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"Welcome to NewsHour from the BBC World Service. I'm Rosa Bala general strike is underway in Sudan to put more pressure on the military to transfer power to civilian administration. We'll speak to a man who's been sentenced to death for leading an armed struggle against the government, but has just returned to Khartoum. We build trust. He's been and. And I'm very emotional yesterday. When I visited I doubt me wanted us. We'll hear from the woman who was trafficked from Nigeria, to Europe to be a sex worker. I saw a lot of things out there. Beats lots of gifts, the way the unity of gifts, and I was humiliated, also, but the battle to save others who make the same journey continues. And what's your idea of an atheist prepared to have it challenged all coming up after the latest world news? This is the BBC news. Hello. I'm Jonathan is art. The campaign group, human rights. Watch accused the AGIP shin military of committing widespread abuses against civilians in the Sinai peninsula. Some of which amount to war crimes major report by the group alleges that these security forces make arbitrary arrests us torture, and carry out extrajudicial killings. Alan Johnston has more details the Egyptian authorities prevent journalists from going to sign I but this major human rights. Watch report compiled over two years, says that, while the military wages its war on the militants, it shows content Philo coll- civilians, the report says, hundreds have been killed or injured. The security forces are accused of making arbitrary arrests using torture, carrying out, extra-judicial killings human rights. Watch says the militants also guilty of horrific crimes. The addiction military has dismissed the report describing it as baseless. Protest groups in sedan have begun a two day, general strike to put pressure on the military to hand over power to a civilian administration, hundreds of travelers have been stranded at the international airport and at bus terminals in the capital, Khartoum as transport workers joined the strike action talks between the transitional military council, and the opposition alliance of stalled over the composition of an interim government. Dr Sarah, they'll his the UK spokesperson for the Sudanese professionals association, which called the strike, it is. I the fall message that we are not going to give up our legitimate request. It's as well at all. Is Asian and it Harrison for the skeleton by Thursday, people will go back to work, and then after that we will feel the situation and after the relation may take place, the British Human Rights, Watch talk to full investigation into claims of antisemitism within the main opposition, labor party. The step makes it only the second political party in Britain to face such inquiry his political correspondent early. Labor has struggled over the past three years to deal with allegations has a problem with antisemitism. Now, the qualities watchdog launched a formal investigation into whether labor is discriminated against hottest or victimized people because they are Jewish. The party says it will cooperate fully in denies acting unlawfully separately. The Muslim came of Britain is called for the watchdog to look accusations of his phobia, in the conservative party seeing there's an atmosphere of hostility, the labor party has expelled one of its most prominent members voting for the Liberal Democrats in the European elections. Allister. Campbell. The media advisor to the former Prime Minister Tony Blair said he voted liberal, Democrat to try to get labor to change policy on Europe and press for a second referendum on Brexit. A labor party spokesman said support for another political party or candidate is incompatible with party membership. Mr. Campbell said he was sad and disappointed by the decision, and that he would appeal. This is the world news from the BBC, and this is WNYC in New York at nine four good morning. I'm Kerry Nolan a chemical spill is causing extensive traffic. Delays in Manhattan's lenox hill neighborhood this morning. Twenty five gallons of hazardous material spilled on the street at east sixty first street and Fifth Avenue around seven o'clock. One person has been hospitalized with serious, but non threatening injuries. Fire department officials are on the scene containing and cleaning up the spill and thirties are urging commutes to consider alternate routes and allow for additional travel time in the area. Albany, lawmakers lobbyists and advocates will be spending this week. Poring over a new one hundred nine page marijuana legalization Bill among other things, the legislative package commits one million dollars annually for three years to training police to identify drivers who may be. Hi, doug. Greene is with the national organization for the reform of marijuana laws. He hopes that proposal will help over some conservative Democrats, and skeptics in the law enforcement community. There's a huge to turn over driving while intoxicated. We think a lot of those features are over blowing. But if it's something that helps get this house that we support it. Green also praised proposed provision, requiring towns villages and cities to pass local referendums, if they want to opt out of legal marijuana opponents would prefer leaving it up to local elected officials an attack at the Bryant park subway station, late last night, left a man injured with non-life threatening stab wounds. Authorities say the stabbing took place on the station platform shortly after eleven the NYPD is searching for two suspects in the assault who were in a dispute with the victim over.

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