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"phil spencer oleg vincent pella" Discussed on Kotaku Splitscreen

"Let's be clear. This is John Reid this after this entire so. Yeah this is going to be there. They're going to do. They have a lot of Septa show this year. And I think they WANNA be like we're entering gaming and a big in a big way past. We're warner brothers. And they picked a great year to do it twenty twenty the year and they would have got to for everybody right. I feel that way like You know people who are nominated for awards the GDP. It could be this year for whatever reason you're like so excited because your big thing is happening after years of working than fucking isn't it makes it makes me feel for them that's there. I think they're doing a digital like prerecorded. Gd CEO thing for a friend of the show. Kim Swish was gonNA hosted. Ucr's I was very excited to go and watch the show. Matthew Burns was nominated for an idea man. Well so yes so. I think they're still going to be doing the award. So but you know what I mean like. It's still it would suck if it was the year you got nominated for thing. I really sucked or even the year you won and then you're like wanted to. Gd And podcast interviews. Go and talk to people on. Gd Is my favorite. I Love Garni three every I love seeing people hanging out with people the sex all around and then it really sucks for the people who are relying on both of these events for business deals so to finish what I was saying before the second part of the three is the show floor and we typically and fans have really think of the show floor as like the parts where Nintendo as big booth and everybody goes and plays animal crossing whatever metro prime for and so he's over here we're here and they're all these different places and you can go round and you wait on line three hours to play a game for ten minutes and it's all just a miserable experience. Really three is behind the scenes. And I've wanted to do this story. A story like this forever where it's like the part of the three that you don't see we're allies shadow. Someone going from business meaning business. Meaning but a lot of the times It'll be like publishers. Meaning retailers and retailers are like what should we put in the front of target this or random pitch meetings and executives meaning about some random business deals seeing console presentation seeing games? That aren't actually on the show floor because they're not actually announced yet that I've been once in a while to is like you'll have builds of games then. Nobody knows about Just being shown secretly by machines that he three and then I think most importantly is not so indie developers. Making pitches usually happens a lot more than it does it. He three although it does happen. Any three but what really happens is just the networking like you're at the Marriott and downtown La and you get to meet the guy who happens to do publishing deals at Sony and then you turn around and you're like Oh hey it's Phil Spencer Oleg Vincent Pella. Oh look it's Kim says it's whoever rate and and just making those face to face connections as someone who works in Games. There wants to work in gains or covers games or whatever is just so vital and valuable and it's the amount of damage that is going to happen as a result of this not happening. It's just like hard to even imagine. Yeah I do want to interject that you said three was two things and I was thinking. Why can't he? Three three things began should really be three things. And then you said two things which were the press conferences and the show floor. And then he said networking so it is. Three three is three things. I think three is three things in that. It's an electronics. Entertainment expand is an expo. It is those three things and yes so the and that's not even to think about the the business that is going to be lost in the surrounding areas and all the vendors come in and the security guards and these are the people who are just like the the models who work in the show floor the the booth staff who get hired the actors and the the caterers and all these are the people whose lives are suddenly effected. Were relying on this kind of income. I saw articles like this about south by southwest. And how is just GonNa like upend Austin's economy? I imagine the same sort of thing will happen for downtown. La for three and it's all just really really sad. It's just such an unfortunate situation all out and even though I think it's fair to say that e three has been struggling and just kind of a mess for a lot of different reasons is. This is still unfortunate. I don't think anyone really wanted to see it. Go and I don't think anyone really wanted to see. Go like this. So yeah it's it's just a bummer. Are you guys in? You know I like you three. I think it's fun. I understand why people enjoy. They like the press conferences. It's just you know your average. A person who plays video games is into to me. This is a more than a bummer. I mean this is a huge. This is really really concerning because it's a visible sign of all of the havoc. That's currently being wreaked under the surface of the entire global economy. I mean we're we're talking about this in terms of like Coachella isn't happening like you said. South by South West isn't happening. These are all like big public events. That like you said have their own sub economies but there's so much stuff that has even related to those events even in the way that e is related to video games than deals are done like right now if everyone is working from home. Who's making I duNno whatever. Choose your super huge video game. That's going to launch alongside the playstation five. Like suddenly. They'll have to work from home for two months. That's going to change everything. Not just you know. Delay the game or whatever but like it's going to lead to so much lost revenue it's going to. It's really crazy experience studios this. I've been talking to a lot of people are setting up like infrastructure so that their people can work from home and get on the piano. Whatever I know Bungee Bungie. Just send everybody home preparing. Yeah I'm sure they're doing their best. But it's really difficult to do that especially at the totally used to just walking down the Hallway. Your your pal and the cubicle next to you like interfacing that way and then suddenly have to work from home. I mean like I work from home all the time. I'm completely used to it but I I didn't use to and it was a big transition for me to go from working in a newspaper office for many years to working from home all the time like do now. I can't even imagine like you're used to work in creative environment with a huge team people. You're very used to in person. Meetings really fast turnaround on your told like every single person in this office has to work from home but you still need to ship a game. I mean I don't see how that doesn't result in delays or potential creative problems like it definitely does and that's like that's just the way big studios are affected. Mainly I'm just really curious. And sad about the ways that middle and smaller studios and developers are going to be affected by something like this not just because of the networking but because of like just orienting their time around these events and planning for it and relying on these events to show their games and the whole infrastructure behind these events. Like even if you don't go to them like even just knowing somebody at Gd who could take your game or e three or whatever and like take it with them and or network on your behalf like so much of the gaming calendar revolves around. Eat three that I'm just like I don't even really know what the calendar looks like. Now offer games like. I don't know what that's going to be like. This isn't GonNa be really fucking weird. I WanNa just respond to your point earlier amounting and I actually think there's a bright side so all of this which is so I didn't say this earlier I mentioned but I have finished a rough draft of my.

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