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Solving The Stress Cycle

Food for Thought

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Solving The Stress Cycle

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I'm Rianne Lambert registered nutritionist bestselling author of Renard a simple way to eat well and founder of re Trish London's leading private nutrition clinic. In each site I'll be joined by special guests. All of him can be considered authoritative voices in health so that together we commend fact from fiction and empower the healthiest happiest versions of ourselves with trusted. Expert Advice. Navigating stress can be challenging at the best times and now in the midst of a global pandemic with concerns for our health and finances were all facing a new set of worries stresses ingrained in our world and day to day lives, and while this might sound overwhelming if we learned to understand it, we can then hopefully break the stress cycle. So. This meets food for thought sees Pharmacist Tunnel for Dr David Hamilton and I explore what stress ready is how we can control it and intern combated Hello David Hi there how are you today of? Thank you for asking I am very very well thank you how about yourself a really good. been working on morning on the bookwork in. Mathematics in Part Team University degree in Maths and physics. So I I was working or not this morning as well. So it's been. A multi tasking morning. Feeling that sounds incredibly strenuous. So just destroying your mind further today. I'm talking about strengthened kindness and self esteem missiles, things today, and let's start by a stat that I wanted to bring up. So research has shown that if adults in the UK. That work seems to be riches convenience through what you just said the biggest stress factor. Now, do you think this could be where businesses are perhaps maybe going wrong in terms of health of their employees and how they looking after them Yeah I think different companies have different different ways of looking at us, I think some companies. Don't really either notice or it's not so much of a big deal. The stresses experienced by employees it is other companies the new of a s really much. Something that they really have ongoing programs like stress management, Magma volt in a couple of companies. Where we've actually look to closing the culture of kindness really as an antidote to stress I think, varies from one company to the next and I think it's just the. You. Know. How How. Much I. I guess the the company not really notices a what's happening with employees in Ho what the Anita? Exactly exactly and I know you do a lot of work as well in the area of even being kind to one enough and the fact that. I the way we speak to one another as well as noticing the effects of stress because there's different types of stress isn't that that can affect us and how we talk to each flea could be a factor the definitely I mean but we have you know what you call acute stress the stuff that just happens. Because of something, maybe even something not necessarily this happened but your your perception, your perspective on on something here the way you look at something for example, and then you get a law of was what you might call episode stress. You may get a lot of a stressor, a succession of them and I think if these we hand and then stress becomes almost a hobby is. Something that you've experienced a law. Then we call that chronic stress and so and that's when I think that's when you stop to associate when people talk about the impact of stress on our health. I think in general we we're more more thinking of the impact of chronic stress can along term stuff that that really does occupy much of our psyche, but really has stone physiological effect. Exactly. I think the physiological is. Is what I think most people will be able to notice more perhaps in terms of what symptoms they they can feel. Could you just list a few perhaps that people could be aware of to note of? Despite my my job, my job era, right a lot of books on mind body connection covering Strasser eight books and Kanus and self esteem. But I have struggled a lot in my own life with with stress and anxiety, and for me the both feel linked an anxiety as for many people. A mentor emotional, a scientific supporters of stress but on a physical level depending on the person, some people end up shallow breathing. How many people do you know who don't notice that the not breathing women under stress? oftentimes, we forget to breathe and you look if you don't notice all of a sudden you food yourself. Good. And you take a gulp of breath because you've actually forgotten to breathe over shallow breathing because whole upper body let the muscles become really taints. So muscular tension for many people as a symptom especially tension in your jaw grinding the teeth but then deeper inside the body what we gay as a suppression of in function meaning that the immune system is less able to. To counteract ought to deal with many of the organizational Kohl's. The occasional pathogens that calmer, and then also you know increases in blood pressure even long time. If you take into the long term, then it begins, it can really impact a person's county vascular health. So we can. We can get ultimately you up of of inflammation and the blood vessels which can long-term elite to increase risks. I should say or things, attack and stroke. So I guess stress is a load to continue in chronic sense for a long period of time I think that's when we see more of the physical or physiological detrimental. Effects of now completely, and if that's the physical side, what about a psychological side? How do you identify that? I think I can speak from my own expediency of because an pasta I have struggled with depression in a number, a number of years ago, and it was not to stress in my life. I? Mean