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"pine gulch fire" Discussed on Seek Outside Podcast

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"pine gulch fire" Discussed on Seek Outside Podcast

"Changing the way that top layer soil functions. But i don't want to try to get too deep into an area. I just don't have expertise in a back to your your comment about grand junction and being dry up here. Where i live in. La grande oregon. We get about seventeen inches of precipitation a year. The majority of that is in snow. Snow snowfall and So we're quite dry here. Man does the amount of moisture various depending on elevations but in the drier portions of the west the dryer end of forest. It's really important to allow fires that happen. Or to use prescribed fire as a tool in the spring and fall when we know whether conditions are going to allow us to either keep them smaller or control a little more because when they happen during those peak fire season times when it's really hot and dry and potentially wendy. There's nothing that humans can do to really influence some of those fires and i've heard him refer to mega as megafires of heard him referred to as the two percent conditions so only about two percent of the time. Do you end up with the hot dry high winds high temperatures. It's those conditions where a lot of the fire started this summer. That people can only do so much with aircraft and filled ground crews. But in the end it's gonna be a weather event that eventually comes in the fall. It's gonna slow down and put those fires out. The those are the ones that Are the most concerning the ones that are becoming more and more common As we experienced a drier warmer climate are in in you. Call those the two percents. Fires are the two percents that could two percent conditions is what i've heard them referred to as got it. Yeah got Yeah i think the the pine gulch fire here north of grand junction. It doubled in size overnight in. They said it was just a perfect alignment of forty mile. An hour winds in the in in the direction of the canyons. Like they face straight down the canyons into overnight. It went from you know it. Just it doubled overnight. It was it was a big The yen in my my question along those lines is what does that do for wildlife in those areas with these kind of very intense burns. Dezei leave are they going to be like. Oh well this is. There's no food here. Essentially we have to move. The we should probably consider the effects to wildlife in those intense bern areas in In terms of what happens while the fires go on at the direct mortality or indirect mortality. That happens dan. And then once the smoke clears and The fires out what is it made a wildlife so initially some wildlife. there's a lot of species that have the ability to move. Highly mobile species around the perimeter are obviously going to run move or fly and get out of the way because these species have evolved with fire for thousands of years. We shouldn't feel like we necessarily have to take care of them even though we we help when we can They've dealt with they've dealt with fire. Envy volve evolved with that disturbance but unfortunately sometimes in these big fast moving fires while life gets trapped in you hear about instances of entire herds of elk or bighorn sheep in some cases of burns up into the pine.

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