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"pink floyd ozzy osbourne" Discussed on Rock N Roll Archaeology

"This ugly entity to me like we're talking to him. I'll get much sharp story with led zeppelin. Maybe that's discussed here like there is so much shit you can get into this stuff from the album review crew that we get into with him and that's why we ask them you know he brings up poison in a couple of things. There's a lot of fun stuff in here. We were ecstatic. We think you will be to tommy for any other words. You want to add before we go into this just real quick one thing i want to add is the one the other thing i love about this raw honesty. Just telling you what he thinks and he does not care i. It's just it's just rau- honesty and that's what we want. He's got experiences like no one else out there and he's telling the stories and he's telling the truth what he thinks what. He saw his experiences. Just fantastic stuff. We hope you guys enjoy it. Yeah the music industry everything you name it. He'd goes into it guys. This is a great one and we are so proud to have gotten this interview and he's turned out to be a great guy so Here it is carmine. A piece all right so we got a legend in the house tonight. He has been in the bands. Vanilla fudge cactus blue murder king cobra when they opened for kiss on the asylum tour. He's played with such legends. As with jeff beck rod stewart rick derringer ted nugent. Pink floyd ozzy osbourne. Paul stanley vinnie vincent among others and he is our fellow pantheon. Podcast brother and speaking of brothers. He's doing a show with his brother. Also drum legend vinnie apathy co host of hanging in bang and we are thrilled to have drumming icon. Legend carmine a piece on the show. Today carmine welcome. Are you doing man. I got a question for you. Is that a real. Mike or is other mike ono. This is a real might go hit oversees nascar's i met with the owner of christian. Peter actually yeah. So he's they said we gotta get on. Mike's a sound better. So we're gonna use my so tonight. I'm gonna use my girlfriend. My girlfriend has a podcast called a life. Story major Talk show host in new york city for years. Opposite howard stern. She used to get like the number three ratings. Six seven hundred thousand people that they got this great podcasts. About old people and christner say man. She's got a great salad on there. As we gotta do for you guys. I said okay so tonight. I'll be using a mike eagles. No you sound great. You sound great. Now it's working force. Yeah the so before we get into the interviews every time we have a guest on. Because we're kiss podcast. We'd like to have some fun with our guest to ask some questions just to get to know where you stand a kiss fan fun. Harmless questions is gonna fire those off and we're gonna get into the interview. Are carmine so i one. We asked favorite kiss member.

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