there's different ways people can have different depression that can they of depression for a variety of different reasons from genetic from? Genetic influence life experience or for chemical imbalances is a number of reasons. But for some people, it can be an accumulation, almost an overload of stress and for me passionately, it was an overload of stresses a happening at the same time. The I didn't feel able to cope with a at the time and another symptom iheart psychological was anxiety and it's something I have had to deal with even despite as I say despite my job a writer and in this field anxiety is something that has. prompted. His head up numerous teams and it's something that I almost get used to that. When it comes I know that go away and so I don't give it that much attention because it just dissipates again but but. Depression, are psychological a symptoms of stress for of people edit editor ability you frustration all these. Momentary. The ways that we respond to the strategies can be through eligibility of frustration and almost like a you know a build up. The pressure cooker will descriptions release it you know oftentimes people it's an it's an outburst that comes opposite accumulation of stress. We're not able to deal with the symptoms when they arrive in the ways that we can moderate the effects of these things. But if we don't attempt to moderate the really can build up and that's when you get a build up of psychological and frazee logical. Effects Yeah. The pressure cooker analogy is is really good. Actually economic theory with the steam the steam rising. I think we've all been there one hundred percent and that's what's so interesting about this topic in this discussion today that it does impact everybody I. Mean I think they can physically be a person out there that has not experienced a fraction anxiety or stress in their lives so. More so than ever I suppose because we're living in a time. With such increased uncertainty I mean. I consider myself fairly resilient and I'm really feeling it at the moment not I just think this can be having such a significant impact of the moment content on our stress levels are absolutely because what we often need an lives as some sort of feeling of control like these are things I can't control in my life for many people having a sense of control even if it's just control over. You're mood or some of the things that you're doing in your life. Those for many people are sources of Comfort Comfort these these are almost support that we can lean on and our lives, but when you have a timeless onset. And we don't feel that we have the same degree of control that can knock a lot of people and I think this constitution has knocked a lot of people a for sex and some of stop perception of not just loss of known Malibu. But let's loss of control of even some of the smaller things in our lives. And less social interaction and all of their it really I tend to find that you mentioned earlier breathing. Does he breathed now to take a moment. Just. A lovely big breath is something that I definitely don't solve and I know when I do I kind of focus on that square box thing I try and describe me you go up one side and he tried to make square out of your breathing in out and out. Do you have any useful like practicing mindfulness meditation that you'd recommend to everybody? Yes. I meditate every day and the simplest way of meditate. I can. What I'm talking to people who've never meditated thank of meditation as. I, use an analogy like going to the gym or landing. Let's see. You want to run a ten K and what you do is you practice you train for look if I was to start training my leg muscles on my arms or something let's say I was. Doing a particular exercise. Then as I walked out that muscle two things happen a the muscle becomes firmer. And then it becomes larger. And something similar happens in the brain way you know just breathe Hugh succeed when you notice that breathing is what you're doing and that ultimately as a simple form of meditation everyone breathes but let's see you to notice you bring your attention to the fact that you're breathing. Another wants your becoming mindful of the fact that you're breathing the moment I become mindful over I technically working out a particular region of the brain one of the main regions of the brain that gets worked out when I breathe and become mindful that that's what I'm doing as the idiot above the I is called the prefrontal cortex and just like a muscle becomes fun but and Lodger. When you walk so too does this part of the blame become firmer and logic and oversee Muda scientists don't call it muscle growth they call noodle plasticity, but the idea is similar. That frontal part of the brain, just like a muscle becomes for more powerful so that frontal part of the brain becomes more powerful and therefore everything that you use that part of the brain for the things that that part of the brain is involved and becomes easy and one of the area. Some of the areas involved is self control being able to manage stress being able to be resilient regardless of what seems to be happening in your environment not that team even been able to override knee-jerk emotions. knee-jerk negative emotions and so I find when I put it in that context, the breathing and just noticing that you're doing it it certainly helps people to realize that by understanding the analogy of the muscles you realize that you actually have to train and so to become better. Dealing with stress, you actually have to notice it. You're breathing more often. That's when meditate things like meditation even yoga a common because you're noticing breathing on a regular basis sorts, your training to attain key and becoming better at running or training to left a particular ways so. I think long term the ability to manage stress if you take, this can approach is related to. Practice