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2 years on, Brexit vote has taken a toll on UK economy


01:45 min | 5 years ago

2 years on, Brexit vote has taken a toll on UK economy

"Brought to you by the national highway traffic safety administration and the ad council democrats across texas have converged on fort worth mold the future of their party any political convention it's about platforms and issues and candidates but this year the texas democratic convention is unlike any other this is not a republican state it's a nonvoting say we need people to come to the puck come out of the polls and vote dallas county judge clay jenkins knows the challenge democrats see bitter aurora as a new hope but even he got half the bill the ted cruz got in the primaries the democratic primary you have the people that are the most progressive and in the republican primary the most conservative the most people in vote in the general election didn't even vote in the primary democrats feel energized it's a year they are confident they can win phil alvarado at fox tv affiliates katya fw thousands protesting in london questioning the outcome of breakfast and they wanna say in it organizers say they want the government to offer a public vote on any final brexit deal the details of that deal is still being hammered out with the eu and it will be subject to a parliamentary vote but many demonstrators today say they fear the deal might not be the best outcome for the country and they want to be able to have this about it others don't clump breaks it took a toll britain's departure from the eu continues to be a divisive today as it was two years ago there was also appropriate counter protests in london today some breaks it supporters are also not happy about the progress of negotiations with the eu and appreciating the government not to compromise in london katie logan fox news.

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