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"phill lewis" Discussed on Scam Goddess

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"phill lewis" Discussed on Scam Goddess

"Full. Don't make me coming sky. Gattis was pappy congregation back for another installment of scam. God the punt has it's all about scams robberies and fraud also comedy. That's the scam comedian. Guys i'm so excited very excited for today's guests and i honestly even more excited than normal because this man helped me start the show. He is a producer. He is a writer. He is behind some of the things that you love so much robot chicken she hulk which is about to pop. Y'all see bibliography rick and morty honey. I've got another wicket morning. Genius on the pied honey. This man literally introduced me to all the black people in la. That i know and love. I love him so much. He a dear friend and a genius guys. We have cody ziglar. Go thanks for having me. It's it's it's so. Surreal being like five years ago. We were meeting in fucking basement of sunset. Leaving like hey. You're you're a negro negro wherever negroes. Do you know the comedy introduce each other together. Can we be negroes together. It was very and that's the thing we're black folks in any white space. Were always like a. What's up king ensuring you right like we all the nod to each like what's up. It's so funny. I'm carleen now and there's so many black people who work behind the camera camera. Ops the first is black There's a lot of black folks directors. We love so much phill lewis. He's black and so sometimes like when they come around like.

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