that we do of breathing and noticing what you're not balks believing that you you talked about that such a good version you breathe for account CEO of four or five or more or less, and you hold it for the same you breathe out for the same jubilation and then you hold it for the judicial species, four phases being held for same duration and what you're really doing their azure having yet the entirety of your focus on the fact that you're. Breathing, there's different ways that we can breathe different breeding techniques, but ultimately, what unites all of them as your attention is on the breath during that team. So you're walking out this part of the brain. The prefrontal CORTEX is five making better to be able to manage yourself. Yeah. I when you when you were speaking then I was practicing and just breathing listing and I was just thinking. This is really something that is key is being aware because there are so many. Little things that happen every single day I think little stressors that people don't realize I guess perhaps if we're aware of them, like you said with the pressure cooker, you're able to just acknowledge it. And deal with it in a better way because it's like people just don't notice and then it does bode up and in many ways I guess. There's micro stresses. The tiny ones can be much worse for our house because the things that just don't go why aren't they in the long run loosen things that accumulate is just like you know an analogy, you might think Kovas. You've left your top dripping in this into the sink, but you've also left to plug in. Enough and you don't notice the top is dropping. And for a while that isn't really anything she normal pattern, you get frustrated at a terrible things and you just don't notice it but eventually. Because the the top the plug is in the saint. Eventually, the water spills over the top of your saying, and that's when you start getting collateral damage to your your your what your floors, the other things in your catching when things begin to accumulate because we've not done anything to take the plug of the site if we manage to to even. Take the plug a level boat sank in the drops go right down the saint but it's when we leave plugged. Then we have new awareness of overselves no awareness of how we dealing with the low micro stresses as the bell dot the not win the Saint begins to overflow and we get the collateral damage I e the chronic physiological consequences of stress. Some people are most apt they could you break down why perhaps that may Juno you said something earlier, I think that we we must the social interaction with humans are biologically why out for connection we absolutely need it in general hundreds of years ago. One of the worst punishments someone who'd committed a crime, one of the worst punishments they could get was to be banished. And many of them because alone and the the biology screaming out for interaction, many of them are in. The stories of the past you know hundreds of years ago would spend with actually Campo on the outskirts of the city of the timing or the village desperate to get back in and some of them with end up losing like trying to get back in because we crave connection. Yeah. Some people lake solitude, the vast majority of. Those need the physical interaction. And so when that is deprived Is Really hard to think under this claim for people who've put hops live alone or who who don't have not been able to get any form of connection even using technology exists more or facetime. It's very, very hard because the body and the psyche then began to suffer one of the antidote one. Maybe, not so much an anti-doping at least that can help. As part of the biological in genetic wiring is also the same a guest genentech's that makes us kind by nature. You know the the gene for the gene most associated with kindness is one of the oldest in the human genome but five hundred, million years old and four and a half days now talking four and a half days but. It's A five, hundred, million years old but it's also, but it's also the same gene that's involved no need for for connection. So one of the things that we can do it because it's the same process, it's the same situation, the body connection and kindness as we can focus on even though I don't have the direct physical contact I crave as some ways that I could opt by kindness and compassion for could I reach out? Could I look? For opportunities whether it's just packing up four and and check in some the whole you feeling how you doing or whether it's just noticing that someone has needs and the moment or along Tamin and asking yourself as anything I can do to help in some ways because it stimulate in the same systems of the body and some with up can kindness for others can actually relieve some of the needs we have for connection. Yeah. A hundred percent. It's almost like an yeah. The way we're built in the way we designed the way the body needs to function plays such a huge role, but we live in a world now that doesn't always support support that even before cove, I would say, perhaps the invention also, of technology. Is something that should be considered as well. I mean something a lot of people want to know I mean listen to US chatting and they'll be like. Well, what can I do? You know? How do I even how to combat that see we've mentioned breathing. But what did they do if they're stuck in this technological world where we are a bit more say she isolated or can everybody day? I think. You know reach. We can use technology and some ways to an advantage. You know zoom has free accounts but also things like facetime what's up video Kohl's see just seeing sahlins face and real time helps I i. know it's not the same but with within the constraints that we have to Levin at the Moment Ed, the question we have to ask ourselves is whole. Kaanai do within these constraints and even