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"phoenix brown" Discussed on Band It About - Podcast Series

"Well on stage dancing no but always in the house band and we used to play lot before the show and interval after the shine and stuff. So that was. That was pretty odd. Yeah it was and also used to do some roy orbison Talk shows as well with gone with paid a scurry and he was a really good singer and he could do with that sort of thing and my brother was actually a very good musician as well. That can ice is they used to play. He used to play the cable declaring it the the guitar vice He was a he was a music. He was at gigging. While is at rising. Talk whenever wasn't really into the That point dan at the castle. That way we're actually gigging together And that went on for wall down there but that was Interesting interesting interesting. Sorry being part of the that old review thing. Yeah a funny funny thing. Yeah and what was that. Now look sean. Our member waste get introduced by the the One of the dances count. Just john remember what fault labor code. But i'll just. It's just not coming back now. Another one of those hazy hazy things you have many foes on that bond cool much explain why not remembering what it is. Negative done some recording. Yeah yep She's funny recording studio. It's funny because started probably my first recording when sixties. Evade shall never recorded before that. I'll go back with now. Member mentioned braun kind before Net brian Moving to the east coast and he was very successful over there with blind music He had a band cold. Indiana phoenix brown black. Tom and we sort of kept kipton touch. He's managed minds and things that he was over. The western end is in the east coast and He becomes very successful With bands over there and He ended up moving back to add. Light probably five bet five years ago and they said look. I'm going to start up the abandoned huge wannabe powdered with it. Yeah okay and Block kris van and a few other Virga musicians for were involved in it. And we brian one or two Do recording so we did a with. Didn't album lecturer coated up dan at the rally hotel. Grime i used to be on on monday. So we went down and recorded to the album. Down there And then peron income. We had all these gigs long up. We were we were doing. Ruining well of broad became quant il in with a with cancer and he had mitra operation and Chill the treatment so it had to gone. Cancel the primary gig split for the new album and then way I think brian realize that. Tom was gonna against him. Subway actually recorded another album while he was still kind of recovering from his illness. And we had a whole big gigs law up to promote that album when it was released and then he became ill again and Not long before he passed to why we recorded another album. Which was jazz thing. I was -cremento at staples wilson on guitar. A suburban tastic atop live And paid a nixon on bice and braun..

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