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"philip rivers russell wilson" Discussed on The Herd with Colin Cowherd

"In and as a junior coach said. You're not as good as mike glennon. He had transferred to wisconsin number. Five is josh allen. He was not offered by a single power. Five school he went to wyoming. We'll skip the number seven dak prescott who does not have an elite throwing motion. His coach dan mullen came on our show. And i like the kid. I hated the way through a football. He went to mississippi state in the fourth round. Number eight is lamar. Jackson still has his critics. I'm no longer one of them. He went to a basketball school. Louisville almost dropped out of the first round. Justin herbert's number nine. He was the third quarterback taken. We called him too stiff to make it in this league. And kinda marie initially like baseball and he had to transfer to get a transfer only matt stafford at number six had a linear path. He was number one high school player near dallas. He was number one college guy. Georgia went to a big power and number one pick me. Nfl and has gotten his brains beaten and can't win in the nfl that changes for the rams. He had the best path right. The clear path great high school program. Great college program goes to the nfl and he has the second worst. Winning boy actually has the worst. Winning percentage of all these quarterbacks who have played for more than like two years. Justin herbert kappler. Marie can't really you know we're not talking about their. Winning percentage of kids so matt stafford. That's what most parents think after my kids got to be great high school or he's got to go to a great college he's gotta go number one nonsense there's one guy in the league and he can't win any games and hopefully in l. a. does now because he has support. We have a quarterback in this top ten that went to a junior college to had to transfer summer fast. Some aren't brady. Isn't lamar is some tall josh l. Some shortcut murray. Patrick mahomes had a losing record in college. Nobody talked about. Patrick moms and i love college football and i didn't watch him playing college. I mean i saw his highlights. I didn't watch texas tech games. There weren't any good so it's it's a great example. The it doesn't have to be one way when you ask advice. There is no one way. The quarterback is the highest paid position. The most important position in america's overwhelmingly number one sport aaron rodgers went to a junior college and nobody thought josh allen was worth a scholarship even to oregon state and tom brady couldn't start in college and russell wilson's college coach. Didn't think he was as good as mike glennon. Dak prescott doesn't throw a perfect football. Dan mullen admitted. And i didn't like the way through. I really didn't. But i just like the kid. That's why footballs great. It's a story of america. The most important position join. I've said this half the nfl half is undrafted. That is utterly remarkable. Half the nfl is undrafted. There is no one way to success. If you're a young person watching my show and you're a man and a women woman and you don't have a lot of money and you don't you can't afford the good camps and you don't get the private tutors nonsense. It doesn't matter head down work hard. Believe in yourself you will get their. Don't listen to anybody. There is no one way to be successful. And i love all these guys on that list. It just jumped out to me. I'm like good god. Outside of stafford bellied goofy past. There is no one way to look at that list. Third round guy. Six round guy fourth round guy. Junior college guide to guys had to transfer one five nine one six six. I bet if we looked back over the years to this would be consistent. Overtimes well phil simms went to college. I i grew up with jim. Zoran hawk fan as a. I don't know where he went to school. I think it was like cal. San luis obispo. He's a left-hander. There were no left-hand quarterbacks. And then i got dave craig and i think he went to a college. That's now defunct. Terry bradshaw ben roethlisberger. I could just continue to go down the list. There was a time. Joy that north carolina state had three starting quarterbacks in the nfl in ohio state in alabama combined heads zero north carolina state had three. They'd philip rivers. Russell wilson and i think glennon they had three quarterbacks at one point starting in the nfl and all the powers had none one more herd the herd streams twenty four hours a day seven days a week within the iheartradio app. Search her to listen live or on demand. Whenever you like john. Smoltz played for twenty two years. He was an eight time all star. He'll be on the broadcast tonight. Fox sports has the only all star game that frankly worth watching in america still and john joins us from colorado live uniform denver. So what was the best part about being an all star for you. What did you take from fewer in so many big games to your career. What what made these special where you couldn't wait to get their represent. Your team was such an honor and a play with some of the guys that you competed against. You felt like you checked into that extra league and just rubbing elbows with the likes of those veteran players. When i was a rookie seeing how the whole thing transpires is it's kind of surreal when you're young you just can't wait to experience it and then when you get a chance to do it multiple times it never gets old and i enjoyed every one of them. There's only one i couldn't compete in. I was hurt And my shoulder. The one in san francisco but just being in the locker room with your peers and feeling like you've reached the level of You know like checking in right even if the guys that you're in the room with you feel like you don't measure up with for that moment you're kind of on that team and you feel you feel incredible. Shohei otani is throwing one hundred miles an hour and he's gonna end up leading baseball. Perhaps in home runs. I'm not sure which he's better at both are hard to do. I'm trying to think of the most talented baseball players have ever seen. Dave winfield over struck me as an insanely talented guy. Are you kind of blown away. Did you think he would be this. Good in the bigs now. There's no way you could predict this matter of fact i thought they kinda rushed both aspects of it. I really felt bad about his arm when he came in. And of course he had tommy johnson. Now that he's recovered from it he hasn't gotten the reps on the mound to even give the the universe an opportunity to see how good of a pitcher in the hitting aspect is just something phenomenal embiid. If you'd have told me that he would end up with thirty. Three home runs for the year. I'd say pencil in. Mvp given the mvp right now. That's how great of a year is having. It's only the first half. I know we are in an era. Where there's a ton of home runs in proportionally babe. Ruth hit way more home runs proportionately than the league did as appeared as opposed to otani. Otani is doing. you just can't comprehend as a pitcher my life. I had to spend the whole week trying to get ready for five days to pitch. He spending the week sharing energy and trying to do both. It's just not possible to do this at the level he's doing. I tell people all the time. And i know they shake their head at me like i'm crazy. I'm telling you he never hit again. And all he concentrated on pitching he'd be the best pitcher in american league hands. Now and i know that's a big time statement to say but when you are pitcher need about ninety to a hundred starts to figure it out. He's what roughly a quarter of the way there and he's having to share the duties with a high level By the way offensive attack that he puts on so. This is a talented as talented guest. Maybe bo jackson when he played baseball Out ball yeah. Combination of power and speed the on sanders again with the speed and play two sports. This guy's playing one sport but two different predit- positions.

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