having the the real live federal of someone's face having a conversation when when I talked to say Mama Dada. My one of my sister I've got three sisters and one of them a just face thanked me the other day there and it was really great because of. An attains moment of writing and all of a sudden up comes face statements may youngest sister, Len and it just lighten the pressure and it may just it was nice just to communicate in real time and also see the person's face. You know. So being on the other side, I knew her nice that felt so being on the other side, what can we do for others? We can actually noticed am I reaching out? To people as often as I could am I checking in with family and friends and asking them they're doing even just forming a we chat just. See how they're doing just to really have a chocolate. You would do when you bump into someone in the quarter. Just, trying to find ways of doing these kind of things more. So in essence we can within the constraints we have to live and we can. We can use technology that we have to service dot cannonade and I think just the visual perception of people live in real titans good. But even just lessening on a foreign if you don't have access to that technology is stole nicest Oh feel that you still feel a connection even if it's not a physical biological. Pot carved listen throw. As this is the court. This is why for us? That's I think focusing on the positives here. Really lovely. Lovely way. because. Kindness goes a long way. Positively it's not just our relationships with one another with ourselves isn't it or abs absolutely you know. We often forget to be to ourselves. Actually. We saw most people find it quite easy and natural to help other people. But if you if you try to on any words, most of it don't even know what Kanye Mr Means An. An nutshell is really just being aware that you also have needs canister. Yourself doesn't mean kanus yourself. Instead of others it just means as well as you know not to forget. About yourself you know. So one of the things I passionately do when I get. Overwhelmed with what volume one of the against my stressors have to be aware over his I often get overwhelmed were just a large number of things I'm having to simaltaneously do just because of I guess my job might my career my work if you call it. And And so I do because time seems like a major commodity for me then I find that if someone in my family or close circle of friends needs my help on my time, I always find for them so I say to myself keep being kind to myself can I extend that to me and so what I do is I go into my Diet And a block away over time, it might be thought piano. It might be a whole morning or a D. and meeting with self I should write to audit missing self just like I would see you know meeting with X. Y., or Z. and meeting with self enough in my diary and for me, it gives it the same Gravitas as a meeting with someone else, and it's like me saying to my depot psyche, the I Mata in my time for me kindness to myself maters just as much as that mottos mate. Came to someone else me other people can became to themselves in other ways but that's what I do personally because that's something that's very specific to my normal set of circumstances. Kanus to yourself could be definite for someone else looked in a treatise comfort of walk in nature and it can be anything. But for me, that's that's the one thing that I find is really helpful. I've popped out of my diary. Meeting with myself. In my diary, my project manager Bay is going to be like what it's in your diary. That's very, very important I really like that. I think checking in on how you're feeling because we are so busy. We don't ever take a moment to stop and then how on earth, but we meant to even recognize lot Moretti discussed the feeling. Decipher if it's feeling fact in that moment in time and then action it and work out how we're going to proceed forward with it. If we don't even check in with ourselves, I think that's makes. Perfect sense because lots of people talk about practicing self love and but I think it's more difficult to do isn't it than a simplistic of oil? Maybe I wash my hair today but that Quite what self love is about it it's more consistent practice I call I, think of self love. An inner. Of Your own worthiness in value. suction that builds over time I. Think we we often get confused. The two types of self esteem, self love and self esteem. You can enter change one version of self esteem of self love and this is what I mean. There's two types of self esteem in most people get them confused. There's the external selfish team, and that's when we derive percents of worldliness in value from the successes and achievements in a life and people having a positive perception of us and we're like that. So that's old cold extent. selfishly meaning we're taking our sense of worthiness in value from stuff that's external. But as. An individual I grew up if that's the only tight you have then as your court is on shaky Neil, meaning if you've hung your jacket on a nail. Shaky than eventually follow, and what happens is all you need is for something, extend light to shift. Look you fail at something or or something happens as law you expected or someone's opinion changes view changes attitudes towards you change his devastating because your whole sense of what value is rested upon those foundations. You have no self or antenna self esteem, which is more more what I would call self love and it's an Anna Saints of Your Own Worthiness Valley. It's not dependent upon successes an achievement or people liking you for example no, it doesn't mean that you don't want to succeed and achieve things. It doesn't even mean that you don't want people to like you. Of course you do but only human but just means that you have can enter resilience and enter warmth toward yourself. That means that when finds