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"phyllis stiller" Discussed on The Ed Mylett Show

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"phyllis stiller" Discussed on The Ed Mylett Show

"Never. No, but then but then it's a long even when you get the validation of everybody and everyone loves you and thinks you're the best. And you finally get it. Yeah. And then you go, oh, is that all there is? Because wait a minute, I'm still it's still me. I still wake up. It's funny you say that. My dad did say to me. I'm loving everybody gets to hear this, by the way. One thing my dad was a wise dude, my dad, you see him and he goes, just remember this, man. Whenever you get to this level of success that you think you'll be happier when you get there that house or like whatever people reading a book or whatever your show or whatever it is, he goes, just remember you have to bring you with you when you get there. And I was like, that's really because my dad had worked on himself and his sobriety, right? He's like, you're going to bring you when you get there. There's nothing more true in the world than that. No. I'm sure you still do this now to this day. It's like, I still mean when I'm there. It's still me in the car alone when I'm driving no matter. What the car is or where I'm going, it's me and how I feel about me. Of course. What I really believe about me. But speaking to your audience, because for anybody listening to this, I think the most powerful tool that changed everything for me was my mind. This is everything. And I know you know this. Because we've read the same books, Phyllis stiller, I read in one of her autobiography, the magic of believing. The magic of believing read that book, and I started to read that when I was like 28. And but before that, I had read existentialism in philosophy class. And what is that about self determinism? You can choose your life. This idea is radical. Sartre choose choices, and I went, oh, you're right. Life can push me around, or I can move the ball. And to me, this is the biggest lesson that I try to teach my boys. Hey man, if you don't take charge of this whole thing, it's going to take you away like a current. Man. Right? And they don't teach you this in school, really. Yeah. And it makes me nutty. You can choose everything is a choice. Everything. And read and read it, read a book and it makes me sad other than, of course, the power of moral hello. That the reading is like, guess what?

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