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"pita regan" Discussed on Hotboxin' with Mike Tyson

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"pita regan" Discussed on Hotboxin' with Mike Tyson

"Yeah. Six six. Yeah. You got to date, and that's what happened. So it's unbelievable. That's how to Seoul circling around. Like, you said like Mike said, Paul Herman introduce a lot of people. Yeah. And you guys were just kinda like ships passing in the night backed it up. It was funny because the first time I went to cafe sexual. That's what we're talking about the the the bar there. We will watch myself, Dan Aykroyd, and John blue watching the Sugar Ray, Leonard Durant fi. I one. I think kademi music because it was on the screen nineteen eighty and then twenty well. Dates down by the dates Lewis, fighting your way, Lenin. Yes. Yes. And at the end of the fight is come on. We're going to go to his boss. I don't drink. I don't hang out at bars. All there's a lot of girls up there, and ballerinas and everything. All All right. right. I'll I'll go. go, and I had my hells angel patch on and we walked in place was packed. I mean, wills the bartender, then he's still be the, but. Everybody was guys like treat Williams, and and pita Regan, and John Goodman and Liza Minnelli. So when I walked into my jacket on and she'll Jaffe was the host also member. No only thing. I remember, truthfully. As you're the only guy you were like a freak. You were the only guy who had muscles. Lovie one. Everybody else looked like a certain way. Yeah. And then there's in would come this guy over up the tattoos. And yeah. Yeah. Also walking around this restaurant, and this guy Paul hermit comes up to me. The first time I've met him. And he I talked to you for a minute. He was looking my boss just asked me if you could take your jacket off got nerve. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Great guy. I mean awesome. Everybody loves them. And I looked say pal. I don't think my patch for nobody. He goes. Well, my boss, I tell you boss to come see me it was at impede a Harare again in pita, Harare came up. It was what's the problem as well? Let's guys telling me I gotta take my Jack leagues. Well, you scare my customers. I'd like you to take it off. I tell you what I don't take my patch show for nobody. And he goes when you're going to have to leave. I well, I'm gonna leave when my friends leave who I came with John Belushi and Dan Aykroyd. And then he goes can I sit down and talk to you for minutes. Yeah. So we started talking. I said, look, I'm a hells angel. But I gotta tell you. I never drank in my life. I don't never smoked in my life. I don't do drugs nothing. And we started talking at the end of the talk. Like, I have Our Lady goes, you're welcome back. Anytime you want to that. I was every fucking. You know, I met you. Yeah. I'm chuck. Absolutely. Absolutely. So when I pull the come well this is afterwards. And then. He's right. Great. So one night after I'm staying there mean pull you in the back room by the bathrooms, Ed restrooms. And a guy I was drinking. Coca Cola guy comes on. And takes the Kokin. Look at him. I says I looked at him. I didn't even know this guy from hall, and I say man, he goes, I'm thirsty and yet three guys with them. I said you fucking kidding me, man. So we go outside if it was just him. He brought his friends with him three shots three knockouts in the middle of the street. And as they all dropped who comes pulling up in a cop pita, Harare. He jokes. I'm talking about. That's what you're talking about his Pete. These guys started with him. I sorry. And after that he offered me a job it became the bouncer shit. Yeah. But now I had the the rule was I had to wear a suit. So I wouldn't wear to jacket..

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