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"philip steeler" Discussed on Championship Drive

"Speaking of which the one other game that I want to talk about is in Syracuse where Florida state is the Vegas favorite FBI make Syracuse the favourite, and I don't necessarily want to get into who should win and all that. When we're telling you have PI says Syracuse, but I think this is a great example of how FBI works. There are a number of people who are critical of this system when they learn that preseason data never completely filters out. Even at the end of the season. Some of those preseason factors are going into FBI projections for the bowl games. Now, this tells you how much what happens on the field even through only two games how much it matters to FBI because before the season started, Florida state was considered by FBI to be. Eleven points better than Syracuse on a neutral field. After the first two games, it's now Florida state one point better on a neutral field, and because of Syracuse, having the home field advantage here, they are considered the favourite. And so what that tells you is even though yes, there are preseason factors at work, including what these teams have done over the last four seasons recruiting over the last four seasons. I would say that that's the only thing that's keeping Florida state one point better than Syracuse and FBI, but it doesn't mean everything and you can see that in terms of how much Syracuse gained on FSU. And if you've watched these teams play, you can't dispute that Florida state does not look better than Syracuse. I'll tell you why no matter who wins this game after what Sanford did through the arrogance against Florida state. I think Eric is going to put up some big numbers or there you go. There's some numbers to think about from us here at talk nerdy to me, we're talking to you and we'll be back on Monday doing it some more for Seth Walder. I'm Brad Edwards. Now, let's get back to the rest of the. Procession. I love that it's talk nerdy to Brad Edwards, always good stuff and then yes, a little bit how much Syracuse talk we're getting in today. I'm so excited about this. All right. I'm excited this because the mustache, one joins us, Philip steal. I can't. I just start calling you Philip Steeler. We always gotta go by Phil, though you would be the only person in the world. Besides my mother calls me fill up at that point. You know what? I'm not even gonna get into that country. That is a membership that she's have all by ourselves. We'll go great fill. Still looking at the games coming up here for week three. I want to start with this. What we've talked a lot about Ohio State and TCU. What do you like about that game? I like the buckeyes. Enter the numbers actually been dropping this morning. It's all the way down to about twelve eleven and a half. So there must be some heavy TCU money coming in, and it is, you know, the games at Texas expect TCU have a big crowd edge, but I don't know if that's going to happen. You know how states one of the best travel teams out there. It's Jerry Jones stadium. I think they'll have probably half the crowd, and then you'd look at Haskins. Making this first start against Gary Patterson defense. That is intimidating then except for when you throw in the fact that last year they threw him off the bench trailing Michigan in Ann Arbor, and he led the comeback win. So I think Haskins that offense almost unstoppable. They have the better weapons to me the best match up in this game..

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