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"philadelphia medford line" Discussed on The South Jersey Beer Scene Podcast

"Package maybe we we can convince them Medford's a good spot. So I became the token beer guy on this group that was going to basically try to convince Aaron Hill to come to Medford now we all know the end of the story. The opening of where he's really fun. Little pub you know Medford didn't look out there but I ended up having half a business plan for a brewery and at the same time now being laid off from Medford. It's one of those things where I could cash out part of my retirement. So now this weird little idea start sticking like what if we tried to do this downtown. There's a bunch of vacant spots. Then we find out Medford has an ordinance against all alcohol production. We get to fight with the town. WHO's now our best friend? But at the time it was there was touch and go. We actually leased space in two thousand. Fourteen didn't open till April of two thousand sixteen. So gives you the amount of journey and only about half of that was construction. But we are starring we stuck with it and it gradually became one of those things. Don't tell me I can't open a brewery dig my heels in and show you bastards and at some point it just worked and when it works It became a lot of fun at the same time. And I don't want to claim credit for it but I know we were part of it down starts reviving and then is more things happening and more people start coming to downtown and we start to have more fun with it and at some some point I worried less about the craft. Beer crowd like nothing wrong with the crappier crowd. But I'll show worried about it very beginning. I have to prove this perfect beer. I want to be okay. The next insert hyper here and people would come in and as we dialed in our healthy while he was on our heff horizon. That was the best selling beer for a while or we'd make these fruit beers with local farmers. They were bestselling beers. I'm like what if we just keep going local doing more and more local and that just has now kind have become our thing and along the way it fits still a firefighter. I now work for Princeton University. I don't know if I should Mitt that but that's what it's one of those things. No there are great great employer. But you know it's one of those things the wrong personal here and they'll be like he's on alcohol podcast talking about us but they are. They are wonderful people that that they're stuck with me until I retire unless I do. Something stupid I but Working bag you two points back year. Okay yeah that's true that's true. I have a little orange pin. You know a put that on real fast. But it's one one of those things that I work twenty four schedules so in between each of those shifts twenty four forty-eight Berry and it just kind of that's what my life's becoming its fit and then along. The lower forge became our way of celebrating local history. Talk about history. Lower forge was the nickname for ghost. Town warden stay far is called Washington's Ashington furnace now depending on how colorful I want to get with story. The joke used to be this where me and my wife back. When she was my girlfriend would sneak off my old beat up jeep and go make out sure but we also broke and it became one of those things? Let's go find goes down go geocaching. Let's do this. Let's I don't know goof off till the wheels fall off the jeep right so we'd go out with friends and we always ended up in this on this one road the quaker bridge lower Ford Road Medford's of quakertown. We're like Oh for naming a town we we can't really we. We we're naming a brewery can't really name a brewery. quaker bridge will probably piss off one of our friends so we'll name it after the other end lower forge. I looked at domain names available. Nobody owns the trademark. All that Eh sticks and then we come to find out after this now we going through all this going through. All the hubbub about opening will lower Fortune Hampton furnace the other furnish on the batch though river originally shipped all their bognar up to Medford. Because that's where the Pennsylvania Railroad railhead West. So now we're like this actually connects to Medford this all got shipped shipped up here and actually we have a big mural on the wall of the nineteen o six roared schedule shows the Philadelphia Medford Line where it used to come out and where it actually terminated in Medford is actually still there. It's a doctor's office so it's kind of cool. How it all came together? I'd love the Stanley but it was absolutely unintentional incident. asynchronous Erica Ourika and admittedly still being at Bir. A joke with people I firing up Rubio get the to invest jobs on the planet and actually still is a bit of a De stressor. So you know you worry about a lot. We worry about government. Regulations taxes will boy taxes all the time but in the end when I walk in there usually have a stupid idea and we can have a lot of fun with it so they still might de stressor from work like Wednesday up at work horrible shifts. Everything that could go wrong. It did go wrong and it wasn't even bad calls. It was just stupid stuff so but Thursday morning I get home and I'm like growling and then I remember I was like. Oh we're getting a bunch of new grains in it the berry time at the brewery. I'm thinking of about a dozen different ideas for beers we're going to produce next February march. I'm gonNA completely better mood. It's still mighty stressor. I just scaled up the hobby. Now Sean how did it become a family affair. So here's where I have to tell the the funny part of this so I start getting into this originally. It's kind of May talking to friends and I have like about half the money I think I need. I tell perspective brewery owners that for every barrel you think you want to open within your Brew House probably need one hundred grand. So where three barrel birdhouse. Roughly really I mean. This is a huge generalization. Three hundred grand probably scales up ten barrel million you know so and so forth so I was able to get kind of half way it to the finish line. I started talking to friends and of course at this point I had a couple of really decent homebrew recipe. So I'd have to come over. And you know an entire five or ten gallon batch it was gonna own if these guys. I was