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"pharrell agassi" Discussed on Riggle's Picks with Rob Riggle & Sarah Tiana

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"pharrell agassi" Discussed on Riggle's Picks with Rob Riggle & Sarah Tiana

"You watch i tanya the did you watch that movie oh yes yeah it was that after i saw that i have a much bigger appreciation for ice skating in ornery or i think ice scooters or absolute uh highly trained in condition athletes oh yeah i mean there's there's no messing around with that what is weird to me is the announcers johnny weir tara lipinski is that her name gifts given me that thumbs up us because he's a huge johnny are fan someone's someone posted a picture of them it said is this the hunger him that's probably it is so weird like they just get we're weirder it's like she is getting weirder in weird or because of him pulling occur into this weird word'some yeah i mean announcers for the olympic that is so difficult that's a lot of people from foreign countries to try to figure out stuff on with a clearly experts in ice skating you mean they are there fantastic pharrell agassi won gold i think you're right the gold medallist so they know the world there's no i think they're great commentators the world of ice scott yeah they don't know geopolitics belarus fashion an ice skating hurry but it's a flamboyant look lord i mean it's definitely need somebody i saw the editor there was a there's a male ice skater i guess that like said something about trump and everybody got mad at him online but then um sally field is trying to set her son up with him and she's like on on twitter she's like i think he's so handsome go for it and he's like mom.

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