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"phil collins david" Discussed on Harmontown

"I don't remember i just remember him very early on because saying like a group in a whorehouse so it's not a big deal of seeing all sorts of shit so it's crazy that'd be a guy along with freddie mercury herald ramos i know where this is going to you know phil collins david ma'am it's lee major there there there there's a short category of people this this is unfair to like i'd like to tweak history and keep them around they could have done us a lot of are they making a list of who's a guys he would have sex with nervous nervous laughter though i already i had my i listed my it was company george michael and who else was it peter i can't remember yeah peter england's don't don't don't me i'm not fucking homophobic now i'm not there's nothing you right now i won't even enjoy it a second dick of your body grow suck your nuts out of your look at him to you look at i won't charge you a lot so don't worry shabby use a coupon from honey stap it shutout you have any messed up with the celebrity stories you pretty light though so no random floozy so i don't talk to anybody but i did i was drunk at a party i went up to brad durham used to fuck crate and blade you gotta do more shit like that anyway and walked away and i was like.

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