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"pfeiffer crawford" Discussed on The Stephen A. Smith Show

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"pfeiffer crawford" Discussed on The Stephen A. Smith Show

"For this fight Jacobs could Nello Alvarez Saturday night. Close fight tough site. Good fights. But I think in the end can know Alvarez a little bit more. Well, rounded do a little bit more a little bit better of a puncher limit better of a boxer, and, you know, the judges love them, and it's shown and I think he gets a decision to close. Well, you don't think so you don't think it ends in a knockout. I mean, anything is possible. But I don't I don't see any reason why would think that Cannella show themselves to have a great chin over the course of his career Danny Jacobs is you know, in in his first loss many years ago, which I was here in Las Vegas four. He did get knocked out by fighter named Dmitri. Perot was a very talented middleweight was crew was cut short by a back injury. They bought her vacant title. He got stopped by the referee, basically jumped on him. And wouldn't let them try to get up. That's the first thing. The second thing is have. I'm not big on excuses. But I'm gonna give Danny Jacobs a passing that bite because everybody who followed him at that time knows he should never have gotten in the ring that night number one. It was a bad match because they'd pushed him into that fight too quickly. My opinion per was much more talented guy and more experienced and seasoned at that moment. Well, more importantly, Danny Jacobs. His grandmother the woman who raised him. It was like his mother to him guide like four days or five days before that fight, and you should never have gotten in the ring them like he was extremely distraught about that all situation. Understandably had no business being in the boxing ring, his mind was on everything other than the boxing match, and he paid the price sports. So I. Give them a pass on that loss other than that knocked down and knock out in that fight where he was getting up to his feet. I think he'd only been down one other time. It was a flash knockdown against Sergio more at a fight that he came back and won by knockout show down against as. Well. Oh, yeah. Exactly. And the triple you. So so those two again, but triple g's like one of the best punters, maybe in boxing restaurant to be honest with you in the middle way division anyway. And so again, he showing a good chin over the course of his Grammy. And I saw can I'll Alvarez one of his first fights that were, you know, significant fights in the United States on a big undercard and almost got knocked out in the first round by Miguel Koto older brother and everybody thought. Oh my goodness. This guy is all hype. He's never going to be able to hang you've got no chin, blah, blah, blah. He's gone on since then you don't ever see him get Iraq. They're wilder down or anything like that. And he's become one of the best fighters, you know, in the world, and you know, he's going to be in the hall of fame someday. So these guys the reason I don't think innocuous because both guys have shown themselves have good chance. Now Cannella can get that body shot in against that. You know, we all rangy dang hiccups. You never know when I last question for you. I got one last qu. You spence? We know he has an opportunity to make over at least at least over twenty million dollars. If he fights Terence Crawford. One would ask why is he allowing out in the stop deaf from happening? What's the educator response to that? Dan rae. Could you would know? You know, aerospace is an adult. He's a grown, man. He has will his own if he wants to make the fight with Terence Crawford. He needs to go and speak with Al Hayman, and his his people and say L go call Bob, or you know, let's figure out a way to get the fight done. It's just not that easy. You know, if you're Al Hayman and Bob Arum goes down to the press row after the the Crawford conflict and talks about how I wanna make this fight. He's been saying all along and I'll take Bob and his word. I think he does wanna make devices. He doesn't really have a lot of other options for big Pfeiffer Crawford..

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