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"Aides members supported eighty nine point three kpcc i'm nick roman no doubt you've been following the olympics the winter olympics in south korea on the ice american mirai nagase su who landed the first triple axel by an american woman in olympic history and there was us gator adam rippin who competed for the man in my and alex should tawny the ship sib's they compete in free dance as a team so far the us is taken home the bronze and figure skating to compete some us skaters had to go through one place here in southern california take two host a martinez paid a visit and let the ranks in lakewood mr sylla pti holds three different ice rings in welcome somewhere between fifteen to twenty thousand athletes each year and it's also a training ground for some of the nation's top figure skaters now to give us a tour is general manager phil zamora phil thanks for having us out no problem at all so how intertwined is this place with a winter olympics well our association affiliation with the olympics is having three athletes currently me olympics practice out of here six days a week adam ripon and nathan chen representing the usa and then we from the czech republic we have michael brassinne ah we also have ashley you wagner who is a former olympian who trains at a hearing in mariah belt who's also skits for the united states toward talking about people from all over the world coming to train their yes we have people from all over the world to come in rain here under i ruffles instruction whose ruffa who rafael it are tuning in and forgive me if i a mess of his name but i call them raff he's the olympic coach he's a figure senior instructor who came to us in two years ago he's been coaching for over thirty years he's a coach former olympians michelle kwan other national champions as well and was looking for a facility to train as athletes we were able to provide him with the amount of i said he needed for his athletes which prompted him to make the move here arthaud can we get a tour of the facility absolutely let's start off with dr olympics ice sheet rink a rate this way right off the bat i can feel the cold though just figure skaters right now he added six this this hours dedicated to freestyle sessions bill earlier.

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