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"pinger tor" Discussed on Pull Up with CJ McCollum

"But I I just knew my being week was not my my, Pat. He's spoken and do I remember go by the playoff games navy going crazy for Tony Freeman out as a freshman. A stance is is to sit there Baio people on notice next. I haven't Turner in my head. They don't know w Channon forming your rooting for me, or like is this don't know in for some reason me, and my best friend dorien. We watch highlights the people move Williams. Like when you know what I'm saying? He's a joy Williams, Shaun Livingston like autos dudes that I remember being like wait till I'm older. And he was like why? And I was I special is going to happen. You know what I'm saying? Yeah. And from there, I always thought like man, I'm gonna be I'm going to be the man, I'm being a man. I remember the I was drafting I do Theresa hit me up, and it's like damn breast. Crazy. You said it was gonna be like this. You know what I'm saying? Like a psycho saying that because I was barely even my getting minimum minutes on a freshman around San. It's funny but back on it like. You don't always say like man's long as you live, and you got an opportunity to fight and you just on the west going to happen. You know what I'm saying? And that's what I I guess that's the blessing to pay out for us. You know, what I'm saying those facts, that's fact, that's a nice antidote right there to Evan. I feel like most people probably don't know how big of a deal is to go down state and Illinois. And when you go to champagne, and I it's assembly hall, right? Yeah. Yeah. So now ask the so it used to be somebody hard, and it was on campus of leaves on campus of Bradley when when I was around. So that's funny. So so when you go down stay of annoy because back, then it was only two classes when I was there. And now he's switching up to four classes. So it's two classes big school basically little school and it went by population. But we only had a three hundred students, but we still did big school so easily super sectional on loss Derrick rose and his team that was the goal downstate. So. Basically when you buy right, send Semion. So by the time, you get down state the first game eighty tough, and that's usually another city team and in the next two games or not they're not easy, but there's somewhat easy because it's usually like a southern school is not the city school. So I'm never going down. Stay as a player because we usually lost in super sectional to either Semion proviso east, but to get down there. That's a that's a big deal, and they're grows his team. They're only city team ever win two state titles in they did their thing. But it's definitely a that's that's a water downstate. How much different was coach pinger Tor from what we saw in Hoop Dreams like had. He Mel it out by the time you were there. No. He wasn't mellow mellow at all you still I guess. Bobby Knight junior to me. Wow. Out in that regard. Because as you get older, you know, the the the laws of Dylan cheese is a little bit different. But I think the standard in a sense is definitely tough. You know what I'm saying? I think one thing about him when I went back or whatever after when I was in college. I went back to watch a practice with like, he wanted perfection sense. You know what I'm saying? I I remember saying that practice and seeing him have seeing him have the kids work on a press on a press. Remember five straight times might the second team didn't cross half court on a six time across half court. The guy still gotta still the first team still going to still and he he whistle. He stopped the play. And it's like that's horse shit. He got pissed like that's horseshoe. They should be crossing the half court. And I am I head. I'll say oh my God. Like, he tricked us all into like, we all got so much better. Because he demanded perfection. So like he never ever liked Panaji on a back for winning like twenty straight games. Like, my my. My junior year when you're twenty eight and to like, you know, what I'm saying?.

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