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"petoskey wwe" Discussed on Newsradio 950 WWJ

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"petoskey wwe" Discussed on Newsradio 950 WWJ

"Weather together every ten minutes on the. When it's time to go home. Newsradio nine fifty. Forty one degrees in canton in walled lake at this hour, w w j news time five eleven it is the state stone of Michigan the Petoskey stone. Have you ever gone hunting for them in northern Michigan? Can you find him in Petoskey WWE? Jay's Beth Fisher has our report bath what have you found out while Roberta? Of course, you can people are mainly looking for Petoskey stones those Brown stones with circles on them along the shores of Petoskey and also Charlevoix come into the task here here, you cannot leave without looking for Pataki's telling it's a month. That's Diane Dakin of Petoskey area visitors bureau who says lots of people look for the Petoskey stones along the beaches. And these stones have quite a story. Caskey stones are fast allies to quarrel. It's made from the live animals that were on I'm the land. And then the glaciers. Came. And this is what was last Dakin says many people display Petoskey stones or polish them and make them into jewelry. Reporting live Beth Fisher, w w j NewsRadio nine fifty Farmington officials holding an informational meeting tonight for neighbors in the area of last week drive by shooting. Authorities are trying to answer concerns after a house was shot up on Wesley street off grand river where three cars were seen leaving at high speech. Investigators say the shooting had targeted the residents of the house, but so far no suspects or arrests tonight. Seven thirty PM meeting is at long acre elementary school lavonia police and school officials have a warning for families are Russ McNamara. Reporting two incidents of kids getting approach by strange men. The first around seven thirty Wednesday morning with a Johnson upper elementary students. Followed to a bus stop near Minton in west Chicago that around four hours later a teenage girl walking to Clarence high highschool middle belt who's followed by a man who told her to. Get into his car. Both cases the students were able to get away. We have a picture of one of the suspects up at WW. Jane, NewsRadio dot com. If you have information, call avvenue PD Ross.

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