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"phil helmes" Discussed on The Bernard Lee Poker Show

"Yes, the attendance was down, like you said, about 20, 30%. But that's primarily because you're European players couldn't come over. Unless they were the real committed ones who spent two weeks prior to kind of get into the country through Mexico or Canada or whatever it was. Thank God Cory Alden did that where I did that or else we wouldn't have a new champ. But I think that the only the difference, as I said, plain wise, I don't think it really felt much of a difference. First of all, whether you had 90 tables or a 110 tables, how are you going to feel the difference? But I think the difference that you felt was the outside events, right? I knew of years where people literally made their summer living playing sitting goes. And the sitting goes were just packed every single day. The lines after line after line. And I remember going by one time and there were three of them going. And I was like, wow. Satellites were canceled, unfortunately. Cash games were going. I think that if there was one thing that was still there, cash games were still going. Daily tournaments, which we have seen in the thousands, which we have seen first prizes of 20 $30,000, those were down as well. So I think that the events themselves, which, of course, is really the center of the World Series. They went off very well. I think the extraneous stuff, not so much. And understandably, like, if you're going to go to the World Series and be a spectator or play cash or play these dailies, why are you going to go this year? This isn't the year to do it, right? All of us we're trying to win a bracelet. We're going to go. You give us a vaccine mandate. We're going. So I think that, like you said, a success. Absolutely success. And I like your statement. I think it might have been better than they expected, because it could have been what some people feared was just going to blow up and it did so. Good to the World Series. Great that we had a successful 2021. And of course, 2022 is right around the corner. There were a lot of stories. Let's talk about the main event. Obviously, that was a lot of stories in and of itself. Especially with all the coverage, but there were a lot of stories at the World Series. And let me kick it off by I think that it's the number one story. It was the guy who lives, breeze, WSOP, has said that he wants to win 24 bracelets that he will win 24 braces. This is a quote from him, not me. He picked up his 16th this year. He set a record for the most final tables with 7. He finished runner up in player of the year for unfortunately the fourth time. And, you know, he had his controversies, you know, he filled being Phil, but the poker brat is alive and well. Phil helmet an incredible run at the beginning, taking over player of the year. Had a little bit of a run at the end and finished runner up in the big pot limit overhaul to Jeremy awesomes who won his second bracelet. Daniel finishing third and Daniel and Phil finishing two three ultimately to Josh Ari incredible what Phil helmes did. Congratulations to him picking up his 16th bracelet. And I will say guys I'm going to take another one here, sorry..

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