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"pide con" Discussed on SciShow Tangents

SciShow Tangents

04:41 min | 1 year ago

"pide con" Discussed on SciShow Tangents

"Listener supported w in Y C studios. Everybody you are about to listen to Sisa tangents, very I live show recorded this January at pide con. So in the episode starts and the audio sounds a little bit funny that is why don't panic. I hope you enjoy this live show, and we'll be back next week with a regular studio recorded episode. Hello and welcome to sideshow tangents, the lightly competitive knowledge, showcase starring some of the geniuses that make the YouTube series sideshow happen and this week of very special guest. Joining me as always our Stephan chin. Hey, how you doing buddy? I'm alright great fantastic. I'm doing just fine. I'm stressed out. At all what's that? We'll go with plus two to charisma like and we've also got Sam Schultz here. How you doing Sam? I'm fine. This is the first live show experience. Yeah. I think so of all, but whatever and other live things have you done. I did a sideshow panel at nerd con. Okay. And that was fine. I couldn't see anybody at that though. Because it was too dark now. Now. They're looking at me. Now, what's your thought on definitely not scared? We're all say Riley as always science communicator, science writer writer of science things. Nowhere of science things. Always more informed than I am. Sorry. What's your tagline? I bought a blazer with this extremely auditory thing. We're doing. We also have a very special guest this week. Thank you so much for coming this elephant or Hello. Hello. Well, thank you for coming to our pod. Con live show. Thank you and taking the responsibility away from me. So that I didn't have to bring a fact that what I'm here for. In terms of like, my mental health. Yes. So I know you have an audience of your own that you're going to bring over to our podcast sense for doing that. What do you do? I host and produce a podcast called undiscovered in science Friday and tagline is it might tagline. I purpose. I decided to go aggressive because I'm frightened. So in it to win it. All right. It's very hard to win this pot and I'm hanged green. I am very excited to be here at pod. Con with our first live episode of Sisa tangents, and my tagline is just how to Quila. Because I just did a booth podcast. So this is a drunker than I usually am at noon thirty. So for those of us who don't know here at Sochaux tangents every week we try to get together in one up each other and delight and amazing other with science facts facts about the world or how we found out those facts about the world and we're playing for glory, but we will also be awarding, Hank bucks and Hank bucks. Go to people who who do good job of amazing us, and we do everything we can to stay on topic. But the podcast is called tangents. So if you go on a tangent, you are at risk of losing your Hank book, if the other people on the podcast decide that it was not worthy of the tangent. And as we are going to introduce this week's topic with the traditional science poem this week from Sam shelves. To sing kind of. Head e Lahmar was a star of stage and screen both near and far. But did you guys also know she invented guidance systems for torpedoes? Her work in this field pave the way for the wifi and bluetooth. We use every day. Sam is pretty good. The anti. It's not a poem anymore song. Yeah. Way too much pressure. Just call. It's already hard enough. With the signs poem. So our topic. Sam, of course, gets gets gets a Hank book that's marched down on my little town of paper here per year. Basically it a freebie for doing the science foam unless it's real bad. And that's our topic today is celebrities who discovered science things. Yes..

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