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"pinson penton" Discussed on Motorsport Radio

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"pinson penton" Discussed on Motorsport Radio

"Podium. I'm sure as well Richard Huns. Williams likewise third yesterday the him charged up pretty nice late in the racist well so we'll watch for him. Later on Tae Lawrence has just lost a place to the aforementioned <hes> and he's down to faith Harvey Claridge his down. The two six is how with peril who had an instant <hes> the laws corner yesterday in the wet conditions is eight then it's Harris J. King Poor stop for him and even worst-off from Phoenix Hon. I'm not sure what happened to him but he's being shonen jump down at the moment very between the two leaders though Leeann where now three laps into this race eleven ago and they're making their way down to the second chicane is what Lee from Pinson Penton is looking vaguely common collected a moment just beheading Joshua Wally depict up start third one of the season yesterday a couple of earlier raceway these two thousand eighteen championship as a head towards the frustration Tabatha movement near from Pinson under breaking the seventy leads the seventy six harvick large beloved farther bike. Mike and the standards will hopefully he doesn't want any tire trouble trying to bake problems like that. One fourth is once again. Joshua Wally is looking for his leg. Everything comes onto the backstreet. It just looks Chinese food so I'm not sure what they actually in his worst. Maybe hoping doesn't fall off or maybe as I say neighborhoods the thing that came off one of the bakes earlier on and the race butts farther down the order also pence's stolen spot Richard Homes Williams as holding holding a avid gap in front of Taylor lawyers rb claridge unpegged one-for-two Baked and second head of well Howarth Brandon peril to having a great we can so far after having a few incidents and reasonable one yesterday and qualifying come. How does his name I had a female king still expensive talking back to the bottom of the table as as a two leaders come through the final Turner checking off another lobs going to be ten lives to go and extreme two hundred could hear them parroting pastas the failing send off these two hundred is bakes ten very nice indeed but Joshua Wally still leads Elliott Penton as a head towards the end of the socket yet still as you were and I'll tell you not long ago we had a hose Williams lapping seven tenths quicker quicker than occupants and that was one point two seconds? I think as we look back that is only L. is closed up now so that would be worth checking out. We'll have a look back at those guys Oscar Pinson and Hung Williams who's just set the cost of the race absolutely nose to tell about as all two leaders as they come into the first chicane mortally on Elliott pigs in this is and then Pinson as just trying to have a look down the inside as they go. Oh into the second gitane not able to do it though so it's <hes> still wortley Pinson in the older but one about behind it's only a tenth and a half now splitting Oscar Pinson. I'm Richard Homes Williams. I wonder if there's been any me changes that just yet so them heading into the happen very close together as we come through the time the now here we go through into the rights. We've had a change further down the field as well. WE'LL HAL has gone pasta <unk> Harvey Claridge not being four six place as they come out of the final call now any Pinson as has been to make any move so wondering Joshua won't Lee and I think so this is Oscar Pinson now from Richard Homes Williams that we can see going down to the first chicane still in the same order so Pinson hasn't lost up place yet but hums Williams was quickest on track the as the quickest entre Kathy can maybe makers way past Oscar penson inmate able to catch the leaders Penson Luke's over shoulder as he hates and towards the fast eight hundred bucket list to go and his factory is ahead back onto the by street passing Commun- Mountain on they say the circuit then towards the final turn on the brakes no just hold stationary Henry at the moment but once again making onto the home share cost are finding homes Williams looked as baked me Benicia..

Richard Homes Williams Richard Huns wortley Pinson Joshua Wally Oscar Pinson Pinson Penton Pinson Harvey Claridge Oscar penson Lee Penson Luke Elliott Penton Harris J. King Tae Lawrence Mike Tabatha movement Benicia Leeann Howarth Brandon Commun- Mountain