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"pfizer shannon" Discussed on Skip and Shannon: Undisputed

"Rematch. The sports world has been waiting for Saturday nine eastern six Pacific by now on pay per view or the Fox sports at plus. Don't miss a special appearance by both fighters on the Massingir tonight on Fox. How about that and we even have our very own personalized boxing. Gloves more. Undisputed as we look to this Pfizer Shannon. How excited are you for the rematch? I'm very excited skip. Look they've been you look at Mayweather. You look at Sugary Leonard and Ray Robinson and Hagler her is de la Hoya sweetpea whitaker. They were great fighters but balking has been dominated by heavyweight Johnson. Ali Frazier formerly Tyson. That's what it's always been about. Joe Louis Lennox Lewis Lennox Lewis Gas. Yup The heavyweight division and we got to Super Super duper heavyweights in their prime by. This is not a fight with. It'll be forty years old man. They default like seven eight years ago. This is great by. We getting them in their prime. Now you look at these two fighters Tyson. Fear is more technical. The more south boxer. He a boxer punches together like for man his asking. I didn't realize that big until I started reading up on it. He's six nine six hundred fifty. Says he's GonNa wait to seventy harbor him not the way to seventy six. That's got it should. And then you look you look at a deontay wilder guy that picked up the sport of boxing at Eight. Nineteen so skipped. He's not technically sound. He's not a pure boxer per se but he has done in my. And that's what you love about. The heavyweight division skipped because the one part. This is what you love this way Tyson. Because you know you get fireworks now. If you showed up late you might be coming in. And everybody's walking because he ended up and that's what Deontay wilder can do. I don't know how we gotta take in Wrestlemainia. Because he caught him plunged with this great right. I thought it was over and on the way down. He caught him with a hook and eye to counter five. You set up in the ring. I'm late are you for real I it was. Cg SKIP CUT NO WAY AHEAD WAY. Get hit blush like that on. The team is normally curtains. But it's going to be a great pie. I'm anticipating fireworks. Eight zero. Says somebody has to go so once old needs to go but someone needs to go down and let the great. Al Davis says someone must go down and they must go down hard. Yep so I hear everything you just said. I thought wilder got robbed the first time I thought he basically won the fight. I thought it was over when he decked him. This is less than a minute into the last round. And he caught him flush. Because there's no bigger right hand. Maybe in the history of boxing than this guy's right hand if he catches you flush he's an athlete at he's six seven seven win the Super Bowl. I take a couple of years ago might have been met laughing with an Atlanta. But he's thin. He's only like twelve. Yes seven to twelve so he's really thin. Yes okay I got it. So what happened was the referee. Jack restarted his. Count late to me. Because he shouldn't have beaten the count and he did beat it because it started late but when he popped up. And this is why I'm GonNa give my superior real shot in the rematch when he popped up like the undertaker like you said. Not only did he pop up. He seemed rejuvenated. Like he was somehow fueled by nearly getting knocked out. I think he was not doubt for few second. Yes right yes. And then all of a sudden everything changed because his whole strategy change for the next two minutes in the last two minutes of the fight he went into attack Moan and at six nine to whatever he wanted to fifty at the first time but again whatever he was at six nine to fifty six he started in fighting. We're he's in attack mode and getting in on the inside of a long deontay wilder to. We're remember there's one way to defeat the big right hand and that's to get in so tight. Force the actions so fiercely that he can't extend it anymore but he's he's stop which is very uncommon for guy that size you. I read here for eighty-five injury also normally guys. WanNa stand back and shoot that. Here's the thing when you stand in you in harm's way because if you stand outside of the distance hat Tiao Zaid outside you can be in trouble this okay so we agree Tyson. Fury is much more. The accomplished skilled boxer. In fact we always do pound for pound like floyd the greatest boxer but when we do pound for pound we go low. We go down right. What if you go up right? I can make a case that pound for pound. If he's going to to seventy for this fight he's the most skilled two hundred seventy pound boxes ever although there listen leaning towards believe him when I go to the fights right love him and we've had him on the show and he weighed two fifty eight right so he ushered in that big super heavyweight six five to fifty four lead with only two five. Yeah we're a Joe Louis. Those guys were not like what we see. The heavyweight Dolly was a little heavier but when he was Ali Ryan was five and he was a boxer and the heavyweight division which we didn't normally see skip Mohammed. Ali blocks could agree so Tyson again. It's not that he boxes with fury so to speak. It's more skill. It shocks me how skilled the is at that size so again if he's doubled down sewing again. Yesterday he doubled down on his prediction again. It's prefight hype. But he is saw authoritative because he's such a great speaker. He comes across as so eloquent but his point is I'm going to attack him in the first round the way I didn't do it the first time and I'm GonNa do damage in the first round. He's adamant about I'm going to put him down in the second round right. Well he's capable of that. So is it possible that he stumbled literally stumbled into the right strategy after he got knocked? I'm sure a wild understands that. But here's the Thanksgiving and talking to box talking to mark. Brooklyn made him a couple of times talk to holy feeling God. They said the thing. There's no problem with being aggressive. But you have to understand when you throw. You have to expect something to come back now. Tyson fury has two punches together when you put punches together. I've never seen a man throw a punch of protective chain at the same time. So okay you get through progressive. What do you set yourself? What bore okay. But I'm not I'm not saying he's going to be super punchy aggressive. He's just GonNa be forcing the action with dukes up like to stay here but defied inside to stay so inside. That wilder can't can't get loose and extend on the thing is when you look at the wider. People think he's a wildfire. He's not a wildfire. He only becomes wild when he thinks he has you in trouble once he got once he got up and he still thought he had him in trouble. You see him flailing away but if you watch him. Throughout the course of the fight everything is trying to try to measure what he's trying to jail and try to come without one. Hit A quitter. So He's not obviously he's not technical he can be can't forbid rotating like Jerry but he has skills but normally skip still and I watched it on Youtube it last night we ask you to believe. He got skippy. Caught him flush with two punches. That would end in anybody else's night you you saw it what do you call Ortiz Yukata? We saw when he calls the ring he caught it with that puts over here with billing was lights out. If you're listening to fury talk fears this. Did you think the demons that I overcame that I got up to him was far worse than that put? He's going through with it because the referee explain these talked about it he says I got the five opens his eyes and he said he's like I never seen anything like that before. Somebody got to go down. Okay I'll go down. You sound like you're leaning while I'm leaning leaning read a that's a big man and he's technically sound so he got he scaled. He can box like I said going to punch together. I don't believe he can get him out with one. Obviously the heavyweights. They can't digest right obsolete. And get you out of here. But he's more apt to put punches together to put you down as opposed to Deontay one. Not One shot will just because the first fight ended in a split draw with a shocking ending that we still can't quite s. I am more excited for the rematch of to. It's been a while. Skip that we've seen that you want ties with. Every Tyson is prime. You wanted to watch. That's what you get what you ended. It ain't going to distance. Yep this is no look is as much respect as I have for floyd as a boxer because he's the greatest defensive fighter ever. He's hard to watch his fights and I never got up for. I got up for Connor because there was this X. factor could connor land shot. That would put him down. We WanNA SEE KNOCKOUT. Debate boxing purists. Oh He's technically Saudi control. Command control the ring. He control the erection he was the aggressor Yada Yada. Yada would've liked baseball baseball. Pure they love up and gain not me I was twelve. I was thinking about hitting the ball at the park. You'RE GONNA go to Vegas. I'M GONNA Pay Fox in your pay doubled. Hometown disc skips by and see you.

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