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"phil rucker biden" Discussed on The 11th Hour with Brian Williams

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"phil rucker biden" Discussed on The 11th Hour with Brian Williams

"Of all. Fatalities are. Adults each of the last five years. The flu resulted in more deaths of those other eighteen. We believe many school districts can now reopen safely. You've got to open up we got open up our schools and open up our businesses. We should look into that fatality rate here with our leadoff discussion on a Wednesday. Night Philip Rucker Pulitzer Prize winning White House Bureau chief for the. Washington Post and Co author along with his very stable colleague Carol leg of the bestselling book a very stable genius. Shannon Petty Piece Veteran Journalists Senior? White. House. Reporter for Russell NBC News Digital and Dr More Tuesda actor clinical professor at. Arizona's University College of Medicine in Phoenix I'll get it out. He also has expertise in how racial inequality in our society and income inequality affect longevity jetty at long last good evening, and welcome to all of you Shannon Year there on the beat and we can't be. Is it as obvious to you that the president seems to be casting about for a way to go after? This new woman on the ticket of that the whole world had time to prepare for Well people inside the trump campaign. Certainly New Harris was a possible candidate. They had a lot of pre-prepared material videos ready to put out on her but what they didn't have was a really cohesive message instead they had really a bipolar message between she is too tough on crime and. was locking up inmates inappropriately the prosecutor to us she's too soft on crime and wants to de-fund the police and will contribute to this. Narrative, they're painting of a crime and law and order being lost under a Democratic president. Along the lines of attack that the trump campaign has been really not against her are these sane exact ones they have used against every Democrat for well over a year, and that is trying to tie whoever the Democratic rival is to the far left wing of the Party and essentially scare independent voters into thinking that they will lose their healthcare. LOSE THEIR CARS lose their safety EPA Democrats in the White House, and that strategy could potentially be effective if someone from. The far left wing of the party was on the ticket. But instead, you have a brock Obama's vice president and a career prosecutor and senator on the ticket who they simultaneously want to paint as part of this establishment. Washington regime. So it's real whiplash messaging. They have failed to really land on a message that can tap into Biden's poll numbers in at least as of now, they don't appear to have a real cohesive one at that is doing any damage to Harris. And indeed, Phil Rucker Biden and Harris come right out at the president for his calamitous response to the pandemic and two of viewer in a way he played into that with his daily briefing, which always seems to be a briefing on a pandemic unlike the one we're living. becks right Brian. This is, of course, a president who's been prone. To magical thinking throughout this pandemic and in fact, has promoted a magical jurors but he He consumes data that's different than than the facts that we all see. We see case it's going to we see deaths going up, we see the US lagging behind So many other countries around the world and to hear trump tell the story You know he thinks the response here has been great. In fact, he calls it his story and wonderful that he should be getting plotted for that and. That's not what the science shows. That's not what the data show and that's certainly not what candidates Biden and Harris were arguing today on the campaign trail where they really laid out the case against trump and Harrison particular used skill as a prosecutor to make a very sharp and coach prosecution the president than I assume we're gonNA hear amplify all of next week during the Democratic National Convention. Hey Dr your reaction to hearing the president say that schools should be open because they should open in September and in releasing the list of guidelines. Today mask-wearing was number seven out of eight. Yeah at the very least what come out anti ask I guess but encouraging masks different from requiring them. We know how effective masks are a and we know that if you just tell people that as a guideline, they'll often not follow We've seen this and the different states in our country where people have guidelines versus requirements versus do what you want, and clearly it's not a coincidence which states have the highest case the Kobe to send kids back to school I think in some places. Okay. But we actually have some pretty. Good metrics for when it's OK and clearly we've seen the failures of some states including Georgia I'm controlling this and so for him to say listen everybody go back to school. When we clearly have control the pandemic is appalling an not to get too political but his last campaign message was to make America. Great. Again, most Americans just want to make America safe again. Shannon petty piece a true Cunanan on conspiracy believer won her primary in a very conservative Georgia district. Lot Of folks are saying she is headed for the House of Representatives. The president tweeted out this congratulations to future Republican Star. Marjorie Taylor Green on a big congressional primary win in Georgia against very tough and smart opponent. Marjorie is strong on everything and never gives up a real winner Shannon. This puts him at odds with some in his own party including some leaders on the Republican side on the hill. He's at odds on. So many things right now with people in his own party, particularly those on the hill like when it comes to trying to pass some sort of stimulus package. The. The president Obviously, you would like to see Republicans take back the House that's probably not going to happen despite. It's You know the this candidate wins in Georgia. The Senate is now at risk. and. There is this yeah. Balancing Act right now between everyone on the hill about how close to align themselves with the president that no one seems to really figure themselves out at. So yes coming out openly endorsing. A Cuban on conspiracy theory supporter I mean the president has himself a tweeted shoot on the conspiracy theories of so exact completely out of line but certainly one more divide between him and almost all its own party in the Senate. And at your own risk, we urge our viewers who have never gotten Q. on thing to look up exactly what it is they believe in. Hey fill our friends over at the recount have noticed a certain sameness to the president's corona virus briefings will play this as put together by them discuss on the other side. The United. States is now conducted more than Suzy. Are than any of. The DNA Neil America's largest accurate population one point five million residents homes about five times, five times. The European countries are on track to rapidly one, hundred, million assume student they've. Group, we've delivered over one thousand, eight, hundred rapid point of care testing devices..

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