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"petroleum club houston" Discussed on Permian Perspective Podcast

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"petroleum club houston" Discussed on Permian Perspective Podcast

"With the events on deck for the next month we have some exciting things coming up to happy hours one in Pittsburgh and one in Denver so the first one will be happening on March twenty second at Bubbas Gourmet Burgers and beer. This event won't be from four to seven and will feature a live recording of oil and gas this week with Jake Corley and Markel Corp so be sure to check that out. You can sign up via our social. Media's we have an event bright sign up and should be good to go from there. The next event will be a happy hour in Denver at Liberty Oilfield Services on April second once again. Check our social media's for the event bright sign up and sign up there as some of our social media followers may know we are headed to Aberdeen Scotland the first week of March in a couple of days actually for Doku con creating high impact sales and Energy Dokru is excited to launch. Its very first sales development conference and OGSM's mark and Patrick will be hosting a panel and recording podcast. So we're really excited to be joining map. The leaders in industry luncheon is on March eleventh at the Petroleum Club. Houston toward the future is happening on March tenth and Eleventh in Houston your registration to the port of the future conference also allows you access to exclusive events including TSA security and terrorism research showcase and many more so be sure to view the agenda and see what they are offering the Houston energy. Breakfast will be on March twentieth at the Norris Conference Center in Houston the API Energy Houston three gun..

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