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"phyllis steen" Discussed on KTRH

"And welcome back our final segment which steven coyle hear stephen goliath the phyllis steen he was he was a giant was he one of these giant set you've been talking about yup six finger sick the yeah by the way he had four brothers announced weighed you king david the youth david took five a smooth stones from the river or the brooke kid run because he was ready not me to was finished with go why else he was gonna take on goliaths brothers but it says david's mighty men in the bible took him on i want to share something interesting about that even from special operations guys that deal with these things that go bump in the night i have you seen the animated series attack on uh attack on tightening i have not seen okay the the japanese have gone wild over uh giants y'all and these are two hundred foot giants and you can go on youtube in watch the attack on a tight and now there's a movie coming out but what's fascinating david not only uh took off again elias had after he did all the the uh pebble hear them in the four got it he's separatists had an what's what's most uh astonishing to me is in the attack on tighten the movie the the the information given is the fact that they have to take the heads of the giants off in order to kill them now by the way these are obviously not herbivores these are huge giants and they've actually made a movie out of it it's the most popular series in japan and it's called attack on tightening so people my while we got now why do i bring that up because you brought up to me david and goliath goliath was a full scale six finger six toes and dela rosa teeth that's how the delineation was made as to the giants nelson music walk about five finger giants i suppose but the interesting thing is is that many of the skulls that have been found around the world have double what they call well it and dention meaning two two two.

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