change in the say opinion change it's not as F- shattering because you have that little bit of. Resulting of self love that can annuities that Got I'm okay I'm still here. And so that's why I acquit as a self love and it's not something that comes in a moment events. Say It's late working the brain through meditation at takes practice. With different ways and strategies to let the almost Wyatt and so that that becomes your resting assumption about yourself. So that is you meet the world you meet the world without version of yourself, and then life is a little bit warmer. For Yourself I love that analogy it's a little bit warmer for yourself. It's true. It takes practice. It's difficult. It's not something that I'm sure you can trust yourself the even somebody that speaks about the subject doesn't make you immune to it or an expert in in dealing with it and I'd love to know your thoughts on using exercise as a tool to be a perhaps management of. How to find a way to relieve stress, I. Suppose we're talking about stress in this podcast because sometimes I defined in the rechristened clinic that exercise is abused as another punishment that's masking perhaps. But on the flip side, I mean it does make you could. Definitely say. I passed away. Of. H I find exercise so Incredibly helpful for mental health especially. You know I play. Actually I love in a weak tone in central Scotland. Cold Dunblane. Famous more recently for Andy Jamie. Murray the world number one tennis former one tennis players. Following in efforts that for years. I took up tennis for years ago in my mid forties. So. You know. It's been a steep learning curve and I'm moving up through the Dunblane tennis called leaks system. The those ninety, nine divisions in I think I'm up no these before but there's no nine to the third division impressive though while dump starting something up, it goes to show doesn't matter where when you consume anything for when I when I was forty five never picked up a tennis racket in my life. And it was a steep learning curve because most people, Dunblane tennis skull pumping, playing sense of children or at least censor teenagers. So it's been A. Steep Lennon Cup but then. Ben's about Texas is a form of exercise the also. Challenges Hi I think I you know I'm a scientist spite by trade and tennis is very scientific. So if you look it and what I mean by that is if you get some coaching, you realize there's own team different ways you can. Strike the bowl with flatten with box penwith sites Ben with top spend, you can serve in a variety of different ways that the paint upon the opponent you're playing depends on the context and it becomes very scientific but the exercise itself I at four to five hundred a week for an hour to know and a half a each time. And obviously you get you get the. adrenaline. You get endorphins as well, which which we feel good but just choosing something that can become your exercise. For example, I sat playing the League Systems and I go to coaching. With of other adults, every Wednesday night and it's just a lot of fun and light after. But when you do something that fuels part of something and other people they are, and you see notice a progression than I've I've noticed that helped my mental health because it gives me something to focus on something. I can't wait to see for improved or plate does person before last year he beat me easily let's see if I can close the gap best team and so the exercise over and above the endorphins and you get the adrenaline over and above packing a form of exercise. that. Involved with other people and you can actually see progressions. It's been great for my mental health or have to say I love that it's even an example of turning stress into a positive way because when you're playing a sport I, guess stress has a lot of negative connotations. Doesn't people always assume that stresses just negative? Yeah but but it's actually very posted five the US stress. We think of stress was distressed but the stress that we normally think of as actually distress the other formed positive stresses called used stress. We often associate use stress with exercise or you stress with laughter even because Loftus, stress in the body, but it's it's stress of laughter but exercise when it's positive as you stress in other words. It's physical stress on the body that's actually helping the body to get stronger. I mean the law when you exercise vigorously micro tears in your blood vessels, micro tears in your muscles. But these get repeated stronger than they were before, and that's why we get physically stronger and the cardiovascular system improves etc.. So. Exercises Great. Not Waste of the positive sight of is actually. Positive side of exercises that literally does not just physically but also the a similar component and the psyche build you psychologically as well as you become better at. Dealing with you know, how do I push through the from Sam trying to run this evening. Let's have pets. Run. How do I get through this pain body and you bring your psychology to and you try to figure? The next semi Ron high will get through that pain body. I know that when I get to that hell really tough. Can I run hell slightly differently the next time and then you bringing a positive attitude to that particular stressful part and distress then becomes really positive and there's a sense of exhilaration when you figure out how to get through that really difficult part. Cyanide of eighty, it's definitely I can mine mine day for matter isn't it? With so many things and we do have lots of questions from listeners for you actually David and they're really appropriate these ones and quite a feat cheese from but this one in particular right now, I think is quite interesting. So Peggy has said I live in a really busy area and I've noticed becoming strengths and she said is it is noise pollution a stress