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"pettit barkley" Discussed on Book of Basketball 2.0

"My podcast back in two thousand eleven Charles. Barkley mentioned mentioned something. He called the Shit List. You know that is Mark Style do not Aka the best guys who never wanNA title Barkley Malone Marino Banks Gervin yeahs Barry Sanders. All names that Barkley learned to dread every time they are grouped together. He called it the shit list and even if it was woefully fair Barclay learn. Take this shit list as something of a compliment after every name on it was great right. That's what he kept telling himself but a piece of it always hurt and he hated seeing other players players face the end of their careers with that shitless guillotine looming. Well who voted the Guillotine Dirk Nowitzki two fashioned eleven a few years before he wore that two thousand six finals collapse in two thousand seven's inconceivable collapse against Golden State. Eight like the pockmarks on Furby the florist beaten down face. What movie the town? Oh clue I wrote shortly after that. That secured his spot on the crap. It's just not in me. All Stars along with Malone Drexler K. J. Elvin Hayes Patrick Ewing Ralph Sampson all those guys. Now he stayed in the latter half of his career. And we can safely say Dirk Nowitzki missed the boat as an Alpha dog actually wrote that. It's a quote from me. Whoops Johnno ahead nineteen ninety-seven rework? Nineteen ninety nine. Two thousand eleven year. He booted himself off the shitless. Now are closing the decade with dark as a level four pyramid guy. Oh Yeah I think he was like thirty nine. When I did my book he played so Goddamn Long? It seems like ten million years ago when he was seven foot German draft sleeper who could allegedly shoot like Larry Bird it seemed preposterous. Noda's ended up being preposterous his career. He's the best ever foreign. Mba Point not name Akeem. He's he's the best year ever. He's the fifth best forward ever behind. Lebron Duncan and durant not quick enough for Mount Rushmore. But better than Elgin Doc. Pettit Barkley. Everyone else you want an MVP. He won a finals. MVP He made four first-team Ambi- as and four second teams. He won fifty plus Games for for eleven straight years games. That you covered. That's why you're so happy right now. He tops sixty wins. Three times may two finals. He beat Lebron and Wade in the finals. He went to game seven. Seven in San Antonio during Dunkin's prime along with petted Hakeem in Elgin. He's one of four players in the shot clock era who averaged twenty five and ten for their playoff career career. Twenty five ten years always every time offs. And he's a famously fantastic locker room guy. Insane hard worker and someone who by all accounts. Everyone loves playing with it every point of his career. We're GONNA talk about that current a second with Mark Stein. He's also a member one of my favorite lists the fifteen year club. You know that you're hitting me with all kinds of categories. I didn't know about I make all these up the only six NBA players who spent their entire careers with the same franchise played at least fifteen seasons and one at least one title. Here's the entire list. The off Shays. How greer John Havlicek Kobe Bryant? Tim Duncan Dirk Nowitzki. And unless Miller in Stockton aren't on the list title. MSF CRAIG GETS there. That's the whole list. Probably for the rest of our lives. Six Hall of Famers There's twenty rings combined. Think about that list means excellent durability longevity loyalty championships the unwavering affection of entire city your best case scenario for basketball career and it's certainly better than Barclays Shit List. You'll get this reference which just said they're crawled out of five hundred yards of shit smelling melling. Found us the likes of which I can't imagine and came out clean on the other side. Dirk Nowitzki we're talking about a mark. Stein is here currently works for the New York Times I worked to the media's pin and you covered dirt for his entire career twenty one years. I don't think it ever happens again in less curry as it because I you know we've talked about this all summer but the power Manera. I just don't think matters to guys in the same way anymore. They matter to him. It really did not and I think is he got deeper and closer to it because Look Ki Ki. It's a weird thing. He never had a traditional agent. There were free agencies when GM's would contact me and ask me. We want to go after Dirk. Fred how do we go after him. We don't have an agent. We'd have a number we don't we we need to know. We don't even know who to call so that that happened. But then then there were feelers. That did reach him late in his career and he had he had chances to go elsewhere and he just he couldn't bear the thought of it. He loves being a one team guy but even he would tell you if he he was sitting here. If I don't win that championship do I feel that way. Do I do I stick it out for another eight nine years with no championship and I think the answer is probably no so that two thousand eleven title which happens really at the Taylor has prime. It says last great year in every respect it changes the course of Howard remembered him. It vaults awesome into a A. I finished my book in two thousand. Nine hundred pared back in two thousand ten had kind of written off Dirk mentally. It was like I mentioned thirty nine. He was is in them like the High Thirties. And it was just like Oh man yeah well he won that one. MVP But then he kind of just didn't have it and then it all flips and that one postseason and then on top of it he never had to go chase the title so he accomplices double thing. He changes his legacy Wednesday title but then he doesn't have to leave Dallas. Because I think if they don't win that year he will he would have chased it at some point. I know you're trustee media critic brand curtis wants to fight me on this one. WHO's bigger cowboy than him? I'm sticking by it I love it doubling down. Who is who is the one now? There's the cowboys have been so great and so big for so long long. There are ten pantheon cowboys. Who is the one cowboy? You can put ahead of him. I'm saying there isn't one so your case for this is basically a timber says Roger Starbuck or him versus Emmett Smith and or him versus choice both have teenage kids. My teenage kids have lived in Dallas their whole lives. You think they have a whiff of WHO Roger Staubach is. Yeah they don't know so then Aikman didn't play quite long enough. Look and look I you know I am no NFL expert. I'm probably not qualified to start going through the cases of all the different cowboys. But you I want to know who is the one cowboy that they can put over Dirk Nowitzki and I'm GONNA say there isn't one there is not we grew up we were kids landry and Staubach were massive. And that's when I was still oh following the NFL. But I'm I'm sorry they have not carried it on in the modern era So I guess the case it'd be who's the most beloved and who have like when they're seventy five years old is still getting a standing ovation. Twenty one years one team and and look the cowboys have always been great. They've been a powerhouse forever. Yeah the team Lebron. He put the babs on the map. There's nobody there's no one cowboy who can match what he did in Dallas so during that two thousand eleven playoff run. When did you think it was actually possible? They could win the title. Because we're talking about losing ran WANNA know seven. Oh eight Oh nine. We're going to talk about all these little checkpoints he hits but at some point we all kind of give up on this happening and then in those playoffs he goes to another level Oklahoma City. He was so good it was the best he's ever played. Really you think the best I would put it right there with with San Antonio. Oh six okay he was I remember. I The guy that I talked about this with the most with story which let's not forget at his peak pages pages. Steak was a damn good player. Yeah twenty-five elites and knows what it's like to be in the Novitski position. He was a role player at that point but he was watching Dirk in awe. And just saying I. I cannot believe the stratosphere that Dirk has gone to in that Oklahoma City series. I mean that Oklahoma City team was a handful and he shredded them. Yeah but even after that they're going up against Miami and I don't even think they believed like they just looked. You looked at that Miami roster and yes. It was year one but it's like they've got the heat they've got. Lebron Wade is already driven driven the dagger into their heart. No six. I don't think they really thought they could beat the team. I picked the mavs to win that series eating Haber. You didn't feel it. I don't know that I believed did so. Those three games so three four and five are in Dallas and game three. Yeah.

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