asking for a lot of money. Like hey you can own a bit of the brewery and you know here we go trust me with your money and we'll probably make a profit in three to five years and I couldn't keep up so my mom had a background. We'll say in other alcohol backgrounds She can make a me amine. Apple Jackets will leave it at that And she goes and she actually has a commercial a restaurant background. She's like well if you me recipe recipes I can I can put this together. I can cook and she ends up. She's got a very different brewing style. The May so it actually talking about working out I like to Osama cold clinical scientific broher where she's the one that caught her whispering to the yeast and I'd WanNa make a joke about it right now but frigging works create a stuck fermentation About a month back and all of a sudden she like it's almost like talking to the plants but wouldn't you know it wasn't stuck anymore like within a day so I'm like you can't knock it if it works. But she kinda got involved that she kind of filled in the blanks on a lot of stuff and also helped me. You realize that chasing the dream of I mean and I'm sure you've probably seen a lot of brewers early started everybody. Oh I wanna be that Berry that has lines out the door were and people are. There's a secondary market for my cans and all that but honestly there's a huge market for a brewer. That makes like this wet right here that I'm glad he gave me a little extra. You know that everyday craft beer that people are going to love that you're going to sell in spades. We somehow fell into that everyday craft. Beer the crowd you know. I'm not worried I may never get a gold medal for an IP or hobby beer. I drink but if one of my cranberry beers or blueberry beers or my half a wise and or something like that gets a little bit of a claim it wouldn't surprise me because that's where we kind of fell into the market and that is a lot of being tempered by having my mom is a Co broher. We I think we don't know but somebody from the oldest before we might be the only mother son brewing team like there are other family owned breweries but just how it is generation Lee we might be the only actual actual active production team. Now how does that work is the original recipe yours and your mom tweaks it. How does that work not really so probably? We are first couple of recipes remind but once things started getting fixed. We'll have a note pad where we'll go back and forth or like a shared document. You know Google Docs or whatever and By the time everything's done it is a huge mix of the two of us and even depending on how things get brewed. You know I got hurt as a firefighter last year. So people people are always always asked that question and after I got her people are saying something and they would try to be like all this this this is a really great. IPO You must now. I haven't brewed a beer here. In nine weeks because I was laid up from a head injury. So firefighter and people don't realize allies that there is no discerning between the two of us right now other than our two styles absolutely complement each other two and a Yin Yang thing with my hands right now but a really did it worked out and I don't think we could remotely succeed without it. which is the crazy part The really is no way to peel it apart. And See who's why who's who other than I probably make more decisions on purchasing grain than she does so maybe I'll claim one extra percent credit but I think that's more cheek. She she lets me get away with murder and then usually we'll correct it later on hillary down a rabbit hill farms. Like Sean forgot to order Munich. Can you fix this. I love her by the way he is awesome. We did a podcast. Yes with them in July if my mother my other podcast fear of craft beer planet on their Cyrus podcast network slug as its reciprocal. We do it all the time plugs up do you know. Why don't we have one of those beers? Which one do you think we should have? I brought me a nice collection which won't won't be leaving here. They're going to be hanging around down here show. Which one should we try first? So where do you in the mood for. Because I actually Love Beers I brought Only one IPA PA.. But now what's interesting about the IP is we're actually labeling it a specialty IPA. Because what we're trying to do. My best friend is lactose intolerant. And I didn't realize that and we had a customer at the brewery. Come down from Vermont and is a gift to us that family behind a berry. They gave us some Wael some hard to find beers and Some of them were amazing. But I didn't think about what happens if you give a new some some of these New England. IPA's that are just loaded to the gills with lactose to somebody's lactose intolerant. Without warning afterwards afterwards I kind of promised them. Well I'll try to figure out a way to brew something Adjunct Free So it was great. My fourth son Thai who's now l.. Two months old today was being born. We always name a beer after a family member and at the same time I was L- I was talking with a Irish craft brewer because they have some restrictions on what they can do about something he was doing what he called the American inspired hazy. Ip and we actually brewed the same way so think of I'm trying to think now we don't do it with our horizon. But think if you're pulling a grant or even not not even as a decoction mash or something like that but pulling a little bit of that award out bringing it back in later you know some of the suspended proteins and things. You're going to get out of that. We did a little miniature version because we grew our our finished product product. It's about three barrels. One hundred gallon by the way Richard. That's decoction was mentioned in two of the last three podcasts Just to let channel that. You should make a cigarette word. We did that we. Actually we did do that once in someone one. We did that on the show where we had had Oliveria and sons. Oh right decoction was the secret word really yes. That was the secret word that we did because when backward flag makes they are half of is and they do they wasn't yeah and their system enables them to do that. See only in the beginning of that episode. I told you guys that earlier today I have to get caught up in. That might be on the way home..

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