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"phyllis hoffman h. o." Discussed on MinddogTV Your Mind's Best Friend

"The as an impressionist we can't. I can't do every single vocal in this world. It has to be able to sit in my in my In my throat. So the johnny cash the willie nelson nat king cole. Jeb jimmy stewart one of the things that we could probably talk about as steaks. Around your your your your. Your had. Zoos paddles jimmy. Stewart is one of my favorites almost saga for that one. But i'm curious about this. Because i don't think Scientific study has ever been done on this but what happens between the is neurologically impression when they do that. Because when you're doing that your face changes your physiology changes and i'm wondering how you know. I'm really curious about the science behind that. And how that all works whether it's something you're triggering or the the actual physiology changes that we see and you when you're doing something like that. Are they key to making the voice happen or does the voice make that happen or is it all just your imagination taking over your body so that your physiology matches what's in thinking of. I listened to for example. The one of the first artists that i started to impersonate was louis armstrong and i do what a wonderful world and and i i listened to videos i wa. I should say i. I watch videos. I listened to his voice. And i start to try to emulate what we do. Is we take a feature of the artist and we try to not only get it. Get it as close as possible vocally and we have to. There is a change in your vocal chords. That you have to manipulate your vocal chords in order to To to sound like somebody else now there you you also have to be careful that you don't damage your vocal chords trying to do like joe cocker. I use it. When i was young. I used to do joe cocker but i had to stop because it was just it was definitely affecting my my vocal chords could see and then you One of the things that i try to do was Matched the the physiology of physical. The facial and i watched the faces and everything else. Now how do that. I don't know. I know what i talked to many impressions over thirty five years or so I don't think any of them really kind of ken. No but i would love to see some kind of scientific study on it. Because i think there is some and i. I hate to kind of get off on a new age craziness. But i think there is some kind of Something magical about that being able to adopt somebody else's complete persona. It's not just the voice if their entire persona and it's just it's curious to me how we can do that but it. I think it does help become a more empathetic person Because you're the it's it's that old adage you. It's the ability to walk in somebody else's shoes and and so that's empathy right there and so You know th that. I think it's helped him personal development if we could teach it at all which is why. I'm curious and the other thing is we you know as an impersonator. We're paying homage to to these to these artists. You know i. I pick artists. That i that i've had a passion for throughout my life that are legends and icons of in the industry and there are there and there are artists like can i impersonate justin bieber. No because you know what you would need. You would need auto tune on your voice constantly. I mean his records drip with auto tune in. And it's two point where i think they do it intentionally to kind of make it sound that way but so now the other part of a and it's so much fun i just kind of scratching the surface. Here is your instrumentally your. I've seen you play guitar. And you've got some picking technique that it's not just beginner. It's not just a guy up there strumming guitar. And i've seen you play piano and playing elton john stuff which most people who would think of. It would think john's a pretty good piano player so dust think you have to work at those adult. Did those come naturally to. Please add to work at them. I had to work. I took lessons for for three days three days. I got my life three days. Thank you very much. A i look i. I went to boston university when i came out of high school. I went to boston university. I wanted to get classical classical education. I wanted to get my voice trained because growing up. I had no training at all and at boston. University she. Phyllis hoffman mazing vocal coach. She trained my voice. I was a first tenor. I had a four octave range. I was one of very few first. Tenors in in the boston area at the time. But i remember. I would sit for hours in the piano rooms. These little cubbyholes three filipino. And that was it. And i would practice scales. I would practice playing because it was something that we needed to learn. We needed a second instrument. And it. And i knew that the piano would actually help me tune. My you know tune my my head. The motor skills because there were times where and going back to training the voice. You know i would sit there and hit the hit the note and go la la la and i would just go up to scale down and for hours and that that trains your your vocal muscles to recognize the wear. Your your voice has to be in the tone. So i learned piano. I learned guitar drums. I can play not very well. I'm good enough to to make sure that the the the rhythm of the ban goes like this and and that works out but you know base and all the rhythm section instruments i am. I can play it. Do i consider myself a maestro at at those instruments absolutely not. Oh thank goodness thank goodness you're not good at something Another two weeks right. You're are now bandleader stuff. Because you're obviously you're an entertainment your show show guy you're out there but you're also the boss right and the badly stuff that that's not an entertainment skill. That's a skill really At and managing that band and you have a very good man putting it all together Talk to me about You know that whole that whole aspect of it because you know they're a horror stories about guys who Who you know. Paul anka. I believe The the famous taper out about him Yelling at his band in management and stuff like that. But what kind of guy are you to work for. And what can you tell me a little bit.

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