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"pinger jones" Discussed on Afternoons with Marcellus & Kelvin

"But I think at this point with what the news we're having, we're hearing in both guys are gonna play, even though the weather can be dicey in Denver, I think office a better play. Let's go to Chris. In Torrance, Chris, go ahead. Hey, guys, thanks for having me on. I have Matthew Stafford on a bye week this week. And I was wondering if I should pick up manning for tonight or another quarterback. I like you situation. You know, the weather's going to be probably determining factor in how he performs. It's. It's not the best that you Asian, but his track record against him Schwartz and the eagles defense coordinator there for Philadelphia play them twice. Last year threw for eight hundred yards and six thousand two games. Their defense on the road. So far against Tampa Bay and Tennessee, Marcus mariota and Ryan Fitzpatrick lift him up. So I think he wasn't a good spot. So if he's your best bet on waivers go with, let's go to Ian in Santa Clarita, Ian, go ahead. Yeah, flex position, non PR, marshawn Lynch or joined Alman. I think in a good game, how's the chance for good game this week? I'm always into the the the side things that go along with the game. You know, the extracurricular stuff and for him, I think revenge game will matter facing his former team first time. I know it's not in Seattle, so you're not going to get the same type of love in London that he would if he was going back to the Seattle Seahawks there, but their defense is giving up numbers. So you saw talk really gets gets, you know, big game three touchdown last week. So Lynch run well. And I think there's a good spot to trust. Let's go to Daniel in l. a. Daniel grad. Hey, thank you very much gentlemen. So the thing is that I have a trade offer on the table. I have Todd Gurley on my team and I've been offered Patrick Mahomes. I'm trying to think about it. I'm thinking about leveraging it with the deal for James. Connor, maybe Mark Ingram, what are your thoughts. I wouldn't give up any of those players from a homes as great as he's been, you know, quarterback play is just been fantastic if you can find guys. Not again that Mahomes level, but his best production is most likely behind him. They'll have some good games along the way and great games along the way, but you can find quarterbacks. I mean, we're seeing now game is Winston, for example, coming back from vilely coming off as a session. I think he's a better play the moment as we can particular and maybe better than in rest the way that's a stretch to say that, but that's just the way quarterback plays Vince well, don't trade any of those running back home. Here's a question online Hines or barber at running back. All you gotta go high and you know Marlin MAC may return, but Hinds has been ten tastic into passing game, Barbara's probably going to get back to Ronald zone, at least that would be the hope. Okay. Let's go to Chris England or a Chris. Hi. Yeah, I have a question to three renting bags and PR Aaron Jones. Lindsay or small with tonight. You know, giving them it's PT are I think you look at small woods because they'll use both guys probably in the same type of capacity climent in mall woodville he's gonna catch some passes. Lindy's gonna be a little bit better than that. Pinger Jones. The one thing that makes me excited about Aaron Jones's game flow. I think they're going to be beating the forty Niners at home in lambo a tough place to play for the opponent. The before knows run defenses in a little suspect and Mike McCarthy taken a lot of heat for not playing Jones more. So if you want to play it safe and go with Jones over maybe Lindsay who hasn't done a ton in the passing game. I'm fine with that. But all three guys are very similar. This Fred in north Hollywood quickly. Big band or Goff. I go big bang against the Bengals secondary. I think he has some success Chris in Long Beach quickly, go giddy, Wessberg Taylor, Gabriel or Tiki Qatui. One of the best names and football right now keeping t- would be my voice. He's done. He's been fantastic. The last two games playing the slot receiver. Perfect. And let me grab one more here, Tony and brand. Joni. Flex Amari or Geordie..

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