factor we haven't actually touched on noise. Absolutely is Peggy. genucel I don't how easy this this would be for you but you know the human nervous system is adopted to natural. And that means not joe surroundings means not channel the warming by adopted two is. Built up areas. Are Very, very recent, the recent experience for the human nervous system and what do you mean by a? Couple hundred. Thousand Years, absolute maximum but for most of the span of human evolution for Yawns. Ancestors loved a niche effect. The left in Savannah you know trees grass running water sums of nature in soanes of nature, and so of research has fund that even just exposing. Your nervous system I get no niche. Even a park and just noticing the trees and noticing the Green Green notice the green bring your attention to notice the. So actually become mindful of the sons of nature under sakes of nature a has an extraordinarily calming effect. It's called these called respirator environments, but it additionally, you can even appear headphones on and just lesson Tucson's of nature to natural stones. The studies of been actually looked up recovery rate from people having had an operation. And the give them hate for NHS, in one fact, I'll give you an exact study that was done in women who had caesarian section and half of them were given to the lesson to overnight here phones, sounds of nature. Some of them were given. Office owns. It condition fines forms keyboards being topped and other people as a control group just had year earphones on with nothing clean gift Ceuta covered faster and required less painkillers those who on the earphones lesson two natural sons of nature. That's because the nefer system is adopted to these things. So even if you can't get and turn natural setting, you can plug anti-reforms lesson I. Do you know when I'm walking swanning I've been working on my book can. Study as well and the biker and I had a playlist initially of crickets owns. Then, I switched it to four sons and up in less than three hours this morning of crickets and then Forest Sun's bud sin and the one in the trees and it's just been awfully I'm definitely going to do that because normally I read classical music playlist but I think I'm going to switch it up now. You gotta try that thankless incredible. It has very, very profound effect on the nervous system because we the human nervous system is adopted to us. It means that means we trained to nature more than we realize that does link a nice to a question from Katie such. Should I be concerned that stresses affecting my whole Maine's because I suppose not being in nature and being stressed may have an impact on the body? Yeah. Definitely aware no of negative effects that then. You immediately, it becomes something that we have to address estimates and negative consequential talking hormones or any other way. If there's a negative consequence, then stress has to be addressed and and whether that will tap of using nature I mean, see just ten minutes of the lessening niche so it can be incredibly. What would you do about addressing the situation and because Adam said that his stress levels are getting worse but he doesn't feel he can say anything to his boss because he feels he'll get judged and their attitudes in his workplace. I'm sure a lot of people can probably relate to that at the moment about voicing perhaps how they feel. So. So. Other than the practicalities of speaking to a boss that. I exercise obviously helps with meditation is. I don't think we as a culture recognised just powerful can be you know what I did recently. Is I was going through a little phase or of overwhelm. Todd exam an deadline at the same time, an a number of other. If I. It was just after mental health awareness, week and the theme that she was kindness up and I had a huge number of talks to do for groups, charities, businesses, a an also podcasts interviews, and literally for the week leading up to with all the technology checks the week of the week after I was overloaded and it became very stressful and the irony was not lost on me that. These talks part of the talk was talking about the importance of kindness to yourself, and the irony was not lost me. The I was not doing that for myself because I was convincing myself that I didn't have time. So I decided to do I said. S My mental health, not more important than doing all the physical things I. Thank important as it not true that my mental health, my physical of is more important because if I don't deal with spends I, then I never going to be able to do those other things because something will break at very least blood vessel. So why decided to do as I said, I'm going to do to of meditation a day and a pack to because I thought that wouldn't be possible because I in my busy schedule that wouldn't be possible. So intentionally packed two hours and I said if I'm sure myself that. Lending to manage my stress as priority, then I'm going to have to make it really dumb difficult for me to to show myself that I can do. So what I phone does it go up a little bit earlier in the morning and I broke the two others I just let on my phone I type ten, ten, the ten minutes of just relaxed breathing, and then another ten minutes listening to not chill owns a do twenty minutes maybe fifteen minutes relaxed breathing even when I was in the show up at Stanford. Five minutes at least my perception of five minutes breathing noticing on breathing and throw the day. I was able to accumulate for a period of two weeks. I was able to accumulate two hours a day. Now, what was a stunning and even talking during lunch breaks? We five minutes here rather than scrolling. We lose twenty minutes a time scrolling through instagram or facebook. So I put the foreign away a feast on and I'm GonNa use that twenty minutes I'm GonNa breathe a notice on breeding maybe well, listening to nachos zones. And