magic, then Keiko, and more glory is last. Poem is going to try to win it right now as she went 46 and four for the half mile and she strides through a three length lead. Our fantasy morelo is trying to stay in range of the leader while 5 ahead of rain. Let's be honest it's called it an afternoon underway from the back is Keiko wide on the course and beyond magic. Three quarters, one ten and four. Poem a off the turn now 5 lengths to the good. Our fantasy not making any ground from third it's Keiko from fourth and beyond magic with an 8th of a mile remaining poem is still finding plenty. Our fantasy has tried hard and we'll try to cling to the place when she looks like she will, but at odds on Po Emma with an ease victory. She won by 5. Our fantasy second Keiko third, fourth beyond magic, then more glory for the high 5. One 36 and three. Unofficially two 7th 6 three. That's two 7 6 three in the 8th race at Gulfstream park poem. Heavily favored at one to two takes the lead as she normally does right off the bat and goes wire to wire this afternoon for the team of Edgar Perez and trainer Larry Bates will get to those prices once they go official poem a coming off a nice second place finish it as the 6th of or rather even money favorite at this level last time out stretching back out to the one turn mile today last time out she ran a mile was clearly the best race of her career. It certainly proves that she has no problem with that extra distance stretching out and getting the job done this afternoon. Once again, welcome to another edition of betting with Bobby presented by Caesar's race book. I'm Bobby Newman here with you from four to 6 p.m. Eastern Time today and every Friday afternoon. We're going to have live action from both Gulfstream park and aqueduct today. In fact, there are about 5 minutes away from race 5. It acts up with all luck if everything stays on time. We're going to have some stakes coverage for you live, the Joseph a Gemma steaks or give mistakes, I should say, for two year old Phillies their New York bread is going 7 furlongs on the main track. That goes as race number 8 on the card. Also going to have some great guests on with us today. Chris Griffin, who's the track announcer at parks going to talk about their monster steak state tomorrow, of course, highlighted by both the grade one Pennsylvania Derby and the grade one cotillion. He'll be coming up about ten minutes from now, Dale day speaking of announcers, the track announcer at Remington park, join us an hour number two to talk about one of their big days this Sunday at Remington, they've got 5 stakes on the Sunday card, including a couple of graded stakes, the Remington park oaks and the Oklahoma Derby, max max Meyer, one of the editorial content writers for Caesar's sportsbook going to join us a little bit later today to talk about some of the big NFL matchups coming up this weekend too. Horse racing fans rejoice the Caesars race book app has now arrived in North Dakota that on race's attracts around the world from New York to Dubai and stream races live in HD with every wager you place you'll earn race book points and Caesars rewards tear credits perks only Caesars can offer. The app is available on iOS only valid only in states where Caesar's race book is legally available. You must be 21 plus and reside in the state where such activity is legal to open a wagering account. If you have a gambling problem call or text 805 two two 4700. Caesar's race book get bonuses right out of the gate. If you'd like to join the show, phone lines are open, 888-966-4776 is the number. That's triple 8 9 6 6 four 7 7 6. You can always email me directly to Bobby at horse racing radio dot net that's BOB BY. I read and respond to all my emails, including the ones that basically just call me names. Hopefully that won't be what's coming today. Okay, results have gone official at Gulfstream park. We will get you those prices in a few minutes, but we want to get over to aqueduct for the first of our live races from there this afternoon. By the way, at Gulfstream park, 90°, partly cloudy, humid, summer afternoon, or I should say early fall afternoon. Now, in South Florida. At aqueduct completely opposite, 64° in sunny, very windy today, wins in excess of 20 miles an hour in Jamaica queens, main track fast and the turf course firm, and this upcoming 5th race begins the 50 cent late pick 5. What we have here are made in Phillies and mayors going the one turn mile on the main track at aqueduct, scratch number 8 pout would have been one of the longer shots in the field. We have a field of 8 going to post. Interesting field here. Number three tizzy in the sky has been second in both of her career starts. Her debut was for trainer ray handel. She moved over to the Jose barn for her second start, which was up at Saratoga, and she was beaten as the four to 5 favorite that day after really not getting out of the gate very well at all. Now stretching out to a mile. She's by sky kingdom out of a tis now mayor. It sounds like she should be better longer than short and Joel Rosario, who has been aboard for both of her career starts retains them out on this Jose trainee she's your 8 to 5 favorite.

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