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"phil highway berkley" Discussed on KQED Radio

"Thank you this is NPR news it's five twenty nine were checking traffic again Julie's doing it we're going to the North Bay this time I still there the Cleary's stages northbound one a one eight east Washington you've got a couple of vehicles there on the right shoulder maybe a little slow back to lay Phil highway Berkley closure continues they have University Avenue shut down between six read an interstate eighty this morning's hit and run crash the University Avenue off ramps are also closed in both directions and the loss of brake lights going northbound seventeen from alma bridge up to Saratoga Los Gatos road to the deputy for KQED and traffic support comes from European sleep works support for KQED comes from geico protecting people and their vehicles for over seventy five years ago is proud to offer emergency roadside service to bay area drivers learn more at geico dot com or one eight hundred nine four seven auto good evening almost the time is five thirty it's KQED news I'm recovery of Dylan a group of black parents went to their school board to declare an educational state of emergency last week to call attention to the achievement gap between African American students and others and to demand action this happened at the west Contra Costa unified school district board meeting the time is now not tomorrow not two years not five years not some day no more promises no more hold no more dreams.

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