I found during that two week period, my levels of stress and overwhelm. Dramatically dropped though in the middle of a really busy time for me when I thought, I don't have time. As I started mindful do mindfulness meditation practices as I started do not even more. My perception of my situation began to shift and all of a sudden I seem to notice. that. I had more time than I. Thought and I felt definitely wasn't feeling as stressed about the same things in the reason for that is because you're building prefrontal cortex like a muscle and I not become stronger your perception and about off things on your ability to manage things and your state are dramatically altered. You know and just a week of quite lot of meditative practice is massive physical change to the prefrontal cortex brain absolutely massive. Physiology. Fascinating it is something I wish in a way we had a curriculum for at school were discussing this sort of thing because. It's only a lot of people listening to this podcast caused only listening because I'm very happy Bayer but where they're interested in the house and wellness and well being and actually I think the information that you've given us today has been something that. I think we all should be allowed to have access to you very easily just tap into and be taught but I digress move onto the fact or fiction round David are you ready get ready. Okay if you could answer facto fiction to the following. Stress. In this green. Both, breathe three three. You're only stressed when you have symptoms. Mum Section. Stresses Everywhere. fucked. Seventy. Yeah it could have seventy four percent of you. Adults have felt stressed over the last year. fucked. Stress is the same for everyone. You'll get gray hairs from stress. That's good. I'm health conditions can arise from stress. It's easy to tell when someone is stressed in need support. Section. Stress and Diet linked. I would see fact 'cause very closely. You'll get out spots from stress but she. Chatting about your emotions can alleviate your stress levels fucked my goodness. David you wished free that I'm so impressed. That was any right. You're the pro you tell me honestly, I feel like USA common collected you. You definitely debrief your way through that. Over, sudden fit like a tale of an exam an. Option over yeah, I need to ask you. To poke against recently and I go ask now that that's what it feels like again you know. What am I doing to my guests? But it's Fun, and that does unfortunately wrap-up the episodes day asquith every guest David, we finish the podcast feed the thought which is. A take home message that you feel and if I start by saying I think from what we've discussed today. I, think that we are in an evidence bonding increasingly stressful while and nine hours a new mom boss running a business. I'm being isolated fit situations this year that. Is Tough. The interaction is truly important and I guess sometimes I'm not truly present which has made that not my diary to have a meeting with myself I think it's very important but more importantly maybe the kindness aspect as well and trying to be positive. And Could you please leave our listeners David with a lovely take home or something that you feel. would be beneficial. A Wherever you can. Try to be kind enough to know what people are going through in the life's und-. and. So sometimes. Just being kind because you you know someone might be acting particular we not because that's the nature. But because of something that's stressing them, they had something that worried about a particular moment. So be kind as often as you can an one of the in the context of stress physiologically speaking. The feelings in just by kindness are the opposite give the opposite effect of the feelings and just by stress stress highs physically affects the body, but it's the it's not an expensive. It's not a thing that causes is the high stress fields. So how kindness feels has opposite effect. So whatever you the weight of stress negativity in the body be rest assured the feelings induced by kindness do the exact opposite. Gosh that was that was pathetic and he m perfectly executed in Rudy really good advice there. The behind thing is something that really rings. especially if we all going online more and more while I, think it's important to reach right now. David if anybody wants to find out more about you, where can they go and where can they read more? My website daughter Dude Hamilton Dot Com. I'm also very active on social media instagram and facebook quit my hand off. Slightly David Hamilton PhD. Dr David Hamilton Face Bridge. PhD. That's. Fine. But it was better because people often confuse me with a medical doctor but I'm researching an. Initially building pharmaceutical drugs in my former a expedience. Contain books. So the role was all AMAS. Website as well. Honestly you do some incredible work. I. Think. That's what really drew me am tip wanting you to be a guest because I know that perhaps more the area that you work a lot with his kindness in. That's so important. So Dave, thank you so much for your invaluable time today you're wonderful take home messages and thank you for coming on food for thought will thank you. It's been my absolute pleasure. Thanks for inviting me as a guest thoroughly enjoyable experience you. If you enjoyed this episode, you'll absolutely love what's coming next week and make sure that you click subscribe to be the first to hear it. If you have time to, we'd really appreciate it if you want leave a review so that we can reach those highs in the charts and hopefully help more people that is our mission here with this cost. For more information about my rhetorician clinic, the books, healthy recipes, and so much more visit retracing dot com, and follow me at re Tricia on instagram twitter facebook and Youtube.

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