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"pinewood reservoir" Discussed on Mornings With Gail - 1310 KFKA

"There is a plan on the table to build out into affordable housing other kinds of housing some open space and some commercial in them. When that happens all of a sudden leonard pays ten million dollars to see us you. If this passes it will force the city of fort collins to buy the property and to negotiate with you using that basic price. What do they got in here. Tenors ten million as a beginning bargaining place between cs and the city of fort collins fort collins has this open space tax but much of that has been used for other things already and maybe even have obligations with. I don't know. Does fort collins have ten million dollars sitting around to to pay to see s you to buy this property for open space there already other open space areas all of the county parks in the area around horse tooth. There is some private land just immediately west and a little bit north of this but it's already built out there isn't going to be any more building going on up there to speak of very very few lots but there's also a couple of other open lands projects there you've got the whole Pinewood reservoir area than the maxwell open space. All this is right there adjacent so the question is is this property that the stadium on something that would normally fit into the priorities that city for collins has for open space or is this just a bunch people out there who don't want anything built there and i understand that nobody wants something built theralac traffic. It'll yeah i'm with yet but what's is gonna do to for cohen's they're going to have to take the money out of the existing open space and or other moneys in the treasury of fort collins..

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