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"phil mr davis" Discussed on The MMA Hour with Ariel Helwani

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"phil mr davis" Discussed on The MMA Hour with Ariel Helwani

"For the show. Five years and i need i need to stop intimidating opponents away from between the wings for unite. So this moorish. Other people can come in and i need i need. I'm a peacock you gotta let me fly mad. Well we're we have a lot to discuss. Jed talks next week. That's for sure at the followed of this card We will get you ready for. Ufc vegas thirty seven which is on the road. You have see sixty six which is a really good card. Of course you've got thirty seven that's headlined right. Now it has fifteen frigging fights at spent i ryan span the main event. Imagine meshu your decision to make on saturday decision to mate because on one channel you get span versus anthony smith on the other channel the bella tour debut of yoel romero taking on phil davis same night same coast. You have season vegas bella tours back in san jose we get the we finally get. Y'all romero the best middleweight. In the world in your mind biting at two. Oh five. Against phil mr davis. It is at the top. Because i i have three things going on. 'cause i also have the football game that he to take on south carolina state And we should beat them. South rona has ruining the best laid plans of football and the most inconvenient times so i will also backing contending put yes. It's we'll talk about it. I love you l. but there's nobody less interesting to watch them. Phil davis so even after the -nam cockfight from a broken clock today but he won the the davis over marrow. Fai i am fully prepared to be fighting. I need that highly seriously. Well we will preview the potential worse. We've ever seen right here next week on between the links back to normal. Less chaos confined. Find anyone who wants to step up and take a challenge. I think we could find somebody. I don't know it'll be called the but maybe we can make a figure out. Maybe you read about you. Want jose having battled a while have you. I mean it's hard to look. It's like israel. I decide it's hard to care about facing jose there brunson young already booked him so many times in some fashions that it's just a difficult so you know what maybe i'll just. Maybe i'll retire until my good buddy. Paul becoming come on we can. We can crack a beer And.

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