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"phd career development" Discussed on Papa Phd Podcast

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"phd career development" Discussed on Papa Phd Podcast

"Welcome to another great episode of Papa PhD this week. I'm bringing you a conversation with someone who has recently made the transition from her PhD to the non-academic job market has done so into the PHD Career Development and recruitment domain during our conversation Rebecca mammen, not only recounted her experience exploring career Avenues during her PhD and not getting that transition, but she also shared valuable insights based on her research and on her recruiting experience working in an organization that focuses exclusively on phds off and remember stay tuned until the end for the podcast Discovery segment where I'll be presenting you to new podcasts play anthropology and dear grad student. Enjoy the show off. Really, you know the interview is just to find out about you, right? They already see your skills on your CV. So I am in the habit of preparing about four or five different Source stories and just making notes of what those stories are and my notebook before I start the interview and sometimes the question might be different. It might be like a challenge or they might say like, you know, what is a time when you had a disagreement like the question might change but usually the themes are pretty similar so they want to know the way that you act in certain situations. So having you know, I prepare those ahead of time and they're super helpful and interviews. Welcome to Papa.

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