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Manafort defense grills star witness about extramarital affair, embezzlement

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Manafort defense grills star witness about extramarital affair, embezzlement

"Huff, WBZ news our top story this hour thunderstorms hitting parts of the region central Massachusetts among. Them meantime nearly forty, five hundred are without power, across the state about twenty five hundred of them in Gardner someone Worcester waiting. For their water, service took it back to normal director of water and sewer operations for the city Phil Garron says it could be later this evening at follows. A water main break, near shore drive because of the it was such a massive loss of water in the. Short, time it did cause pressure, drops in, a lot. Of the higher elevations and the higher hills Worcester So. We've got the break, shut off now so the, pressure is slowly restoring self our water tanks drain down completely you know they're. Refilling no word yet on what caused the water main break cancer returns to Red Sox broadcaster Jerry Remy who will be taking some time off while he undergoes. Treatment these fans spoke, with WBZ TV it's terrible it's a sad situation in I just hope the best for him A main contributor to the Boston Red Sox hosting and being on TV I mean that's, why we all tune in all the time this is the. Sixth time roaming has been diagnosed with cancer polls closed in Ohio this hour and are closely watched. Special election for a house seat CBS has Ed O'Keefe, tells us the contest between Republican Troy Balderstone democrat Danny O'Connor is very tight if the president's approval is, indeed slipping and places like this Republican, loss will cause grave concern for the, party nationwide especially given the sustained strength of the economy Democrats point out there are dozens, of districts across the. Country where the. President won by less in two thousand sixteen. So if they win tonight that potential, democratic congressional takeover we've been talking. About could, be far bigger in November at the Paul Manafort tax and Bank fraud trial his former deputy and. Star, government witness Rick gates is grilled by the defense the defense quickly. Turned the questioning to what one. Of the. Lawyers called gates is quote, secret life and affair he was having In London England and. Elsewhere in, Europe gates had already acknowledged that he embezzled money. For Manafort while helping him allegedly hide assets overseas the defense is accusing gates of. Using the embezzled money to carry on the relationship abroad gates also. Said it was quote possible that he submitted personal expenses to be reimbursed, while he was working on. The Trump inaugural committee alley Rogan ABC news Washington US tariffs on sixteen billion dollars worth of Chinese imports ago customs, officials will begin collecting that twenty-five percent tax August twenty third. A teenager drowns in westward Corey police say the seventeen year old jumped into the water at Merrill's. Quarry struggled while swimming and one under his name has, not been released seventeen wildfires continue burning in California the state's largest ever blaze the Mendocino complex fire could, burn for the rest of the month, CBS John Blackstone tells us smoke is, having an impact there are new worries about air quality smoke clouds wafting from the fires, are carrying a toxic. Mix of gas And fine particles from. Burning plants and trees that combined with record breaking heat. Is causing unhealthy breathing conditions across much, of the, west in all fourteen thousand firefighters are battling blazes across California WBZ news time eight oh three traffic and weather together the Subaru retailers of, New England all-wheel-drive traffic on the threes Mike king what's happening yeah Don. A, tough ride on route three southbound down through Duxbury a two mile. Backup with roadwork setting up down after route fourteen that stretches down to one lane with, that work setting up tonight well, the expressway southbound is stop and go massive down. Past south bay it's good after that northbound you'll be on the brakes as you pass over neponset circle but it's better farther north now one twenty. Eight good. From Weston down. To Braintree no delays there downtown Storrow drive eastbound. Back near, the longfellow bridge that backup. Continues on the Leverett upper and. The lower deck and the Tobin bridge you're fine all the airport tunnels are wide open up north of. The city one twenty-eighth good, Waltham up into Wakefield no delays on Rwanda. And ninety three is all clear up into Andover as for the mass turnpike. You're moving right along from west Newton now towards four ninety five Mike king WBZ's twenty four hour. Traffic network Danielle Niddle joins us now with The four. Day WBZ AccuWeather forecast while we. Are still tracking a line of some shower and thunderstorm activity, that is. At least? A, weakening hero compared to about a half an hour ago but we're still seeing some pockets of some locally heavy rainfall stretching, from Lowell up to Portsmouth we are looking at some more scattered shower. And, thunderstorm activity now back through central Massachusetts going forward here we are. Going to see scattered showers and storms about here through the evening hours tonight way dry, out later on it'll be a, warm sticky night the low seventy four tomorrow a. Mixture of sun and clouds with a shower heavy gusty thunderstorm around for the afternoon and that continues into the evening hours tomorrow night as well what. The possibilities. Some localized flash. Flooding some damaging winds also possibility late in the. Day tomorrow, or high eighty six low. Tomorrow night Seventy-three similar shower thunderstorm. In the area Thursday mostly in the morning high eighty six and for Friday mostly sunny and nice looking. Day again with a high, of eighty six amac you weather meteorologist Danielle..

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