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David Crosby, Laurel Canyon And Cameron Crowe discussed on Popcorn with Peter Travers

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David Crosby, Laurel Canyon And Cameron Crowe discussed on Popcorn with Peter Travers

"This popcorn where I tell you what's happening at the movies and there's a movie now called David Crosby remember. My name like that was ever an issue really only for me that I don't think that is the whole power behind. This movie is my friend Cameron Crowe here who basically isn't the director but he is the producer and he did you see the back of his head in this movie a lot. You know asking this guy questions and I want to really find out the abuse that you were handed by him to really happen. We see a little of it but really there had been born and himself. David the crisis was thrilled to have you here. Things like this is really great leaving. We're both honored to be here. We wanted all that honor has now disappear. Don't does the biggest pain in the ass in the making not me I am probably I have a p._H._d.. In pain in the ass I think you certainly give yourself one. I did give them some tough. You know because that's kind of my nature. I'm a little feisty you know but I don't think anybody really was a pain in the ass and making the film A._J.. was persistent. He's really determined guy and he really will get it done. He's very determined to get it done. That's one of the things we like most about him. We'll see when we say that he's going to get done what's happening. You're you're there. You're not giving him him what they want. Oh no I've given him everything the whole time. I'm seeing the qualities that made it actually happened. He's known me since he's fifteen. He knows where he sold for Cameron. He was there. He's already been in the business for for five years. So he knew upfront he what he brought to this is a he's a consummate foam maker and be he knew me left right and center. He knows where all the bones are buried. He was in the WHO's in the dressing room. When we had that argument whatever went on he was then okay so the two of them and I had what you call a unity of purpose we we completely agreed about the level that we wanted to approach the thing which is rare in any project music or yeah? We did agree completely. We wanted to not do shine job. We didn't want to just say oh he kit because it's I'm not I'm not cute. I'm there are some people that might go in innocently to this movie thinking that you are well. God blessed to that when we didn't WANNA do it. We wanted to show you the truth about a human being as closely as we possibly could without any reservations association's on it at all no no. We'll just cover that we we all felt like that yeah union unit unanimity just complete. We all agreed to level because we didn't want to do the kind kind of shine job that most of the documentaries are well even within if you did even if it was just you going over the highlights of your career. That would still be some movie. The fact is there's no. <music> buttering anybody jokes at all thinking if this was me and it was remember my name I think we have to have that moment you notice. He used my phrase butter. He's in the I've heard to use that was you that was me I thought issue turn on the candidate. I have no right to do that. I really thrilled not here. You use my phrase because I think that's a great way to see didn't didn't tell me what he thought. I wanted to hear. He wasn't you know polishing. My apple makes him angrier. If somebody is trying to do that that would if they were saying. Maybe maybe don't don't generally like it. I like it. If you talk to me. Straight yeah which is one of the things that we have is he like I said he was there. He knows and when he doesn't pull his punches at all neither this A._J.. And that that was that degree of honesty made me fully confident about do the two of you get together on this particular project because he do in two A._J.. Eaten and David and just went into them as you will. It was J.J Abrams office because we were doing our hit showtime series roadies and we ran into to Iran's David in in our friendship and and H._a.. And they were talking about doing a documentary and immediately you know they were like Oh. Come on board with us the my again. We're doing this thing and everything but and I saw David's is that he was ready talk like he wanted to go there in this film and I said first of all as a fan when I watched this thing. I don't want to see a lot of talking heads. Forgive me but like you don't need a lot of people just put the him and you get them. Mike Him Warmly have him look like pretty much into the camera and cut out all middlemen <hes> David tells you about his life the way he would if you knew him for a while and it was a late night and you just ask them all the questions he wanted to ask him and so I said well I'll just do the first interview and have it enjoy it. You know he's the best interview ever and and I just kept interviewing him until I had to be in the show with them and that was a great day but when was the first time that you interviewed him it it had to be seventy four. I got an assignment from craw Daddy magazine to write about crosby stills Nash and young and they were opening their big tour and I've been dreaming of interviewing David as a young journalist and I interviewed him at our friend Joe Bernstein's house which was also Graham Nash next door and he just was so gracious and I had so many questions and he sat for every one of them. I'm like fifteen and he's he's saying. What else do you want to know? What else do you WanNa know he was? I was grieving over. My girlfriend's death like I'm fifteen going. David Crosby is telling me the most intensely personal trust me and I just always interviewed reviewed him every possible chance since and up until now that's all he asked of me was that I'd be honest but all taking him to Laurel Canyon he didn't want to go come on. We're not we're GONNA do that. Are you and wound up really well. Meanwhile everybody's talking about Laurel Canyon like we had to go to Laurel Canyon. He's like Oh. You're not GonNa make me stand on the steps of the country store. Thank Linda fries started. Started the eagles my God you have to Oh plea and this is what we put in the film when he those moments where he says things like there's no cinematic value in this whatsoever and he turns his back on the camera to save certainly yes he came in grump and he got me totally caught me being a grump absolutely then we get him to go in the Laurel Canyon country store which is really the citadel of that whole period as it exists Nessie. I see this is what you get so he walks in and he's looking kind of poetic and I go cross you know what did this place represent to you and he goes. You should see in the movie he goes. What did it represents the place where we came to get the grocery walks off camera and deal harasses the per poor person behind the counter but then he turns and he starts seeing these pictures including the doors which he has a little thing to say about the doors but Peter he goes outside and sits at the table and says the most intimate stuff of the entire interview series but that's because you asked me those question you you're just proud of it because you managed to produce at the store that's right 'cause he could've asked it? Somewhere wouldn't have been picture wouldn't have been a good shot at all so it had to get asked in the right place. I guess so for you to respond to tell me he knows what he's doing. I I am saying that it can learn the hard way because see he has kind of a baby face and you kind of trust and that could really read you up the wrong road but no it didn't because well can we show a little cook. There's there's a clip of you because what I love when you get into what you're doing whether you're excited by somebody or not excited that is there's something in you that gets kind of possessed by what it is in here in this clip slipped we have you're talking about culture fantastic. I looked pretty silly but it's funny. the the You look excited by what what you're talking about the movie we didn't know how to start the movie and we just decided decided one day that we were going to start at ninety miles an hour the story right all right well. Let's take a little peek at this and then inducted in men's room. I got my head against his Pew Green Tile. I can still remember the color of the tile okay. It's going to be right now to get it together. Now going to be okay. Somebody kicks the door Bam. It's train. He's kicked the door open because he's in playing at the most intense level you could ever imagine in your life. He never stopped soloing he still soloing and he's hitting the thousand mark. You know he's like burning. I never heard anybody it'd be more intense would be than in my life in that little bathroom tile I

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