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"philip pob" Discussed on Soccer Gambling Podcast

"Just as things fall apart is very easy to point the van dyke and say. That's the season philip pob. Well you got smashed by. Ask them better before that even happened. You go smashed seven to bought by aston villa. So if you get smashed seventy by aston bidder. When virgil van dyke in the perhaps virgil van dyke. Being absent isn't the only reason why you went on how the bad season so a lot more went wrong for liverpool whatever large periods of the season where they were not scoring goals and For me i find it very difficult to see how all of a sudden liverpool become a completely different team with very very little transfer activity in the summer. And simply relying on the fact that the joe van dyke kid as returned to team chelsea are very different proposition for different immediately as soon as franklin populist left told me.

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