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"philip oto" Discussed on The Steve Matthes Show on RacerX

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"philip oto" Discussed on The Steve Matthes Show on RacerX

"And so now i so now maybe we need to sit back and it really appreciate those dudes that brought it for twenty nine weekends. I mean maybe it's not that hard right. Well no no. I think it's extremely hard. Yeah no. I'm sorry. I don't know what i meant. I didn't mean that maybe it's okay so it's you know sorry i was trying to get some stats on my phone. Twenty fifteen last time dutch outdoors and out really. Yeah so we're six years of having different champions you know so i think clearly the supercross tracks have become less technical and more risky meeting. I mean you know these guys are picking up quads and do things that are just gnarly. Yeah so the amount of mental energy and focus at a takes to not die all and for that timeframe it could. There's there's no question it's going to wear you down and where and if you come up short indoors you're like hey i get outdoors. You know what. I mean so now like you're hungrier than they do to the supercross title right now. You're like wait. I need to get outdoors. Because i had. I didn't win super cost. the. I don't know i've always been i. Guess i've been around. Guys that have just been mental giants. You know done excelled at it and watching watching and talking to some of the guys. Now that have come through especially philip oto the few times we don't here and talking about it. You know it was all he could do to keep that focus on and nothing else mattered. Ricki ricky when he was going through it you know i think ricki ricki time probably probably wasn't the most approachable and personal writer to the fans on the balloon right because every of every ounce of his energy to stay focused to do what that do did on the track. You don't win every national every moto by just getting lucky yeah. It requires a tremendous amount of and then at the end of his career. I think when he started changing and not not being that gnarly dude and being the racer right. All of a sudden thinks changed. Now look at him now. He's he's the same as the kid that i met back in the early eighties when you look at ricky villa. Po two examples. That i know well. They hated to lose more than they like to win. Do you know what. I mean like when they lost. That's what drove him when they want. It's like i'm sharing. So i think that's common amongst any anybody. That's the winds. Especially if she did anybody. You will call champion i so i just think we're in the era. I i mean obviously look there will be another guy to come around the be like ricky. I don't mean with his records. But i mean i think there'll be some guy. Some point will come and crush everybody right there. Just we kind of just it's ebbs and flows in the sports..

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